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This article will focus on five exclusive techniques that can improve guest posting. To support the discussion, we will also discuss certain other areas. These include:

Concept of Guest Posting

Advantages of guest posting

The ideal time to pitch a guest post

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the demonstration of distributing content for the site of someone else or business substance. In everyday terms, the guest bloggers compose for indistinguishable web journals across their specialty to:

Draw in natural rush hour gridlock back to the site

Fostering the nature of friend connections inside their industry

Increment the permeability, validity, and familiarity with the brand

Lift area movement by remotely connecting to the high-authority sites

Pretty much without fail, guest posting produces common increases for both the site that is facilitating guest posts and furthermore the guest blogger. In different terms, guest posting is a bi-directional road. Thus, on the off chance that you might want to join the guest posting trend, consider featuring the guest content on your own site.

Benefits of Guest Posting

On-the-spot openness to the Targeted Traffic

A fast development of your own organization

Animating social media shares

Development of your supporters on social media

Fortress of backlink profile

Upgrading brand perceivability

5 Exclusive Techniques to Improve Guest Posting 1. Creating Relationships with Niche Influencers

You can without much of a stretch contact specialty influencers by remarking on their posts, sharing their posts, and composing cards to say thanks.

2. Cautious choice of target destinations

Many arising organizations guarantee that guest posting isn’t showing wanted outcomes. The primary purpose for this is focusing on every one of some unacceptable locales. On the off chance that you additionally deal with a comparative issue focus on the well known destinations in your specialty that are oftentimes visited by crowds.

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3. Master pitching

Your guest post fad would decrease rapidly without a persuasive Steller pitch. In contrast to a tenderfoot, check the objective site’s page. Guarantee that your point gets an ideal fit for the blog. Use altering and editing programming like Grammarly for cleaning your post. Incorporate 3 connects to your past presents on show your ability.

4. Offer extra assets separated from the post

To elevate the odds of pitch acknowledgment, work for an additional achievement. Offer a bunch of significant assets to your host that best commendations the post. Here are really simple assets you can propose:

An agenda

A format

Contextual analysis

Arrangements of assets

A cheat sheets

5. Incorporate logical and significant backlinks

To get context oriented backlinks get some information about the connections. Also, keep a linkage between the post and the connections. Absolutely never add any connection strongly in the event that it doesn’t fit normally. Follow this load of stunts and you will get the green sign.

What is the Perfect Time for pitching a Guest Post?

You will not track down an optimal chance consistently to pitch guest posts. In any case, there are a few factors that you can appreciate the upside of in the event that they are followed and overseen effectively:

When a specific blog acknowledges you in any of their posts on the social media platforms (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)

When a blog lists your business or products in its posts

When the blog brings out another guest post

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If you follow the strategies carefully, guest posting can produce amazing results. You will enjoy guest posting success if you follow the five steps above. It is important to fully understand the issues and the solutions that can be used to improve guest posting’s viability.

You're reading Top 5 Advance Techniques To Improve Guest Posting

5 Tips To Improve The Windows 8.1 Startup Experience

There are lots of things to love and hate about Windows, but if you’re going to have the best possible experience, it’s important that things get off to a good start. Getting off on the wrong foot with a slow or irritating startup is going to taint your computing time. Here are five of the best tips that will help you to iron out niggles, eliminate bottlenecks and generally improve the startup process of Windows 8.1.

1. Boot straight to the desktop

This is something that has annoyed Windows 8 users ever since the operating system was released – booting to the Start screen rather than the desktop. With the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft saw fit to address users’ concerns and introduced the option to boot straight to the desktop. You’d be forgiven for not having notice the option immediately as it’s not blatantly obvious.

If you are still using Windows 8, it’s still possible to skip the Start screen with a little trickery.

2. Jump straight to Apps on the Start screen

Despite Microsoft’s push of Modern apps, most of us are sticking with regular desktop apps. The fact that the Start screen lists tiles and Modern apps first can be annoying and may mean that it takes longer to launch the program you’re looking for.

3. Eliminate launch delay for startup apps

You probably have a number of applications that are configured to start automatically with Windows. Windows 8 tries to be helpful by staggering the launch of your startup programs to try to avoid bottlenecks building up. In reality, you may well find that it just takes longer for the apps you need to reach a usable state. By editing the registry, it is possible to completely eliminate this delay so that all startup apps will be launched as soon as possible.

4. Automatically log into your user account

Having to enter a password just to use your own computer can be a pain. There are certainly security benefits to it, but if you are the only person who has access to your computer, you may want to be able to get straight down to work. We’ve previously looked at how you can skip the Welcome Screen in Windows 7. The same technique can be used in Windows 8.1 as well.

5. Make use of Sleep or hibernation modes

Whatever you do to help speed up your computer, the boot process always seems to take a little too long. It’s easy to forget, but Windows can be put into Sleep mode in which the current state of the computer is saved to memory so it can be very quickly restored – resuming from Sleep is much, much faster than cold booting.

If you have any other time-saving, speed-enhancing tips, share them below.

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson is a software fiend and a fan of the new, shiny and intriguing. Never afraid to get his hands dirty with some full-scale geekery, he’s always trying out the latest apps, hacks and tweaks. He can be found on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Top 3 Most Effective A/B Testing Techniques For Landing Pages

Landing pages are the backbone of digital marketing. These one-page creations are responsible for most businesses’ sales conversions. The importance of a good landing page cannot be overstated — they turn visitors into customers. 

Before we jump into the three most effective A/B testing techniques, let’s discuss what constitutes a “well-made landing page.” The most obvious starting point is the headline. It is estimated that 80 percent of consumers won’t get past the headline, therefore, making this section of a landing page the most important. A good headline is both clear and enticing. It is not long in length, and it should make use of strong verbs. 

As we enter a new decade, landing pages are looking to become more interactive for the user, therefore, images and videos often are found on more and more landing pages. While it is true, that these elements can increase the probability that a visitor becomes a lead, it also can drain conversion rates. Poor imagery and videos can harm a businesses’ messaging, and/or bad design use of these elements can result in high bounce rates. Therefore, a well-made landing page is conscious of the true effectiveness of images and video use for their intended purpose. 

The submission form collects the prized information you are after. To increase your chances that visitors fill out this form, it needs to be above the page fold and ask for as little as information as possible. Visitors are less likely to submit their information as more is required. If a name and email address will suffice, don’t probe for more. 

Finally, to conclude what a well-made landing page consists of — attractive and easy to follow design must be a focal point. While design is often subjective, a landing page should be minimalist. Don’t overwhelm page visitors with too much information, or disjointed elements. In addition, limit the ability for visitors to navigate outside your page. 

A/B testing is all about making data-driven decisions, here are three techniques to help in your quest of finding the best version of your landing page. 

Tip #1 – Is Your USP Good Enough? 

Unique selling proposition (USP) is the overlapping of ‘what consumers want and what you do well.’ This or these key points denote why your business is the right solution for the consumer compared to competitors in the same market. This is the main bullet point a landing page tries to explain to the page visitor. 

It goes without saying, but is the messaging surrounding your USP working? 

Is it clear?



You need to tinker and tweak in order to find the right words that make sure your USP jumps off the page.

Tip #2 – Test Duration 

A/B testing seems straightforward in concept can quickly become convoluted and misguided in results. One of the main reasons bad decisions are made is because of bad information. In A/B testing, the pages you are comparing need a fair sample size or period of time. Outliers and shortchanged results come into play when testing lacks a reliable sample size and/or is ended prematurely. 

Convert is a free tool that helps you estimate the right sample size and/or testing duration that will yield results you can trust. 

Tip #3 – You Need to Develop a Hypothesis 

You don’t take an organic chemistry exam without preparing beforehand. Yet, so many A/B tests are conducted without the necessary preparation. To ensure that your A/B testing is effective it is important to start with brainstorming and to-date analysis of prior landing page performance. 

Set out to answer these questions first: 

Why are you testing? 

What’s your proposed solution? (elements you are seeking to test)

What’s your assumption of how the solution would change user behavior?  

What result expected do you expect?  

By developing a hypothesis from the outset, you are setting yourself to succeed. Now the information you capture is easier to make inferences and decisions upon. A/B testing is a calculated science, not a couple of shots in the dark. 

Need A/B Testing Help? 

At Venta Marketing, we are helping businesses meet their goals head-on. As leaders in the digital marketing industry, we know the ins-and-outs of A/B strategy and technique. Contact us today if you are curious about our services! 

What can we build with you?










Top 5 Bitcoin Casinos Usa

Online gambling is taking the gaming industry by storm. According to new research by Report Linker, the online gambling market will reach $95 billion by the end of 2025, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 9.98%.

This is a global trend that has been picking up steam since the mid-90s. Sports betting is projected to experience the highest growth during the forecast period, but traditionally, it’s online casinos that have been the driving force of the market.

The rise of the smartphone strapped a rocket onto the backs of these digital platforms and they haven’t looked back since. However, from 2012, bitcoin gambling has proved to be an equally important part of their success. While traditional casinos allow players to bet with only fiat currency, at online casinos, customers can enjoy the many perks digital currencies provide.

Top 5 Bitcoin Casinos

El Royale

While this casino is a fresh entrant to the online bitcoin casino scene, its operator isn’t. Its sister sites include Slot Empire and Aussie play, long-standing favorites among players. Its theme is that it tries to emulate the atmosphere of a 1920s New York Speakeasy Club. The ones with smooth jazz music and rhythmic dancing.

It’s a bitcoin online casino with a large catalog of games and a huge selection of bonuses and promotions. It has perfect mobile compatibility and no withdrawal fees.


The company behind this platform has had a significant presence in the bitcoin gaming sphere since the industry got off the ground. The casino itself is also one of the oldest and most trusted sites on the US market, opening its doors to US customers in 2001.

If the 300 casino games on offer aren’t to your liking, players can also look through a well-made bitcoin sportsbook. Esports betting is also an option as well as betting on horse racing and playing bitcoin poker.

Café Casino

Providing an unrivaled level of service combined with a huge selection of slots, table games, and video poker; Café Casino is a great choice for any player that is looking for exciting promotions and cryptocurrency payment options.

Launched in 2024, it has a reputation for the fastest payouts in the industry and perks like nice welcome bonuses, a referral program, cashback bonuses, and the ability to earn Perk Points by playing.

chúng tôi

Created with the philosophy of providing an entertaining and dynamic online casino environment, one that strives for continuous improvement, chúng tôi prides itself on its lightning payouts and outstanding customer service.

Operated by Lynton Limited Casinos, the company behind other great sites like Ignition Casino, chúng tôi is a premium gaming platform that’s been around since 2013 and boasts a rock-solid reputation.


Perhaps one of the most recognizable brands among US players. Bovada is the US-friendly counterpart to Bodog Casino and is the total package.

Bovada provides a full gaming experience with bitcoin sports betting, horse racing, slots, table games, poker, and bingo on offer. Add to that the instant withdrawals, and it’s clear why Bovada is a real winner.

How to Deposit Bitcoins in an Online Casino

Create an account

Go to cashier page

Input your bitcoin wallet address

Enter a deposit amount

Fund your account and begin playing

The process can be explained in five easy steps. Following these, players will be able to fund their casino account with bitcoins and play their games of choice for the opportunity to win big prizes.

Create an Account

Sign up by filling out the registration form and providing your basic information.

Open the Casino Cashier Page

Once registered, select Bitcoin as a preferred payment method. Players must use an accepted bitcoin wallet.

Input Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

Every owner of a bitcoin wallet has a personal wallet address. To make sure that payments go through, he must input that address in his casino account.

Enter a Deposit Sum

After the casino provides the player with the casino’s bitcoin address, the player can make a deposit.

Fund Your Account and Start Playing

After a player’s deposit drops into his casino account, he immediately becomes eligible for promotions and can play the games available for real money.

How to Claim Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus Code

Sign up at one of the recommended online casinos.

Select Bitcoin as a deposit method.

inputs the bonus code.

Bonus will be credited to the account.

A Bitcoin No Deposit Bonus is exactly what the name suggests it is. It’s free bitcoin and it can come in different forms. It could feature Bonus Cash, Free Spins, or VIP Points. However, these bonuses come with long lists of rules and conditions, so it’s best to read them before depositing funds.

Bitcoin No Deposit Bonuses are usually accessed via a bonus code. Each code is unique to that particular bitcoin casino and can only be used once per person. It’s supplied in the promotional offer and the players have to input it into their account to claim it. The process is simple.

Once the No Deposit Bonus is active, a player can use the offer to select one of the many bitcoin slot games in the casino’s library and do some gambling for free.

Withdrawals Using Bitcoin

This is also a quick and easy process. A player visits the casino’s cashier page and selects the withdrawal tab. He enters the amount he wishes to take out of his casino account. There’s a restriction regarding the size of this amount according to the casino’s withdrawal limits.

If the desired sum is within the limit, the player enters his bitcoin wallet address and requests a cashout. The transfer should happen immediately as this is the fastest payment option available today.

The Top 5 Exciting Real

The Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented reality, (AR) are often discussed separately. However, the applications are often compelling. AR and IoT could be even more powerful when combined in the same project.

Although such combinations are not yet mainstream, they are becoming more popular. AR IoT projects can produce impressive results if people have the ability to rely on both technologies simultaneously.

1. Enabling Real-Time Navigation and Location-Based Information

Mobile app developers must be aware of the customer’s needs and preferences as well as how technology can help them make the most of their experience. Brand leaders can capitalize on the opportunities presented by IoT or AR.

The IoT offers a way to gain valuable information about customers without being intrusive. Imagine a situation where a retail manager finds many customers first landing on a website when they say a smart speaker prompt.

The store’s tech team may develop a smart speaker skill to make it easier for customers to use verbal commands and find the right item. Voice-enabled device interactions could eventually replace chatbots and customer service representatives, according to some.

There are many other opportunities than retail. Factory leaders may encourage employees to use the connected wearables to identify which activities are most likely to cause injury. They could then make changes to improve safety. The possibilities for people to navigate in unfamiliar environments are especially evident when AR and IoT are used together.

One discount pharmacy chain wanted to place thousands of IoT sensors inside retail stores. They would then use AR smartphone apps to provide store guidance. People could then quickly find what they were looking for, even if it was not in the pharmacy. This would decrease frustration and increase the likelihood of people returning to the pharmacy.

AR IoT projects have been developed during the research phase to show what is possible. One was using dynamic and connected LED markers to provide safer walking routes in a smart urban area. A second portion of the discussion was dedicated to traffic management and accessibility.

2. Filling the Talent Gap and Training Gap

It is difficult to learn all that professionals today need through traditional learning methods like lectures and textbooks. The Internet of Things can be a great tool, but it can also pose security risks to companies that use it. A study on businesses using IoT solutions revealed that only 37% of respondents had tracked cyber exposures due to third-party entities.

Companies that specialize in cybersecurity education may be able to modernize their curriculum by offering AR-enhanced modules. When people move from training to the real world, they need to be better prepared to identify, prevent and address online threats.

Manufacturing is also experiencing skills shortages. Some leaders in this space recognize that AR IoT projects can close the gap. It could also improve training and make it more relevant for future generations. People will be more inclined to stay in their jobs if they feel that their workforce education is relevant and engaging. They might even invite friends to join them in their workplace.

Training with AR and IoT could help employees make better decisions faster. Many workplaces use wearables to monitor metrics such as their body position when lifting heavy objects or sitting at a desk. These IoT devices can detect problems and provide real-time instructions on how to correct them. This helps them to form good and lasting habits.

3. Improve Maintenance Calls with AR IoT Projects

The IoT has made it easier for company leaders to keep critical equipment running smoothly. Smart sensors can collect 24/7 data so that maintenance teams can spot problems before they become disruptive failures. A predictive maintenance strategy could save up to 40% from over-reactive strategies. Augmented reality with IoT allows technicians to view what’s going on with a machine from a distance without having to visit the site.

Augmented reality is often referred to as the IoT’s interface. If someone is working with complicated machinery, they will appreciate the guidance that tells them which part needs to be addressed. While the IoT provides that guidance, its sensors gather data to inform the technician of any problems.

This combination of IoT-AR was valuable during the COVID-19 epidemic. One company offered remote assistance to 200 employees in the midst of the health crisis. This allowed them to continue making service calls and not have to travel. Remote access to a machine with AR can also be a time-saving and cost-saving tool. This is especially important when the equipment is malfunctioning.

In-person inspections often require people to examine the problem, order the part, and then return to the place it. The process could be more efficient if AR and IoT sensors showed what was happening earlier.

AR and IoT can be used together to provide real-time assistance for newer technicians. It is easy to see the benefits of using AR apps to diagnose a problem and then use the checklist or manual to resolve the issue.

4. Use the IoT/AR During Emergency Evacuations

While people might carefully review the safety recommendations when responding to emergency situations, it is often difficult to apply what they have learned to everyday life. AR IoT projects can help people practice using a fire extinguisher, or finding safe exits by tracking their position and providing feedback.

Cloud-based IoT solutions can help property managers evaluate the real-time risks from problems like fires, gas leaks, or electrical problems. If the products are equipped with artificial intelligence, they can reduce threats. What is the best way to use augmented reality on these IoT platforms for this purpose? AR is a project that a schoolboy uses to create a green path in someone’s real-world surroundings to help him escape from a fire.

This tool can also point you to nearby alarms or fire extinguishers. This is vital as people can get lost in fire-related emergencies. The AR app will soon have a “rescue-me” button. The app would transmit the location of the person to firefighters to help them get to safety as quickly as possible. This would allow the person in distress to view live streaming footage via their smartphone’s camera.

AR IoT projects can serve multiple purposes, including keeping people safe in dangerous situations. One system can detect gas and send fire to connected sensors. It sends emergency messages via smartphones to warn people of the danger. An AR component then guides the person to an evacuation route that takes them from their current location to a safe area.

These solutions will be even more useful as taller, larger buildings are built to accommodate urban growth. These options can help to get occupants safe.

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5. Supporting First Responders’ Resource Utilization

First responders are responsible for arriving at the scene of injuries, illness, or other distress as quickly as possible. They have to figure out how to get to the destination fastest, as well as deal with weather and traffic.

The CHARIoT Challenge was a project that combined AR and the IoT in order to help first responders with their demanding jobs. The IoT component of the initiative increased situational awareness by providing previously unobtainable information. The AR aspect provided dispatchers with actionable data to support public security. The AR interface can help responders avoid traffic backups and make it easier to find the fastest route to the scene.

AR and IoT Can Make a Perfect Pair

The best way to combine augmented reality and the Internet of Things requires time and money. It’s good to know that both technologies are more commonly used and readily available in today’s society. It should therefore be easier to find viable use cases and technology providers that can help bring your ideas to life.

When considering exploring AR and IoT, people should have clear goals and expectations about the technology’s ability to meet them. This will make it easier for decision-makers to see the benefits of their investments and make meaningful impacts.

How To Create A Guest Account On Windows 10

Once again, Windows 10 changes the way we create and manage users. Learning how to add a new user in Windows is easy, even though it has a new location, and it even comes with more options.

Windows 10 allows us to create two types of users: Family and other users. Family is divided among adults and kids. The difference being that the adults category puts limits on what the kids can use, primarily exercising parental control over the children.

Creating a guest account on a Windows 10 computer is very easy. There are two ways you can create an account.

Method 1

You should be able to see the guest account right beside yours.

How to Activate the Guest Account Method 2


Judy Sanhz

Judy Sanhz is a tech addict that always needs to have a device in her hands. She loves reading about Android, Softwares, Web Apps and anything tech chúng tôi hopes to take over the world one day by simply using her Android smartphone!

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