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If you’re looking to increase traffic, one of the best ways to do that is over the phone.

Phone calls are a high-quality and lead-generating source – 43% of internet users convert through phone calls!

But how can you tell which of your marketing efforts are driving conversions?

How can you optimize your campaigns so that you’re spending money on efforts that are working best for you?

The answer is Call Tracking Software!

Let’s dig deeper into this.

What is Inbound Call Tracking Software?

Inbound phone calls can be attributed in a number of ways used to track how many times people dial a specific number for more information about your company, website, products or services.

They are often generated using multiple numbers, like local numbers (typically area codes), 1 – 800 numbers and pay-per-call keywords that may appear on third-party websites or papers.

These innovative digital solutions enable any brand to track customer interactions by creating unique routing scripts based on the specific phone call source.

What are the Key Benefits of Call Tracking Software?

The Call tracking software offers multiple benefits, some of which are: 

Call tracking helps you have insight into marketing campaigns. It is important to be efficient in developing and handling strategies for what are your critical search engine marketing efforts so that you can get a good return on investment from your campaigns. One way that you can be more aware of how people respond to different marketing tools is by using call tracking software. When used well, you will be able to see information on phone calls such as the caller’s geographical location and recording of the telephone call; this will help you make adjustments based on the data and identify where there might need to be some changes made to improve campaign performance.

Regardless of company objectives, however, a not-so-secret desire that many businesses have is to please customers and keep them coming back in the future. If you can provide them with a dedicated number for customer care, it enhances your customer experience and here is where Call tracking software can help you.

Call tracking technology helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. By monitoring their performance, companies are able to get a better idea of how well their team is functioning and if they need any additional training or guidance.

How to Choose Right Call Tracking Software?

Now that you know how call tracking software can enhance your marketing efforts multi-folds, it’s time to find out which call tracking software is good for your business.

Dynamic Number Generation

Call tracking numbers are MOST useful when they’re dynamically generated. This will allow you to centre your call campaigns on the market you want – whether it be a certain industry, geographic location or more generalized demographic, etc.


    Your call tracking software should be customizable to meet your specific business requirements. Every business is unique and so are its requirement and the more the customization is possible, the better will be your call tracking tool

      Uptime and Reliability

      When choosing a call tracking solution, you should look for a company that works with your business needs and delivers excellent service. Whether you run a SaaS company or a brick-and-mortar business, we can help you track who’s calling your cellular or landline number using our tried-and-true call tracking analytics system, whatever the industry and context of your business.

        Call Recordings and Transcriptions

        Your call tracking software should facilitate call recordings and transcriptions. This data can be very beneficial for your company to analyze your prospective customers and their needs.

          Detailed Analytics

          A call tracking tool should offer detailed analytics like call time and date, caller ID, call source, caller location, call duration, and caller details.


            Pricing of the call tracking tool cannot be ignored, pick the best pricing plan based on your campaigns and call frequency.

            Now when you know how to pick on the right call tracking tool, here are a few call tracking tools you can explore.

            Top 20 Call Tracking Software To Track Phone Calls 1. Hubspot

            😍 Pros

            For sales calls, there’s a lot of attribution, transcript, and outcome tracking functionality.

            Maintains a list of tasks that occur from phone calls.

            😢 Cons

            Lacks effective and full-time customer support.

            💰 Pricing

            Starter: Starts at $50/month

            Professional: $500/month

            Enterprise: $1200/month

            2. EngageBay

            The platform is aimed to integrate sales, marketing, and customer care into a single web-based solution for small businesses and startups that offers high functionality at a low cost.

            EngageBay includes a CRM module that includes ticketing, help desk, and knowledge base operations, as well as basic call tracking features including call recording, call profiles and databases, call routing, and campaign tracking. Advanced call monitoring features like automated transcription, keyword tracking, and interactive voice response (IVR) are not supported.

            😍 Pros

            The forms and reports are highly customizable

            Can manage bulk contacts

            😢 Cons

            Does not support many high-end features like IVR

            💰 Pricing


            Basic: $11.99 per user/month

            Growth: $39.99 per user/month

            Pro: $79.99 per user/month

            3. Analytic Call Tracking by Invigo

            😍 Pros

            Easy to use

            😢 Cons

            Pricing is not available online

            💰 Pricing

            Starting price: $19.99 per month


            Their call centre dashboard provides a deep data look at how your team is tracking in real-time so you can zoom into trends, priorities, and actionable insights. This way, you know exactly where each member of your team stands and what they’re up to while they’re on the job. There are three main parts to that software: 1) Call Histories – where you can see an event breakdown, resource utilization and volume analysis. 2) Data Visualization – where you can get an overview of activity for any day with the ability to filter by the last 7 or 14 days to just get the high-level view. 3) Individual Call Details – Here’s where you track what happened, who was involved and what actions were taken from beginning to end of each call.

            😍 Pros

            They are AI-powered

            Offers superb call analytics and voice transcription. 

            😢 Cons

            They only offer web support.

            💰 Pricing

            Starter: $240/month

            Basic: $420/month

            Pro: $900/month

            Custom: On quote

            5. Phonexa

            Phonexa offers a sophisticated call tracking solution for businesses. It provides multi-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) that’s voice-recognition based and that also enables consumers to text their answers next time they get a call from this business. In other words, the IVR can tell them what they have to say in order to reach the person they need by responding with their verbal response instead of having to write down something or put it in a box. Phonexa also has reporting tools such as analytics and data reporting capabilities. This means phone companies using Phonexa can be far more successful and increase user experience above all by optimizing routes based on real-world usage making sure that callers who call in don’t get frustrated or lose time trying to find someone who is available so they know somebody will pick up when they’re done recording voicemails!

            😍 Pros

            High-end and powerful features


            😢 Cons

            Complicated Usage

            💰 Pricing

            Lite: $100/month

            Premium: $500/month

            Enterprise: On quote

            6. LiveVox

            LiveVox call tracking tool is positioned as a solution for businesses of all sizes that focuses on managing agents from any location. It comes in Mac and Windows desktop editions, and it contains campaign management, reporting and analytics, call recording, real-time chat, and IVR speech recognition technology. It along with the CRM platform, allow for integrated call centre capabilities.

            😍 Pros

            User Friendly

            😢 Cons

            Pricing is not available online

            💰 Pricing

            Starting Price: $2500.00/month

            7. JustCall

            Justcall is a cloud-based business call tracking tool for sales, call centres, and support teams. For their regular calling and messaging operations, businesses can purchase local and toll-free numbers from JustCall in more than 70 countries. It can also be installed on Mac and Windows systems, as well as on iPhone and Android phones locally.

            😍 Pros

            Easy to use

            Great integration capabilities.

            😢 Cons

            No free subscription

            💰 Pricing

            Standard: $25/user

            Premium: $50/user

            Enterprise: On quote

            8. inConcert Allegro

            inConcert Allegro Voice Contact Center software both cloud-based and on-premise services.

            inConcert Allegro Voice Contact Center offers various call tracking services including

            inbound and outbound calling

            call tracking and management

            messaging and IVR functionality

            predictive dialling

            😍 Pros

            The design of its IVR self-service system is powerful

            It offers great call centre management features.

            😢 Cons

            Pricing is not available online.

            💰 Pricing

            Offers a Free Trial

            Another plan pricing is available on quote

            9. Clixtell

            😍 Pros

            User friendly

            Powerful analysis tool

            Strong anti-bot

            😢 Cons

            No IVR functionality

            💰 Pricing


            Monitor: $15/month

            Protection: $50/month

            Agency: $75/month

            10. CallFire

            CallFire has many of the fundamental features of a modern call monitoring service, such as agent-client histories, reporting and analytics that can be linked to Google Analytics, IVR speech recognition, and integrated CRM databases. Customers may also customize agent scripts and record calls, and the system’s audio broadcast and text messaging capabilities make it easier for agents to update information, send alarms, and track employee performance. Its IVR features, which include an auto-attendant and speech recognition, facilitate call routing, phone surveys, appointment booking, and results tracking.

            😍 Pros


            Good features

            Easy to use

            😢 Cons

            No call transcription facility

            💰 Pricing

            Pro: $599/month

            Grow: $299/month

            Startup: $199/month

            Lite: $99/month

            Pay as you go: 6 cents per minute/text

            11. Callcap

            Callcap, which has been operational for nearly two decades, was a pioneer in the field of call tracking software. For call routing, tracking, and recording, the company now offers a cloud-based VoIP service. It allows for a variety of complex call monitoring features, such as the ability to grade and summarise calls and generate reports based on that data.

            One of Callcap’s unique features is call recovery, which analyses instances where a prospect hangs up without completing a deal or when customer service falls short of expectations.

            😍 Pros

            High-end call tracking features

            Easy to use

            😢 Cons


            💰 Pricing

            Starting Price: $45.00 Per Feature/month

            12. ActiveDEMAND

            The call tracking software from ActiveDEMAND has a lot of capabilities. Statistics and call tracking are available. It also records and transcripts calls, maintains a caller database and provides incoming caller profiles and ID, and supports speech recognition and automated interactive voice response (or IVR), which allows callers to interact with a call-in system only through their voice.

            😍 Pros

            Extensive call tracking features

            It can be customized 

            😢 Cons

            It does not support direct integration with a CRM tool.

            💰 Pricing

            Call Tracking: $0per month per user

            Recording is an extra 1/2 cent/minute

            CallForensics also has an additional /minute charge that varies by region

            13. Marchex

            Marchex Call tracking tool is a call management system that, as the name suggests, focuses on providing detailed insights on the most efficient marketing channels for generating inbound calls and prospects. It classifies incoming call outcomes, associates them with certain search phrases and actions, and automatically redacts call recordings to ensure security and privacy.

            😍 Pros

            Good customer service

            Strong reporting tool

            Powerful analytics

            Easy to manage

            😢 Cons

            It lacks CRM integration.

            💰 Pricing

            Free Trial

            Pricing is not available online

            14. DialogTech

            DialogTech is a virtual call centre that provides targeted sales and customer service through call tracking, data tracking, reporting, and analytics.

            😍 Pros

            Good data tracking and analysis

            Trustworthy IVR feature

            😢 Cons

            Difficult to use

            Not enough usage tutorials are provided by the company

            💰 Pricing

            Quotation-based starts at $500 per user/month

            15. Invoca

            Marketers can use Invoca a call tracking and analytics solution powered by AI.

            Invoca claims its real-time business intelligence analysis as a standout feature, which includes insights on call outcome and conversion potential.

            😍 Pros

            Real-time and detailed analytics

            Easy to use and user-friendly

            😢 Cons

            Not good for small business

            Is not available for ioS and android

            💰 Pricing

            Pro: On quote

            Enterprise: On quote

            Elite: On quote


   has been providing call tracking services since 2012. It includes AI-powered analytics, automated conversation transcription and analysis, real-time sales performance evaluation, call recording, and event-based AI-powered notifications.

            Additional call tracking capabilities include IVR support, the scheduling of follow-up calls, the ability to monitor and record dialer calls, and reporting and analytics for outbound dialer calls.

            😍 Pros

            Good call control

            Offers randomized numbers

            Built-in CRM integration

            😢 Cons

            Minor performance issues

            💰 Pricing

            Core: On quote

            Professional: On quote

            Pro Plus: On quote

            17. CloudTalk

            😍 Pros

            Easy to use

            Detailed reporting

            Good CRM integration

            😢 Cons

            Can be a little expensive

            💰 Pricing

            Starter: 25 Euro per month per user

            Essential: 30 Euro per month per user

            Expert: 50 Euro per month per user

            Custom: on quote

            18. CallTrackingMetrics

            With clients in more than 90 countries, CallTrackingMetrics has a constantly growing position in the call tracking industry. This call tracking software is an all-in-one call monitoring that also offers a comprehensive contact centre management solution, as well as a conversation analytics platform that uses AI-driven call tracking to increase contact centre automation. At various levels of service, users can get call tracking, predictive dialling, text messaging support, auto-tagging, chat and text messaging assistance, and an open API for further customising their own solutions.

            😍 Pros

            Good features

            Large third-party integrations

            😢 Cons

            Does not facilitate on-premises software deployment

            💰 Pricing

            Performance: $39/month

            Growth: $119/month

            Connect: $329/month

            Enterprise: on quote

            19. RingCentral MVP

            RingCentral MVP is a cloud-based call tracking platform for phone calls, faxing and messaging. Its cloud-based design adapts to desktop and mobile devices. It offers flexible access control to various users and has a robust set of management tools. It offers voicemail forwarding, automatic call recording, and IVR voice recognition.

            😍 Pros

            Solid customization of API

            Easy to configure

            😢 Cons

            The basic plan comes with very limited features

            💰 Pricing

            Essential: $14.99/user/month

            Standard: $20.99/user/month

            Premium: $26.24/user/month

            Ultimate: $37.49/user/month

            20. CallRail

            CallRail is a call tracking and marketing software that gives you a lot of information about incoming calls and where they are in the customer journey. To discover trends and establish which channels and campaigns are creating the most calls, it leverages email, phone logs, and caller ID databases. It connects to Google Analytics and AdWords call tracking campaigns to get a comprehensive picture of caller history.

            😍 Pros

            Good features

            Good customer services

            Easy to use

            😢 Cons

            Auto dialling feature is not available in outbound calling

            💰 Pricing

            Conversation Analytics + call tracking



            Call tracking software can be a great boost to your marketing efforts. But with a plethora of tools available in the market, it is best to analyse the best available tools and pick the most suitable call tracking tool for your business requirements.

            The above list has briefly explained the various aspects of the best call tracking software available in markets, analyse them and finalize the one that best suits your needs!

            FAQs of Call Tracking

            🤔 Q: What is the meaning of Call Tracking?

            🤔 Q: Why is call tracking important?

            🤔 Q: How does call tracking software work?

            🤔 Q: What Is Dynamic Call Tracking? 

            ✅ Ans: Dynamic call tracking is a versatile technology that helps businesses determine which customer behaviour is the best target point for their marketing campaigns. This is achieved by displaying different phone numbers to users depending on where they are located, their IP address and information collected during previous searches and site visits.

            🤔 Q: Can I track a cell phone with just a number?

            ✅ Ans: There are only two approved ways of doing this. The first and most recommended option is to seek help from a trusted phone number tracing solution. Using an application is the second-best way since it can handle any problem that arises with a few quick taps of your fingers.

            You're reading Top 20 Call Tracking Softwares To Track Inbound Calls

            The Truth About Seo And Call Tracking

            There has been a great deal of discussion about SEO and call tracking lately. Several local marketers have written articles decrying call tracking, saying that it hurts SEO. Other local marketing experts have written rebuttals, stating clearly that call tracking does not hurt SEO when it is deployed correctly.

            Our goal is this article to summarize a few of the arguments.

            What is Call Tracking?

            Call tracking is a way for online marketers to track which sources, campaigns, and keywords generate phone calls. Hundreds of thousands of marketers across the U.S. and Canada use call tracking to close the loop on their marketing ROI calculations. Some of the biggest companies in the world use call tracking to measure the effectiveness of their PPC campaigns, SEO efforts, and retargeting. These companies value call data significantly. They spend a lot of money on it.

            Marketing agencies also use call tracking. They use it as a way to prove their worth to their clients. It is especially popular among agencies that do PPC and SEO work.

            Call tracking is, right now, a $1B industry. It is mainstream.

            What is the Truth?

            Call tracking, when used correctly does not hurt SEO. That’s the truth. Even most ardent call tracking opponents admit that.

            The correct way to use call tracking is to use call tracking DNI. This doesn’t hurt SEO. We’ll discuss more about this later in the article.

            The problem is that the call tracking industry has traditionally done a very poor job of educating marketers about what correct use of call tracking actually is.

            Why Do Some Say Call Tracking Hurts SEO?

            Because of NAP.

            Google makes it very clear that Name Address and Phone number (NAP) have to be consistent across all online directories. Having different phone numbers in a ton of different places confuses Google’s algorithms and will hurt your SEO. This is why a few local marketers have written articles criticizing call tracking.

            They’re right about one thing. Call tracking numbers should not be used in various directory listings across the web. That will hurt your SEO. This is common knowledge (or should be).

            However, far too often articles attacking call tracking will lump all uses of call tracking (on-site Dynamic Number Insertion, primarily) together with the erroneous use of call tracking in directories.

            And, admittedly, some call tracking companies have not operated with care in this area. They have placed call tracking numbers all over directories without worrying about the consequences for their clients. This is bad business and bad for the industry.

            Experts That Warn of Call Tracking Admit It Doesn’t Hurt SEO if Used Correctly

            Adam Steele is one of the foremost local marketing experts on the web. He is the Founder of Nightlite Media, a Vancouver-based SEO firm. He wrote an article recently that discussed call tracking and SEO in great detail, this was after the barrage of call tracking and SEO articles on both sides of the debate.

            “The solution [to call tracking and SEO] is quite well documented.

            As long as precaution is made to make certain your tracking number doesn’t get scraped by Google, or some other authority, tracking numbers are totally fine.

            Historically, and I think this is where a lot of this anger from marketers [about call tracking] stems from, companies in the call tracking industry…have abused these numbers without any regard for NAP or the SMB.

            Call tracking companies need to educate. Tracking numbers are awesome. I use them all the time, especially in local lead gen. Naturally it is an incredible way to measure my campaign results.”

            Other widely known agencies and experts confirm that call tracking doesn’t hurt SEO and recommend that businesses use it.

            He says that marketers can use call tracking on their website. They would “…have more control and might see some interesting value to using call tracking numbers.”

            He also says that an entirely safe and acceptable technique would be to “….use a Javascript to display a tracking number to the user, that guarantees that the Google bot and search from Google always see your local number.”

            He later says he has participated in discussions with other SEO experts and “…confirms that this [using call tracking DNI] is acceptable.”

            Entire state marketing associations, and other respected groups, confirm and endorse that call tracking is fine when if it is used correctly.

            The list of sources confirming that call tracking does not hurt SEO when used correctly is too long to include here. Suffice it to say that call tracking is mainstream and when deployed correctly; it DOES NOT hurt SEO.

            Ways to Correctly Use Call Tracking

            One of the best articles regarding how to correctly use call tracking was written recently by the Minnesota Search Association. I STRONGLY recommend that you read this article. They lay out 5 specific ways to ensure that call tracking does not harm your SEO. At the risk of being repetitive, I won’t go into the details and methods they discuss. But I will mention one more method that ensures call tracking is safe, Dynamic Number Insertion.

             Dynamic Number Insertion is a call tracking method that actually virtually displays a unique phone number on a website based on the source or keyword of the visitor. This is done via a snippet of Javascript. The default number on the site stays hard-coded and does not change. Thus, NAP is not impacted and SEO is not harmed. This is the predominant method companies use to gather call tracking data. It is a failsafe way to gather critical call tracking metrics without harming SEO.

            It is worth nothing that this dynamic Javascript method is the same method that A/B testing companies like chúng tôi use to split-test sites. It is also the same method by which dynamic content and ad generation is accomplished. These things don’t hurt SEO. Why would call tracking?

            The bottom line is this: local marketers and call tracking companies need to deal with this nuanced issue in a nuanced way. If a call tracking company says that call tracking numbers NEVER hurt SEO, they are wrong. If a local marketer says that call tracking numbers ALWAYS or even MOSTLY hurt SEO, they are wrong.

            Using call tracking numbers on directories is bad. Using call tracking DNI on your site is good.

            Featured Image: Deposit Photos

            China Mobile Launches “5G New Call”: Top 5 Things You Need To Know

            Previously, 5G Messages was a major exploration as an option for SMS upgrades. However, the development has been somewhat tepid so far. “5G video calling” is similar to “WeChat video calling” based on the operator’s network. Nevertheless, the new “5G New Call” can allow operators to regain the initiative, or even change the habit of users. Let us take a look at the top five possibilities with respect to “5G New Call”.

            1. “5G New Call” – uses the native dialer of the smartphone

            China Mobile claims that relative to voice and video calls over the Internet, 5G new calls are “more stable and more convenient”. It has a stable call quality and uninterrupted incoming calls. It is also convenient because you can make video calls without downloading APPs and applets. According to reports, 5G new calls use VoNR (Voice over New Radio) technology. This is an audio and video service solution under the 5G SA network architecture. Both video and data services are carried on the 5G network.

            In terms of sound quality, the VoNR sound transmission bandwidth extends from 50Hz-7000Hz to 20Hz-14000Hz. In terms of picture quality, the resolution can reach 720p, which is a level higher than 480P for VoLTE calls. Therefore, the effect of the picture and sound of the 5G video call will be higher than the current video call from social software such as WeChat.

            2. 5G New Call Billing

            Judging from the current settings of various communication packages and the consumption habits of users, the number of voice minutes in the packages generally far exceeds the demand. In this case, the billing method of 5G video calls includes the voice calls. For operators, it is almost a loss-making business, but it can increase its attractiveness to users in the early stage.

            Gizchina News of the week 3. User habit

            In the 3G era, the cost threshold was high while the video calling technology, network, and terminals were immature. However, in the 4G era, major Internet companies compete for excellence, and each has a unique strategy to keep users on their own apps as much as possible.

            Now in the 5G era, with the development of various technologies, video calls seem to be opening the door to telecom operators again. However, how to reverse user habits will become a major problem for operators. Users are already used to using various applications for video calls. How do you re-grab them to the local dialer?

            Moreover, for those with free WiFi networks, using an app for video calls regardless of time and cost seems to be more friendly. This will be a major challenge for the 5G new call technology.

            4. Coverage & terminal popularization

            Also, since 5G VoNR is still in the early stage of commercial development, there are still certain challenges in terms of network coverage and quality, terminal capabilities, and industrial chain.

            First of all, for 5G VoNR to be commercially available on a large scale, broad coverage of the 5G SA network is required.

            In terms of 5G network coverage, as of the end of 2023, China Mobile has cumulatively opened more than 730,000 5G base stations, including 200,000 700MHz 5G base stations, basically achieving continuous coverage in urban areas, counties, and towns. It also has its presence in some key rural areas, and key property premises. As of now, its services cover about 207 million 5G network customers.

            In addition to network coverage, terminal popularization is also required. Although the new smartphones all support 5G, most do not really know about 5G packages. About 80% of smartphones sold in China support 5G. However, many do not subscribe to 5G packages.

            5. “5G message” is silent – can “5G new call” become a killer app?

            Although 5G Messages development is complete, the application of this technology is a little silent. China Telecom provides 5G messaging standard packages and explores multiple billing models. At the same time, it expands the coverage of 5G messaging terminals and strengthens industry cooperation. However, the three major operators in China now seek to upgrade 5G Messages to 5G New Call. The functions are more powerful, but the tariffs remain the same. This makes it conducive and it will ensure a smooth transition of traditional basic telecommunication services.

            Furthermore, the basic “5G New Call” service is simpler and easier to understand. It can be understood as a high-definition video version of a traditional call.


            It is important to note that the 5G new call is not strictly a video call product. However, it also has functions such as video customer service, AI voice recognition, screen sharing, and remote collaboration. Among them, 5G video customer service supports basic business investigation, high-sensitivity business authorization, remote operation guidance and other business scenarios.

            20 Best Free Blogging Sites (Top Blog Platforms) In Jul 2023

            Blogging platforms are online publishing software that allows authors to publish articles, opinions, or product reviews, post. You can also share this post using stand-alone websites, email, feed syndications systems, and social networks.

            Following is a handpicked list of Top Blogging platforms, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

            Top Pick


            Wix is easy to use , beginner-friendly, drag-and-drop website builder. This web editor tool allows you to drop elements anywhere you want on any page. It allows you to create a personal blog to a portfolio website or even an online store.

            Learn More

            Best FREE Blog Sites & Platforms: Top Picks

            Name Features Link

            👍 Wix ✔ Track traffic with Google Analytics Learn More

            WordPress ✔ Very customisable Learn More

            Blogger ✔ Easy to use and free Learn More


            It allows you to create a personal blog or a portfolio website or even an online store.

            800+ themes and templates

            Free SSL Certificates

            Inbuilt DDoS protection

            Built-in Backups to easily recover your data

            Fully-manage services so you do not have to deal with technical deatils of setting up your blog.

            Wix offers Good Security Features and encrypts Sensitive Data. It is GDPR, CCPA and LGPD compliant

            Track traffic with Google Analytics and other powerful marketing, analytics, and SEO tools

            #2) WordPress

            WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source and free to use CMS. It started as just a blogging platform, but now it has added features significantly over the years. Today it is emerging as the complete content management software.


            You can design multiple pages with no coding skills using Page Builder plugins.

            Option of WordPress hosting or self-hosting.

            It is one of the best free blogging platform that allows you to create webpages for multiple functions for your blog.

            Offers Backward Compatibility.

            WordPress Plugins comes with excellent unofficial support other than the main help document.

            WordPress offers a simple addition of posts or pages on the site.

            #3) Blogger

            Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows users to create and maintain their website. The functionality and design tools. It is one of the best free blogging platform that works seamlessly so that users do not need to buy, install, and manage separate applications for developing your webpage.


            The drag-and-drop blog editing interface.

            Allows raw Conversion.

            Option to create private blogs.

            Web feed options.

            Link editing in compose mode.

            Offers country-specific blogger addresses.

            #4) Medium

            Medium is a content publishing platform where people can share their stories and insights. It is one of the best free blog platforms which allows users to post their original ideas and viewpoints and share them with member readers or with the broader public. This blogging platform also helps you find compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives.


            It allows you to automate story descriptions.

            Provide an option for URL customization.


            It offers an easy-to-use editor that lets writers focus on their creation instead of formatting.

            Offers partnership program for a firm or individual

            Interests customization.

            Weebly is easy to use drag-and-drop website builder. This blogging tool offers 50 customized templates that help you to create a customized blog for your business.


            Weebly offers a free plan for a limited period, which allows you to try it out on a small scale before paying.

            Offers built-in easy to understand SEO guides.

            It allows you to change the blog template.


            It allows you to build your basic website for blogging.

            Offers SEO tools that give you a perfectly optimized blogging website.

            Responsive web design and mobile-friendly website

            It offers more than 250+ design templates.

            It is visually pleasing and fits in many different industries.

            Squarespace is a website builder tool that is known for its professionally designed templates. This tool offers blogging features that combine hosting, templates, themes. CMS, e-commerce, and technical support in one solution.


            Modern design templates.

            Adjust the styling of your sites along with fonts, colors, and page configurations.

            Customizable content layouts.

            It allows you to add your personalize CSS and other coding.

            Simple, easy-to-use editor interface.

            Social media supported.

            #8) Tumblr

            Tumblr is one of the best free blogging platform. It allows you to post content, including multimedia on the micro-blogs and social channels from a single dashboard. Tumbler enables you to manage multiple accounts and keep a tab of your content calendar.


            Page customization tools.

            Automatically posts to Facebook and Twitter.

            It allows you to schedule your post.

            #9) Ghost

            Ghost is an open-source website builder and publisher platform for developers. It is one of the best free blogging sites which provides users with easy-to-use tools for creating and publishing their content.


            Provide support for Content Editor and Content Management

            It allows you to scheduled Posts.

            Custom Domains.

            Support for automatic Backups.

            It allows you to do role-based permissions.

            Offers tools for SEO optimization.



            It provides an easy option for writing and publishing.

            It allows you to publish individual articles.

            You can share your URL with other blogs, social media, or email.

            #11) Drupal

            Drupal is an open-source blogging platform for creating an online content management system. It offers modules with attractive options for customizations.


            Offer easy to understand and clean core code.

            It helps you to manage complex, multi-domain management.

            Numerous built-in site management options.

            Access to thousands of modules and themes.

            Allows you to customize every aspect of your experience

            Deploy content across channels.

            Connect with all of your marketing tools.

            Enables users to access content on any device.

            Monitor site content and campaigns in one place, ensuring brand consistency

            #12) Jekyll

            Jekyll is a static site generator. It allows you to written text in your preferred markup language. It is one of the best free blogger platforms that allows you to use layouts to create a static website. You can adjust how you want your site URL to look, what data gets displayed on the site, and more.


            It offers the quickest way to set up a blog.

            Includes Sass and CoffeeScript support and collections.

            It allows you to import your content from WordPress.

            It provides free hosting with GitHub Pages.

            Jimdo is a website builder tool. It helps you to create a free website, blog, online store according to your desired purpose. It is an ideal blogging tool for small businesses.


            Easy to add elements to your page.

            Not require coding knowledge to create a blog on this website.

            Mobile optimized for all devices.

            Friendly customer support to help with any questions

            Unlimited storage on premium plans.

            #14) Joomla

            Joomla is another popular CMS which allows you to build a website and professional blog for your business. It is one of the best free blogging sites which runs smoothly on the most web serves without any issues because it is easy to use and highly extensive free to use CMS tools.


            It allows you to choose when articles are published.

            Joomla is suitable for blogging websites.

            It offers a perfect balance between ease of use and complexity of functionality.

            Edit content without any knowledge of code.

            It offers a user-friendly admin interface.

            #15) Postach.Io

   is a website that helps you to turn an Evernote notebook into a beautiful blog or web site. It allows users to add new posts or pages and publish them even while they are using mobile devices.


            Support for custom domain.

            Social Media links.

            Option for branding and customization.

            Google Analytics, Disqus, Facebook, and Twitter Integration.

            Easy access to source code.

            #16) Typepad

            Typepad is a reliable blog hosting service used by large and small organizations. The platform offers control of site designs, web pages, and individual posts. It is one of the best free blog sites that allows you to select the most suitable method for your blog.


            It makes it easy for you to compose new posts or add new pages to there with the help of their dashboards.

            Typepad offers a tool that helps you to improve the SEO ranking of your site on Google.

            It allows your readers and supporters to leave them a bit of money that is sent directly to their PayPal accounts.

            It helps you to create content that are to attract readers and garner them new audiences.

            #17) Svbtle

            Svbtle is a blog builder that helps you collect and curate ideas, develop them into your articles, and publish when you are ready. This blogging platform is built from the ground up to work the same way your brain does.


            This blogging service provider published content will remain available on the web forever.

            It allows you to create a separate design according to your business.

            It is a publishing platform designed from the ground up to work the same way your brain does.

            Supports hosted images, embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

            Svbtle service and published content will permanently available on the web.

            #FAQS: ❓ What is a blogging platform?

            Blogging platforms are a type of website or software that allows authors to publish articles, opinions, or product reviews, post. You can also share this post using stand-alone websites, email, feed syndications systems, and social networks.

            ✅ Which are the Best Blogging Sites?

            Here are some of the Best Blogging Sites:








            ⚡ What are the common features of the blogging platform?

            Here, are some common features of blogging platform:

            Easy to use and setup

            Low-Cost Web Presence

            Helps you increased audience

            Allows you to establish your business brand

            Offers performance tracking

            🆚 How is a Blog Different from a Website?

            The main difference between a blog and website, is that a blog is usually informal, informative, and educated in nature, while A business website is formal & professional.

            🏅 What exactly is a self-hosted blog?

            The free blog sites like Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, or chúng tôi Basically, you do not need a hosting provider if the blog is self-hosted. This type of blogging platform never costs anything but also limits you in various ways.

            ❗ What are the tips for blogging?

            Here are some important tips for blogging:

            Understand your audience.

            Write for yourself first.

            Respect your existing readers.

            Get ideas from your audience.

            It helps you to focus on building call-to-action.

            Write amazing headlines

            The Weekender: March 17 To 20

            The Weekender: March 17 to 20

            El Jefe’s, 957 Comm Ave.

            Eat, shop, go

            The Weekender

            After a relaxing (we hope) Spring Break, we trust you’re ready to get back to the second semester grind. We’ve compiled a list of some restaurants and shops and a new Allston music venue to check out, if you find free time in between laundry and study sessions.

            El Jefe’s Taqueria, 957 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, is open daily from 8 am to 1 am.

            Blunch, 59 East Springfield St., Boston, is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 3 pm.

            An eclectic and unique thrift store, Vivant Vintage specializes in local artist-made products and affordable secondhand apparel and decorations. The store has a vast selection of vintage T-shirts, dresses, accessories, and even crystals. Vivant Vintage also offers wardrobe and prop rentals and styling services for those working on a production or film. Keep track of their sales by giving them a follow on Instagram.

            Vivant Vintage, 318 Lincoln St., Allston, is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm.

            Live music fans should check out the new Allston spot Roadrunner, a midsize venue that can hold up to 2,000 people on the floor and another 1,500 in the balcony. In a recent write-up of the space, the Boston Globe described it as a perfect venue for established “burgeoning performers or midsized acts,” and “a bridge between smaller local music clubs—Great Scott, Sinclair, Royale—and arenas, like Agganis Arena and TD Garden.” The space is bright, boasting steel beams, glass block windows, and a Felipe Ortiz mural. Upcoming musical acts include Black Tiger Sex Machine, Disclosure, and Sofi Tukker. This Saturday, English musician and producer Tom Misch hits the Roadrunner stage, with proceeds from each ticket sale going towards the Shout Syndicate, a volunteer-run fundraising effort for youth-led arts programs in Greater Boston. Find a full calendar of musical acts and ticket information here.

            Tom Misch will perform at Roadrunner, 89 Guest St., Allston, on Saturday, March 19, at 8 pm. Doors open at 7 pm. All ages are welcome. Tickets start at $39.50.

            Coffee and Conversation, a weekly event at the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, is a forum for students, faculty, and staff to discuss recent headlines and controversial ideas. Led by Nick Bates, Thurman Networks associate director, the program is a chance to learn civil discourse, discover your voice, and listen to new perspectives and opinions. This week’s discussion will focus on the pandemic. Past topics include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Pope Francis and gay marriage, and NFTs. Students are encouraged to suggest readings, podcasts, and other resources after the chat.

            Coffee and Conversation is every Friday from 4 to 6 pm, through May 4, at the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, 808 Commonwealth Ave., Boston. This event is free and open to all BU students.

            Hosted by the BU College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts, the 2023 MFA Thesis Exhibitions showcase features the work of graduating Master of Fine Arts candidates in graphic design, painting, and sculpture. The students in this class persevered through the onset of a debilitating and destructive pandemic, as they were forced to make meaningful yet urgent art, according to faculty members Lucy Kim, a CFA associate professor of art and interim chair of graduate studies in painting, and David Snyder, a CFA assistant professor of art and chair of graduate studies in sculpture. A reception will be held Friday, March 18, from 5 to 7 pm, where visitors can meet the student artists. 

            The 2023 MFA Thesis Exhibitions showcase is open Tuesday to Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm, through April 2, at the College of Fine Arts Stone Gallery, 855 Commonwealth Ave., Boston. The exhibitions are free and open to the public.

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            Best 3D Camera Tracking Software

            Best 3D Camera Tracking Software




            3D camera tracking along with green screen keying is the bread and butter of movie special effects nowadays.

            These allow for the filming of scenes that would otherwise be impossible, too dangerous, or too expensive if done for real.

            One great program for handling 3D camera tracking is

            Adobe After Effects

            , and we will be looking over it and several other alternative programs that can help you pull off this post-production wonder.

            For more great guides on the topic, take a look at our

            Video page


            Get the right software to support your ideas!

            Creative Cloud is all you need to bring your imagination to life. Use all the Adobe apps and combine them for amazing results. Using Creative Cloud you can make, edit, and render in different formats:




            3D models & infographics

            Many other artworks

            Get all apps at a special price!

            We live in a time when everything from Hollywood blockbusters to common commercials makes use of 3D elements, so certain special effects have become quite common and mandatory to pull off.

            One good example is 3D camera tracking, and if you want to use this special effect in your videos, then you need to know which software can pull it off the fastest, easiest, and in the best manner possible.

            To that extent, we will be looking over several software tools that have proven their efficiency when it comes to 3D camera tracking.

            The entries were selected base don their toolset, how easy they are to use, how much do they cost, and other important criteria.

            Topping out our list is a software tool that you may not have even known that it had 3D camera tracking included in the feature list: Adobe After Effects.

            This program is part of the Adobe Suite, and it is one of the best that you can buy on the market today. It has tones of features that include titles, transitions, and multiple-layer 3D embedding and tracking.

            More so, any of you that are familiar with any of the other Adobe products, such as Photoshop or Illustrator are will quickly get accustomed to the look and feel of After Effects.

            You can get it as part of the general subscription of the Adobe services, or you can subscribe to it separately.

            Here are some of Adobe After Effects’ main features:

            Full compatibility with other Adobe products

            The  Internet is full of useful guides for After Effects

            Professional-level toolset

            Can easily handle tasks such as 3D camera tracking

            Features plug-in support

            ⇒ Download Adobe After Effects

            Adobe Premiere Pro along with adobe After Effects can be considered a 2-package deal when it comes to editing videos.

            While After effects mainly focuses on post-processing and the addition of special effects to already existing videos, Adobe Premiere Pro deals mainly with creating and edit videos from the bottom up.

            As such, a complete video editor’s digital library would usually consist of both programs, used in a sequence.

            However, despite the differences between the two, Adobe Premiere Pro is also perfectly capable of handly certain special effects, of which we can also mention 3D camera tracking.

            The program does a solid job at it, albeit the steps you need to take are a bit more complicated since this wasn’t the focus and intended design of the program.

            Here are some of Adobe Premiere Pro’s main features:

            Full compatibility with other Adobe products

            Works well with Adobe After Effects

            360 VR and 4K support

            3D camera tracking is possible

            The price tag

            ⇒ Download Adobe Premiere Pro

            Unlike the previous two entries on our list that are well-rounded programs in themselves, SynthEyes was specially created with 3D special effects in mind.

            Expert tip:

            More so, you can also manage green screen effects using this tool, making it a great overall package when it comes to videos featuring special effects and fictitious settings.

            Here are some of SynthEyes’s main features:

            Has geometric hierarchy tracking

            Features 360 VR stabilization

            Comes in various license types

            Compatible with Python

            Supports stereo 360VR

            ⇒ Download SynthEyes

            Adding 3D effects to a regular 2D video may seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re a beginner. However, that is no longer the case, since video editing software now also caters to non-professionals as well.

            One great example is 3DEqualizer, a video editing tool that focuses on simplicity above all else.

            Their 3D motion tracking is some of the best on the market, and it is mainly aimed at studios and those who want to be sure that they get top-end effects.

            The program has been around for some time already, but it is continuously updated, allowing it to stay competitive even 2 decades after it first appeared.

            Here are some of 3DEqualizer’s main features:

            Deep Python Integration

            High-speed optimization

            Lens distortion

            Unique solvers

            One of the best 3D tracking algorithms on the market

            ⇒ Download 3DEqualizer

            Another highlight of this tool is that is is also perfectly equipped to put your computer effects directly into your high-speed, real-life footage.

            It does it with incredible accuracy and seamless integration using frame-by-frame exploration and a fully functional graph editor.

            Here are some of Boujou’s main features:

            Comes with a free trial

            Extremely affordable

            Can insert 3D effects into videos in real-time

            Frequently updated

            Offers seamless integration of VFX

            ⇒ Download Boujou

            Movies nowadays can no longer survive with at least a few 3D special effects, and implementing them has become easier and easier.

            However, the end goal is to make a movie that looks believable, so a good software tool that will handle this aspect is a must.

            That being said, feel free to look over our top 5 picks, and make sure you find the one that suits you best.

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