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Did watching 101 Dalmatians instill you with a burning desire to fill your home with dozens of monochrome puppies? A new study suggests that may often be the case. The research suggests that all those great canine characters in films have been a prominent influence on the popularity of a breed among dog owners.

The impact of 29 films released in the United States was examined, each featuring a different dog breed. Classics such as The Wizard of Oz (1939), Lady and the Tramp (1955), The Fox and the Hound (1981) and Beethoven (1992) were all judged to have influenced people’s choice of dogs. The study traces the popularity of the featured breeds for up to ten years after the film’s release.

The authors used the records of the American Kennel Club, which has been recording the numbers of registration for each dog breed since 1927, and keeps the largest such dog registry in the world. Looking at the effect of films released between 1927 and 2005, the study shows that the number of registrations of a particular breed rose significantly following the release of a film in which the breed had been featured.

Let’s look at an obvious example. The numbers of collies rose from 2331 registered in 1943, the year when Lassie Come Home was released, to 20,006 registered a decade later. The film, which focuses on the relationship between young Joe and his beloved dog Lassie, traces faithful Lassie’s long and difficult journey back to her dear owner after being sold by his family.

The films analysed covered quite a spread of breeds. Other factors you might assume come into play when choosing a dog, such as temperament or health, seemed not to affect the scale of these trends. Alberto Acerbi, one of the authors of the study and Newton Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Bristol, said: “It seems to be pure fashion.”

A connection between the number of film views in the first weekend after its release and the rise in the popularity of the dog breed featured was observed. The study shows that earlier films generally created more widespread trends than the more recent films. The authors conjecture that this could be linked to the rise of home video, as well as the increase in the number of films released featuring dogs each year.

Dog movie stars and popularity.

The impact of the films is perceivable, gradually, creating long-term rather than short-term trend changes. Out of the 29 examined cases, 14 show that the popularity of a breed reached its peak ten years after its feature in a film, rather than immediately following the film’s release. So apparently films are capable of influencing long-lasting preferences and inclinations in their audiences.

David Spiegelhalter, a statistician at the University of Cambridge, took a look at the research. He said:

So maybe it seems obvious that Lassie made a good name for Collies, or that children started to feel very protective over Dalmatians. But such analysis of causes and patterns behind seemingly random trends further demonstrates just how much fictional narratives influence our beliefs and actions.

“The results can be seen as representative of the general great impact of film on trends,” observes Tom van Laer, consumer researcher at ESCP Europe Business School. Indeed, a similar tendency is evident in the way numerous babies have been named after characters from the Marvel films, the Harry Potter series and television shows such as Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

In a recent article, van Laer writes about 76 different studies, which together show that individuals more thoroughly transported into the world of a narrative are more likely to adopt the outlooks and principles of the story.

Many of the films in which dogs play the central part are intended for children. Van Laer said that “under seven or eight years, immersion in fictional narratives is achieved more easily and thoroughly by children”. He emphasized that stories are central to children’s development and such immersions in fictional worlds in childhood have deeper and more lasting effects.

But Acerbi warns against taking the results of the paper as proof that our personal choices are to some extent always determined by the media and entertainment we consume:

Others would disagree. One political scientist recently argued that the values promoted in Harry Potter influenced the politics of its fans. So Homeward Bound may champion the values of friendship and loyalty, and 101 Dalmatians the evils of the fur trade, but be sure to be careful about watching The Ugly Dachshund with your kids unless you want a Great Dane.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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Top 18 Most Popular Yoga Influencers In India

India has many amazing yoga influencers. If you’re looking for some new people to follow on Instagram, here are 20 of the best ones from India.

The rise of yoga influencers in India has been meteoric. In just a few short years, the number of Indian yoga influencers has exploded, with many amassing huge followings in India and worldwide.

This growth is driven by several factors, including the increasing popularity of yoga, the rise of social media, and the growing number of people looking for health and wellness information online.

There are now hundreds of yoga influencers in India, with some of the most popular ones having hundreds of thousands of followers. And as the number of people practicing yoga continues to grow, so does the number of yoga influencers.

So why are yoga influencers so popular in India?

One of the main reasons is that they offer a unique perspective on yoga. Unlike traditional yoga teachers, who tend to focus on the physical aspects of the practice, yoga influencers have a more holistic approach, incorporating yoga’s mental and emotional benefits in their lives.

In addition, yoga influencers often have a more personal sharing of their journeys with yoga and how it has helped them in their lives. This makes them unique, more relatable, and engaging to build a strong community of followers.

Finally, yoga influencers are often very active on social media, which gives them a direct way to connect with their audience and build a loyal following. You’re sure to find something that inspires you.

Check out the below list of the top 20 yoga influencers in India.

SI No.NameInstagramFollowers1.Shilpa [email protected] followers2.Deepika Mehta@deepikamehtayoga249K followers3.Radhika Bose@radhikabose014,307 chúng tôi [email protected] followers5.Anshuka@anshukayoga312K followers6.Pradaini surva@pradainisurva367K chúng tôi Choudhury@suviashtangayoga133K followers8.Nidhi Mohan@nidhimohankamal110K followers9.Sunaina@sunaina_rekhi146K followers10.Ishwari [email protected] followers11.Tanny Bhattacharjee@fit_and_fabb97.4K followers12.Aishwarya [email protected] followers13.Shani [email protected] followers14.Devraj@yogacharya_devrajarya620 followers15.Sonali Swami@sonali_swami325K followers16.Yasmin Karachiwala@yasminkarachiwala1M followers17.Natasha Noel@natashanoel001363K followers18.Mandira [email protected] followers

1. Shilpa Shetty

Her Instagram page currently has more than 16 million followers, and the rate at which this number is growing is accelerating. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that she was one of the pioneer Indian actors in promoting Indian yoga globally.

She is known for doing so internationally. Recent years have seen her rise to prominence as a TikTok. The way she approaches fitness and healthy food is a tremendous source of inspiration for people working from home.

Check out her Instagram Profile:

2. Deepika Mehta

This monarch’s path to yoga is motivating in and of itself. She began practicing yoga while confined to bed following a mishap that occurred while she was rock climbing.

But she persisted in working on herself, and today she is recognized as one of the most motivational yoga influences in the world. Her story is just as incredible as the gorgeous yoga positions that adorn her Instagram page, which is a testament to how far she has come.

Because of her incredible abilities, she is inspiring hundreds of people to start practicing yoga. Simply scrolling through her account will leave you feeling amazed and motivated. That much is certain.

Check out her Instagram profile:

3. Radhika Bose

Check out her Instagram profile:

4. Bani J

Not only in India but worldwide, young people and people who are into fitness are completely smitten by Bani. She began her career on the popular reality show Roadies; she does not fit the mold of a regular woman; her entire body is covered with various colorful tattoos.

If you go to her Instagram profile, you will get a better understanding of the work that she put out to make this a reality. Her attitude, personality, and fitness goals combine to make her one of India’s most influential people in the fitness industry. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and just participated in a web series called “Four Moore Shots Please.”

5. Anshuka

She is a well-known figure in the world of yoga. You may recognize her as the person who was responsible for Kareena Kapoor Khan’s iconic metamorphosis into a pregnant woman. She is noted for several things, including being the founder of Anshuka Yoga, an expert in Aerial Yoga, and a health and fitness coach.

She is one of the most motivating yoga influencers in India, and her Instagram feed is excellent and full of useful information. Anyone interested in becoming more knowledgeable about yoga and asanas should check out her Instagram feed. It is an absolute must.

Check out her Instagram profile:

6. Pradaini Surva

Introduced to the majority of the tamil audience from the movie Bhodai Yeri Budhi Maari, Pradaini Surva is a charming yoga influencer. Know for her clean aesthetics and elegant fashion she is encourages her audience of mindful living. With vegan diets and sustainable lifestyle she emits positive aura with her content on Instagram. Pradini Surva is all about Yoga, Vegan food and Clean living.

Check out her Instagram profile:

7. Suvi Choudhury

During her time spent recuperating from a slipped disc, Suvi became an expert in yoga practice. Because of that one issue, she decided to embark on a mission to improve her fitness level. After devoting a significant amount of effort to her practice daily, she has reached the level of expertise required to teach yoga professionally.

She also participated in various yoga classes to broaden her skillset and force herself out of her comfort zone so that she might become proficient in more than one style of yoga. She participated in Face, Acupressure, Therapeutic, and Pregnancy yoga during her pregnancy.

Check out her Instagram Profile:

8. Nidhi Mohan

The fascinating thing about her is that she maintains her fitness by adhering to a vegan diet; therefore, if you think you need to consume animal protein to maintain your fitness, you should reconsider this belief.

Check out her Instagram profile:

9. Sunaina

In addition to being a contemporary yogini, she is also a lifestyle consultant and an instructor of yoga. She is one of the first women from India to be appointed to the position of Yoga representative at the United Nations.

If you are looking for a yoga experience that is both enjoyable and interesting, then her Instagram is the place for you to be. Her path has been fantastic, beginning with the completion of her yoga training in Rishikesh, continuing to be a renowned teacher, and culminating in her role as a yoga instructor for a large number of celebrities.

Sunaina is a firm believer in making yoga an integral part of one’s way of life and in the power of yoga instruction to promote mental and physical health.

10. Ishwari Patil

Her Instagram page will undoubtedly inspire you to drag yourself out of bed and embark on a journey marked by yoga and physical activity.

Check out her Instagram profile:

11. Tanny Bhattacharjee

Tanny considers herself to be a complete and whole health and fitness nut. Since she was 12 years old, she has been practicing yoga. In addition to being a devotee of yoga, she works as a prenatal yoga instructor, represents Decathlon as a brand ambassador, and was recently recognized as the Best Yoga Influencer of 2023.

Even though yoga constitutes a significant portion of her lifestyle, she has experimented with various other forms of physical activity. Fit and Fab is not only her Instagram user name but also the guiding principle by which she lives her life. Visit her Instagram page for some amazing content about yoga, and allow it to motivate and inspire you.

Check out her Instagram profile:

12. Aishwarya Nigam

By delegating some of her jobs as a physiotherapist to a “woman boss,” Aishwarya Nigam has maintained her commitment to a healthy lifestyle despite her busy schedule. What a remarkable combination of yogini, yoga instructor, and physiotherapist, displaying her dedication to her career and yoga practice.

Her Instagram feed is likely a dream come true for anyone interested in physical training; her flexibility will surprise you. She is an incredible role model, and one of the things she does occasionally is host group sessions for the ladies that work in her space.

Check out her Instagram profile:

13. Shani Dayal

Visit the Instagram profile of Shani Dayal if you want to see some unique yoga positions, especially if you are looking for inspiration. This yoga master teaches in a way that is both incredibly interesting and very straightforward. Shani began her practice of yoga at an extremely young age.

It’s possible that she began doing it as a hobby, but it quickly evolved into a way of life for her. She does yoga to improve both her mental and physical health, and she makes it her mission in life to encourage others to adopt a more holistic way of life.

Check out her Instagram profile:

14. Devraj

Another person on our list who is passionate about working out is Devraj Vijay. If you follow his Instagram account, you will explore numerous workout videos; therefore, if you believe you need to go to the gym to stay fit, you are completely mistaken because all exercises can be done at home.

15. Sonali Swami

Sonali is a well-known athlete on the international stage and a mother of two children. She also has a large following on Instagram, thanks to the outstanding fitness material she posts. You’d better understand what I’m talking about if you visited her Instagram feed, which is loaded with inspirational videos of people working out.

Her films might be a source of motivation for those of you who are passionate about staying fit. Her Instagram profile has a following of 295 thousand people.

Check out her Instagram profile:

16. Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin holds a Pilates Instructor certification from both BASI and Fletcher. She is a celebrity who instructs fitness classes. If you go to her Instagram profile, you can watch footage of her working with well-known stars such as Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, and others.

This recognized fitness influencer’s Instagram profile has 820 thousand followers. You can contact her to get a personalized recommendation regarding how to lose weight, acquire a flat stomach, or follow a healthy diet if any of those things are something you are interested in.

In addition, she is the author of the well-known fitness book “The Sculpt and Shape.” Her straightforward and efficient training guides are her profile’s primary unique selling proposition (USP).

Check out her Instagram profile:

17. Natasha Noel

How are we ever going to be able to forget her?! Through her upbeat and motivational films, she is slowly but surely challenging common perceptions. She is also an avid yoga practitioner, and her videos, which can be found on both Instagram and Youtube, will walk you through the various yoga asanas methodically.

Self-empowerment and inward healing are two of her primary focuses. Her new series on IGTV, titled “Lockdown Yoga,” is a must-watch for anyone who is bored out of their mind in this pandemic and interested in attempting this holistic approach to staying fit.

Check out her Instagram profile:

18. Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi is another well-known fitness influencer from India. Bedi began her daily soap operas career in the Indian tv industry, but she has become more well-known in recent years as a fitness lover. Bedi has become a prominent figure in the fitness sector. This woman is a true inspiration to many people who feel that it is possible to be physically fit after having a child.

Check out her Instagram profile:


The rise of yoga influencers in India shows the growing popularity of yoga in the country. Yoga is not only a popular form of exercise but also a way of life for many people in India. The rise of yoga influencers is helping to spread the word about yoga and its benefits to a wider audience.

If you are a male, looking to get that fitness regime in routine know the top gym models and male influencers in India.

Yoga influencers are playing an important role in popularising yoga in India and making it more accessible to people. They are also helping to change the perception of yoga from an ancient practice to something modern and relevant. Yoga is no longer just for people looking to stay fit and healthy; it is now for everyone. Check out this blog for some of the other popular Yoga influencers.

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Are Live Casino Games The Most Popular Casino Game?

Online casino games have been skyrocketing in popularity for several years now. There is a casino game for every type of player. There are so many slots game options for those who want to pay for something fun, quick, and easy. 

Yet, those who want to play a slow, relaxed game can take a seat at a digital poker table and play for hours. 

But casinos have changed as we have more exciting technology. It’s not just the developers that have new software to build better and more immersive games. Players have access to better PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and the internet too. 

Live casinos like the ones from Virgin Games have made a big splash, and they might just be the most popular type of casino game. 

Let’s take a look at what you should know about live casinos. 

What is a live casino?

Live casinos offer a more interesting gaming experience. You’ll enjoy live dealers, online streaming, and a real-time casino table. It is the combination of land-based features that players love, with the comfort of staying at home. 

Online players can still bet as usual and communicate through their computers directly to the dealer using a chat function. A stark contrast to regular casino games online, where you have a button to press instead of real interaction. 

With live casinos, you can play live baccarat, live roulette, live blackjack, or live poker. One of the most significant defining factors is that at a regular online casino, you are limited or entirely restricted from other player communication. 

However, there are some options to communicate with others at the table. 

Why are live casinos so popular?

When new technology significantly impacts a sector, it is essential to understand the factors that contribute to that popularity. It can help us learn and understand how the industry landscape is shifting. 

Seamless mobile experience 

Not everyone plays via a PC at a desk; many people like to play poker or blackjack as they commute or just from the comfort of their sofa via their mobile phone. Developers have ensured that they have used all of the technology at their disposal to create a seamless gaming experience on mobile. 


The dealer is perhaps one of the biggest draws to playing live casino games. You have a person that you can communicate with, and it gives a more authentic feel to the game. You’ll notice that during the game, the dealer will make superficial hand gestures. These hand gestures translate to things like – clearing the table or dealing cards. 

Real dealers in live casinos bring a more ‘real’ feel to the games, and while regular online poker is excellent – the experience of a real person vs. AI has proven to be no contest in favor of real dealers. 


Part of the reason that online casinos are so popular is that they are easy and convenient to play. However, something that both the players and the developers have struggled with for years is how to make the game feel more authentic. 

With live casinos, the atmosphere is significantly improved. The cameras are spread throughout the studio, so you can enjoy multiple game angles and ‘face-to-face’ interactions. 


Some people like to go to a land-based casino so that they can enjoy interactive experiences, hear the noises, feel the warmth, and all of those good things. But it is precisely what other people are trying to avoid. 

Live casinos offer the perfect in-between point for players with both preferences. It is as interactive as possible, and just like land-based dealers, they will interact with you when they can. 

Live casino has a more personable feel to it and is more interactive for the players when compared to regular online casino games. 


Perhaps one of the reasons that online casinos are so popular is that they offer such a wide array of gaming options. You can play a game of bingo in the background, spin slots in your downtime, try out the beginner’s table at card games, and so much more. They are a one-stop entertainment hub. 

The live casino brings an even more exciting new element into that. All of the best love games are available to be played, and in many cases, you can still have side games and smaller games playing in the background – while you focus on your live casino games. 

Live Blackjack 

Blackjack is an all-time champion when it comes to the popularity of the game. Blackjack is usually a very interactive game, and the live casino version has stayed true to that game style. Live casino blackjack is much closer to a land-based game. 

Live Roulette 

Instead of watching an animated wheel spin, just like in a land-based casino, you’re going to watch the spin in action. You’ll hear the ball clattering around the wheel, and the atmosphere is improving. 

Live Poker 

Poker is arguably the most popular table game in the world, and live casino poker has taken regular online poker to the next level. It is more interactive, has plenty of cool camera angles, and more.

Snapchat Trends Shows Most Popular Keywords

Snapchat is introducing a tool called Snapchat Trends that highlights the most popular keywords shared with users in public stories.

In addition, you can search for any keyword in Snapchat Trends to find out the level to which it’s being used.

Data geeks will likely appreciate this last feature Snapchat crammed into its new tool, which is a carousel of real Snapchat stories that allow you to see how a keyword is being used.

Here’s more about Snapchat Trends and what marketers can do with the data.

What is Snapchat Trends?

Snapchat Trends is a lot like Google Trends in that it gives you a general overview of a keyword’s popularity on Snapchat.

Even the homepages are similar. When you land on Snapchat Trends you’ll see a search bar followed by a list of top trends from the past week.

Usage is graded on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest level of popularity.

On that same page you can also find a carousel of Snaps related to the keyword.

If you’re unsure why a keyword is trending, this carousel will show you how it’s being used.

Data in Snapchat Trends isn’t limited to what was recently popular, as you can search for any keyword to see its usage pattern.

You can even look up multiple keywords to compare their usage. For example, the graph below shows which game console is clear favorite amongst Snapchat users.

As shown in the example, a drop down menu will let you filter the data by country. This is currently limited to Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Now that you know what Snapchat Trends can do, let’s go over how to data can be useful to you.

How Can I Use Snapchat Trends Data?

Snapchat recommends five ways marketers can utilize the data in Snapchat Trends:

Product market research: Trends data can assist with researching organic consumer behavior to evaluate overall market fit for your product or service.

Copywriting: New and interesting language trends tend to emerge amongst Snapchat users. This insight can assist brands with writing contextually relevant copy.

Building customer personas: Trends data can lead to useful insights when building a profile of who your target audience is, what they do, and what they care about.

Media planning for key moments: Snapchat points to obscure holidays like National Ice Cream Day as opportunities for audience engagement. This tool can help you find the right moment to align a media strategy to.

Competitive research: This data can help you understand the market in which your brand, product, or service operates. By analyzing multiple keywords you can easily compare how the conversation has evolved.

Snapchat Trends is free to use and does not require you to have your own Snapchat account.

Data is based on captions in public and shared stories. It does not include the use of keywords in direct chat or direct Snaps between users.

Source: Snapchat For Business

10 Most Popular Sports Betting Countries

Gambling is universal and doesn’t have a specific language. That’s why people of different tribes can come together and achieve their aims in the field easily. Sports come with a rule that all players follow. When you walk into that stadium to support your team, you can meet someone within 90 minutes, that is the power of sports. 

When it concerns nations with a huge passion for sports and who also gamble, many fall into this category. Online sports books seeking to launch their business in several countries should focus on the following 10 countries. They are known for their passion and love for sports betting.


India is a huge country with millions of people of different types. However, this country didn’t start to accept online betting till the 2000s. Indians are very fanatical when it comes to online gambling. The gambling laws of India have made it difficult to know the extent of the gambling market, but based on social media reports, there are many gamblers in the country.

While the gambling laws in this country are fuzzy, many players still wager on a plethora of games on offshore casinos.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has one of the biggest markets in the gambling industry. They have a plethora of bookmakers and sports books who have been doing business in England for decades. More than 49% of UK adults gamble on different types of games.

Moreover, with bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, Betway, William Hill, Betfair as well as many other new UK betting sites you can’t get enough betting in the UK. British bookies offer numerous offers such as loyalty rewards, welcome bonuses, and free bets. English Casino players can play games without using real money.


Italy is one of Europe best gambling nations especially when it comes to sports and horse races. In 2023, staked bets on football matches alone were about $9.8 billion. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting many businesses around the world, the Gross Gaming Revenue in Italy was pretty hit. In June 2023, sports books in Italy saw a huge rise of about 155 million in several months. This is a wonderful nation which many intelligent gamblers love. There are also a lot of reputable sports books in Italy which provides quality services.


The most populous nation in Africa is also on the list of the highest betting countries in the world. Research shows there are about 55 million active gamblers in Nigeria. A major factor that has made things easy is mobile platforms. With almost everybody having one form of smartphone in the country, this has made most people love the country.

The top betting sites in the country include Bet9ja, 1xbet, Sportingbet, Betking, and Member. These sites have been making a huge profit from Nigerian gamblers. These bookies make a lot of profits from the numerous betting markets they offer to the citizens. You can find many land casinos in the country, especially in places like Lagos and Abuja.


Canadians are very inquisitive and intelligent people. Gambling in this North American country is popular with the best betting sites present in the country. You will also find many gaming authorities such as the Quebec gaming control and board and the Kahnawake gambling commission.

Canada has many adult populations who are interested in games and betting. Most casinos in Canada offer baccarat, poker, live dealer games, and sports betting. In Ontario and Quebec, you will find many youths wagering about their favourite sports.


Many people refer to Brazil as the home of football with so many talented players. Aside from football players, there are also punters in the country. Sports betting in the country has grown from $300 million in 2023 to about $1.1 billion in 2023.

Several betting sites offer casino games, fantasy games, and sports gambling. More than 20% of gamblers in Brazil are heavy bettors and gamble at least six times a week. Brazilian adults love betting especially when it concerns football and casinos. A serious bookmaker will launch many offices in this country.


Closely following Brazil is Argentina when it comes to the countries with the highest bettors in the world. The government announced last year that it generated about $3.5 billion in taxes alone. Both online and land gambling are regulated, however, foreign casinos are usually ignored. While many Argentina sports books have a filter to keep away from people not in a specific region, many still find their way through.


The USA is also home to many gamblers, and it’s aided by good technological innovation. There are many casinos and gambling companies in the USA raking in millions of money. What makes gambling in the USA interesting is its unregulated nature, which allows anybody from all countries to wager easily.

BetRivers and BGM remain one of the biggest bookmakers in the country, with about 28% of the population gambling. Popular games played in the USA include horse racing, poker, and basketball.


Soccer and basketball are popular in Poland; however, the betting industry is small when compared to other European countries. They have rather complicated gambling laws and taxes on betting companies are high. However, there has been a steady increase in gambling operations in 3 years with about $150 million in revenues.


More than 60% of Australian adults are involved in one form of sports betting or the other. An adult Aussie spends about $2,500 yearly on casinos and football nets. While it was heavily impacted by Covid-19 as its borders were closed, it still made huge gains. There are thousands of online bookies in the country doing business without problems.

Buckle Up For 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrencies To Buy This Week

Cryptocurrencies are dominating the fintech industry in the current age. The most popular cryptocurrencies are alluring to investors who are investing in diverse cryptocurrencies to expand their portfolios. This article lists the top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy this October weekend for high returns.  

Bitcoin (BTC)

Market Cap: US$1,085,143,380,262  

Cardano (ADA)

Market Cap: US$70,323,393,273 Cardano is the most promising cryptocurrency of 2023 and is expected to remain one. The most unique selling points of Cardano are scalability and sustainability. The new development of Cardano to deal with smart contracts is yet another dimension added to its selling points. The coin also has low transaction fees that make it easily affordable and highly profitable.  

Ethereum (ETH)

Market Cap: US$413,577,383,955 Although Bitcoin has been the lead crypto from the get-go, Ethereum emerged as a force to be reckoned with in 2024 and is perhaps the only other token with any business being regarded as blue-chip crypto. Ethereum’s market share in the nascent and fast-growing field of decentralized finance, or Defi, has the digital currency slowly chipping away at Bitcoin’s share of the overall crypto market.  

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Market Cap: US$29,967,210,115 About Dogecoin: A coin that started as a meme is now the most important and trending crypto in the market after Elon Musk’s moniker “Dogemaster”. The coin came into existence in 2013 and has a price of US$0.2268. Reportedly, dogecoin can be your cheap and reliable cryptocurrency purchase in 2023.  

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Market Cap: US$12,351,242,715 Shiba Inu coin was created anonymously in August 2023 under the pseudonym “Ryoshi.” The meme coin quickly gained speed and value as a community of investors was drawn in by the cute charm of the coin paired with headlines and Tweets from personalities like Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin. Shiba Inu aimed to be the Ethereum-based counterpart to Dogecoin’s Crypt-based mining algorithm.  

Binance Coin (BNB)

Market Cap: US$68,330,599,063 While Coinbase Global Inc. (COIN) gets the bulk of the media’s attention when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance is the largest global exchange by volume. Binance was initially based on the token issued through the Ethereum blockchain but has since transitioned to being issued on its Binance blockchain. As with several other top cryptocurrencies, there’s a maximum supply of BNB, which is capped at 200 million. Currently, more than 168 million are already in circulation.  


Market Cap: US$51,988,160,510 XRP was created by the founders of the digital payment processing company Ripple. It serves as a crypto PayPal of sorts, allowing exchanges between both crypto and fiat currencies. Ripple is investing heavily in non-fungible token projects that use XRP Ledger, which is a public blockchain. This investment suggests Ripple is positioning itself as another “Ethereum killer,” according to Inside Bitcoins.  

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

Market Cap: US$7,486,923,777 As the space evolves, the best cryptocurrencies to buy tend to become more and more obscure. Enter Axie Infinity Shards, the governance token for a blockchain-based game reminiscent of Pokemon. It’s a player-owned game, with AXS acting as the voting mechanism. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Axie Infinity is a great example of the freewheeling creativity that can unfold on the blockchain these days.  

Uniswap (UNI)

Market Cap: US$14,219,489,758 Uniswap is a popular decentralized trading protocol, known for its role in facilitating automated trading of decentralized finance (Defi) tokens. An example of an automated market maker (AMM), Uniswap launched in November 2023 but has gained considerable popularity this year thanks to the Defi phenomenon and associated surge in token trading. Uniswap aims to keep token trading automated and completely open to anyone who holds tokens while improving the efficiency of trading versus that on traditional exchanges. Uniswap creates more efficiency by solving liquidity issues with automated solutions, avoiding the problems which plagued the first decentralized exchanges.  

Tether (USDT)

Market cap: US$68,750,928,492

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