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After an initial rollout to a small test group, Twitter is now opening up applications for professional profiles to all interested businesses.

Professional profiles, introduced back in April, turn a standard profile into one that’s more business-centric.

A small pool of businesses in the United States have been testing Twitter’s new profile option for the past six months.

Now it’s ready for a wider launch.

Previously, businesses had to be invited by Twitter in order to receive access to a professional profile.

Twitter now has an application form for businesses to fill out if they’re interested in upgrading.

Businesses will be approved if they meet a basic set of eligibility criteria.

Here’s more about Twitter’s professional profiles, including what you can do with them and how to apply for one.

What is a Professional Profile on Twitter?

A professional profile is a free upgrade to standard profiles, which is available as an option to those with professional accounts.

You can use a professional profile to display information you’re not able to showcase on a standard profile.

Businesses, publishers, developers, and creators can display the following information on their upgraded profile page:

Business location: Listed directly in the profile and displayed visually on a small map. People can tap on the location map/listing to open Google Maps and get directions.

Hours of operation (optional): Showcase the days and times people can reach your business at a physical location.

Methods of contact: Enable options for customers to contact your business through any or all of the following methods:

Phone call

Text message

Twitter Direct Message


This cluster of information is referred to as the ‘about module.’

In addition, a professional profile opens up access to enhanced features that aren’t available to businesses with a standard profile.

Twitter is still in the process of developing those features. A couple that can be added to a professional profile today include:

Newsletter module: Add a subscribe button to your profile that allows users to quickly sign up to a mailing list.

Shop module: Allows your business to display a carousel of products at the top of the profile page.

Who is Eligible For a Professional Profile on Twitter? Professional Accounts

In order to qualify for a professional profile you must first have a professional Twitter account.

A standard account can be converted into a professional account from the settings screen by selecting “Switch to Professional.”

From there Twitter will guide you through the rest of the steps.

Other Eligibility Criteria

Along with having a professional account, your business must meet the following criteria:

Have a physical location where you do business with clients or customers.

Be based in the United States and use Twitter in English.

If that criteria is met you can go on to submit an application form.

Note that any business can submit an application, but Twitter is going to review every application that comes through to make sure the business qualifies.

How to Apply For a Professional Profile on Twitter

Businesses are asked to submit a brief form to confirm their eligibility for a professional profile.

The form asks for you business’s name, address, contact information, and hours of operation.

After submitting the application, Twitter will get in touch through email to confirm or deny your eligibility.

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For More Twitter Followers, Try More Information, Less Negativity

Desperate to up your Twitter follower account? Rather than staging a fake account hack or pulling a Mitt Romney and buying followers, you could do what we always do: turn to science.

A study from the lab at Georgia Tech — a research lab that designs and analyzes social media — suggests that to boost follower growth, the content you’re tweeting and who you interact with are more important than when you tweet or who you follow. The paper will be presented at CHI 2013, an conference in late April on human-computer interaction.

For more than a year, three researchers tracked more than 500 active, non-celebrity public Twitter users, checking in every three months to look at the users’ behavior, the content of their messages and their social network. The team says this is the first longitudinal study of following predictors.

Previous research showed that three types of behavior that can affect your online social capital: directed communication with specific individuals (including favoriting), broadcast communications (tweets without an @), and passive content consumption.

On Twitter, how much time you spend “broadcasting” rather than directly engaging with other users, your “burstiness” (how many times you tweet per hour), and how complete your profile is all significantly impact your follower growth. The full list:

Follow Me Back?

The relative effect various factors have on your Twitter following. Green indicates a positive growth in followers and red indicates a negative effect.

Being overly negative in your tweets was the second most harmful factor in growing an army of Twitter followers. Most people tweet about twice as much positive or neutral content as they do negative content.

The authors explain a possible reason why no one wants to follow @NegativeNancy:

This might be because Twitter is a medium dominated by very weak social ties, and negative sentiment from strangers may be unpleasant or uncomfortable for a potential new follower to see. For existing ties, on the other hand, negative expressions such as the sharing of a death, poor health, bad news, or a state of unhappiness, can trigger opportunities to build bonding social capital between stronger ties who want to seek and provide emotional support.

Being “retweet worthy” is good for your follower count, because retweets are a “digital public good,” providing both attribution to the original author and informational content. Accounts with a more narrow topical focus attracted more followers, as did accounts with a higher “Tweet Reading Difficultly Index” — accounts that were more well-written. “Hashtag abuse” ranked high on the list of detractors.

Some other fun stats:

Retweets made up 12 percent of the tweets studied.

Hashtags were featured in 26 percent of tweets.

People tweet at approximately a seventh grade reading level.

Users tend to follow back about a quarter of those that followed them.

The researchers coolly note that “follower count is important to Twitter users: it can indicate popularity and prestige.” Yes, and it’s directly correlated to my sense of self-worth. It’s time to up my burstiness.


Google+ Puts Business Profiles On The Fast Track

Earlier this month I discussed the fate of businesses on Google+. While Google’s social network was in its limited test phase, the company made it clear that the profiles were intended for consumers, not businesses – even if they turned a blind eye to several businesses who made their way into the closed invite. That intentional blindness has ended, however. Numerous businesses on Google+ have had their profiles terminated. Meanwhile, Google has announced plans to put the remaining

The Business Profile Bans

Ford Motor Company was one of the big faces on Google+, and was also one of the first to have its profile cut down by Google. Other major names have included Mashable and Sesame Street, while a variety of other major publications having their pages cut. While the majority have stayed down, a few of these pages have since been restored, including Ford and Mashable.

There are some substantial questions about why the selected businesses have been allowed to continue while others have been left with a grim 404 page. One theory is that select business accounts were able to justify their presence, stating that it was really just a single person posting updates; that’s the reason Mashable, according to their own reports, was restored. However, Ford has taken no such measures.

The Google Business Profile Prioritization

It was known that Google was releasing a business-specific profile that would even include integration with business-oriented Google services, like AdWords and Analytics. When Google requested that businesses apply for a limited beta test, though, the company saw “tens of thousands of businesses, charities, and other organizations apply” (according to Christian Oestlien, Group Project Manager at Google).

“Your enthusiasm obligates us to do more to get businesses involved in Google+ in the right way,” said Oestlien. “And we have to do it faster. As a result, we have refocused a few priorities and we expect to have an initial version of businesses profiles up and running for EVERYONE in the next few months.” Meanwhile, businesses are encouraged to avoid setting up a profile. “Doing it right is worth the wait,” said Oestlien.

[Sources include: Christian Oestlien & Search Engine Land]

Twitter Analytics – Uncover The Best Twitter Marketing Insights

Do you need insight into your Twitter engagement?

Twitter Analytics allows you to dive into the data behind your top Tweets, audience growth, and conversations.

Continue reading to find out how to access Twitter Analytics and what insights you can use to improve your Twitter marketing.

How To Access Twitter Analytics

This will take you to your Twitter Analytics Home Screen or ask you to sign in to your Twitter account.

Alternatively, if you use Twitter Ads, you will find a menu option to access Twitter Analytics from the top navigation menu in Twitter Ads Manager.

Note that Twitter Analytics only begins collecting data when you first sign in, hence the sooner you sign in, the more historical data will be available to you.

How To Use Twitter Analytics

There are three main sections of your Twitter Analytics data – the Account Home, Tweet Activity, and Videos.

Review Your 28-Day Summary & Monthly Highlights In Account Home

In the Account Home, Twitter provides a summary of your Twitter account activity.

Starting at the top of your Account Home, you will see a summary of the following metrics for the past 28 days.

Tweet Impressions – The number of times your Tweets have been seen on Twitter. This includes when Tweets are seen in your followers’ timeline, in Twitter search results, or on your Twitter profile.

Profile Visits – The number of times your Twitter profile has been visited by other Twitter users on the Twitter website or Twitter app.

Mentions – The number of times your @username has been included in Tweets by other users.

New Followers – The number of Twitter users who have followed your account for the first time.

Note that Tweet impressions will not include the number of times a Tweet has been seen when embedded on an external website or the number of times a tweet has been seen in a third-party app.

Only impressions on the Twitter website or Twitter app are counted.

Monthly Highlights

Following the summary of your Twitter activity over the past 28 days is a section of monthly highlights.

For each month, you will see your Top Tweet, Top Mention, and Top Follower.

Your Top Tweet is chosen based on the number of impressions it has received.

Your Top Mention is chosen based on the number of engagements it has received.

Your Top Follower is the newest addition to your Twitter followers with the highest number of followers.

In addition, you will see a summary of your Tweet Impressions, Mentions, Profile Visits, and New Followers for each month.

Get Engagement Data For Posts In The Tweet Activity Dashboard

The Tweet Activity dashboard allows you to view metrics for individual Tweets.

Start by selecting the time period you want to review with the dropdown at the top right of this section.

You can choose the past 7 days, 28 days, or a specific month.

Next, you will see a bar graph depicting the number of impressions your Tweets have received over the time period selected.

Following the graph is a list of your Tweets for the selected time period.

You can choose to filter your view by Tweets, Top Tweets, Tweets & Replies, or Promoted Tweets.

Impressions – The number of times the Tweet was seen on the Twitter website or Twitter app.

Engagement Rate – The rate is calculated by taking the number of engagements divided by the number of impressions a Tweet has received.

Detailed Tweet Activity

When you select a specific Tweet, you will be able to see additional engagement metrics about it, including the following.

Detail Expands – The number of times someone expanded a Tweet to view more details about it.

Retweets – The number of times a Tweet has been Retweeted by other users.


See How Well Videos Perform In The Video Activity Dashboard

The Video Activity dashboard allows you to view metrics for individual videos shared in your Tweets.

Start by selecting the time period you want to review with the dropdown at the top right of this section. You can choose the past 7 days, 28 days, or a specific month.

Next, you will see a bar graph depicting the number of views your videos have received over the time period selected.

Following the graph is a list of your videos for the selected time period.

You can choose to filter your view to show all videos or only promoted videos.

Video Views – The number of times your video was viewed on the Twitter website or Twitter app.

Completion Rate – The percentage of users who watched the entire video.

Detailed Video Analytics 

When you select a specific video, you will be able to see the audience retention for the entire length of the video and additional engagement metrics including the number of views and the following.

Minutes Viewed – The total number of minutes users spent viewing a video.


To the right of your Video Activity is a summary for the time period selected of the Total Minutes Viewed and Minutes Per Day.

Detailed Tweet Activity Via The Twitter App

Detailed Tweet Activity can also be viewed from the Twitter app.

To access Tweet Activity, visit your Twitter profile in the Twitter app and tap on the analytics icon beneath the Tweet you want to analyze.

You can also tap on the Tweet itself and then tap on View Tweet Activity.

You will also get the number of New Followers and Profile Visits that you received resulting from this Tweet.

If your Tweet contains a video, you will also see the total number of Unique Views, overall Views, and the audience retention graph for the entire length of the video.

View Engagement Metrics For Any Tweet

Twitter offers a few insights into the engagement of every Tweet on Twitter.

Retweets – The number of total retweets.

Likes – The number of times users liked this Tweet.


As you can see, Twitter Analytics offers valuable insights into the performance of your Tweets and the growth of your audience.

Use this data to refine your Twitter marketing strategy to focus on the types of Tweets that drive engagement and help grow your Twitter audience.

More resources:

Featured Image: Kaspars Grinvalds/Shutterstock

Ftp Professional Latest Version Download

Our Review Pros Quickly transfer files between your PC and a remote server Backup, sync, task scheduler, encryption Free to try Cons No forever-free version

Wrapped in a user-friendly interface, Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional is a Windows tool you can use to swiftly transfer files from your computer to a local or remote machine, or vice versa. The automated FTP software solution features many practical options, suitable for rookies and skilled users alike.

Before getting our final verdict for Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional, take a look at its editions, system prerequisites, setup operation, and interface.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional free trial

The FTP client isn’t free to use, but you can evaluate its entire set of options and configuration settings during a 30-days free trial. There are no feature restrictions. Once the trial is over, you can either remove WS_FTP from your PC or purchase a software license.

Three types of licenses are up for grabs. WS_FTP Professional Client is available for a single user and comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. WS_FTP Professional with Support is available for a single user, too, but also comes with a 1-year support (community and email).

Lastly, WS_FTP Professional, Multiple Users offers standard, online support for multiple users and gives you the possibility to centrally manage your licenses. This plan provides you with 5 licenses.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional system requirements

Before getting WS_FTP, make sure your system meets these conditions:

Processor: at least 1 Ghz CPU

Memory: 1 Gb RAM minimum

Hard drive: about 16 Gb and 50 Mb for program installation

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Server 2024, Server 2012 R2

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional installation

It’s necessary to sign up for a free account to be able to download the FTP client (email confirmation isn’t required). The install operation is easy, thanks to familiar wizard steps. After accepting the license agreement, you can change the default destination folder and create program shortcuts.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional interface

At startup, you’re greeted by a connection wizard that can help you save connection information to quickly connect to a a site using a FTP server, in order to download and upload files.

As far as the graphical interface is concerned, WS_FTP has a standard main window with a neatly organized layout. You can use two panes to access two locations at the same time and transfer files using drag-and-drop support.

Dual panes with multiple tabs

It’s as simple as using a version of Windows Explorer that allows multiple tabs. Furthermore, you can improve the dual pane functionality by opening multiple tabs in each pane, in order to easily reach additional locations and perform file transfers.

Each pane has its file management buttons, like browse location, rename file, or refresh. On top of this area, you can quickly connect to a site by entering its address, username, and password.

On the bottom part of the main window, you can use the transfer manager for pending tasks, transfer history to keep track of WS_FTP’s activity, and a connection log.

Great FTP client with powerful tools

All aspects considered, Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional is a great piece of software for helping you easily download and upload files to a remote server. The FTP client is equipped with powerful options and configuration settings, such as a task scheduler, integrated desktop search, and MultiPart mode for transferring large files faster.

Surprisingly, the application doesn’t put a strain on computer performance. It also finishes file uploading and downloading fast. If you’re not around your computer, you can instruct WS_FTP to send you email notifications.

Although its comprehensive features are suitable for experienced users, the FTP client is intuitive enough to also be used by beginners. Besides, if you stumble upon any issues, you can always check out the resourceful help documentation available offline.

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional FAQ

Is Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional free?

WS_FTP isn’t free to use. However, you can test its complete set of features during the first 30 days for free.

Is Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional safe?

WS_FTP is a legitimate piece of software designed to transfer files between your PC and another device, whether it’s local or remote. It doesn’t contain malware, so it’s perfectly safe to download, install, and use.

What is the best FTP program?

Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional is at the top of our list when it comes to the best FTP programs for your Windows PC. However, if you’re looking for alternatives to WS_FTP, you should check out FileZilla, FlashFXP, and WinSCP.

Best Free Online Tools To Create Professional Business Cards

If you are going to start an online or offline business, you should create a business card since this is the thing that attracts people towards your business. A business card is essential to have while you are in a conference, or meeting with unknown people. You may get a professional designer for making your personalized business card. However, if you currently do not have much time in hand and you need a business card within a couple of minutes, you can try out these free online tools that let you create professional business cards.

Create Professional Business Cards

Here is a list of some of the best free online Business Card makers that let you create Professional Business Cards. You can create or get business card design templates and free printable business cards in these tools.

Some of the best free online tools to create professional business cards are:

Biz Card Maker



Design Hill


To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

1] Biz Card Maker

Biz Card Maker is a simple yet quite useful when you need a free tool to create a top-notch business card with customized graphics. Talking about the background, you can choose your image or select anything from the given list. It comes with some good looking pictures for personalizing the card within moments. You can enter your personal information according to your requirements. The best part of this tool is you can download the created business card as PDF as well as JPEG format. However, the drawback of this tool is you can create only the front side of your business card, and it is not possible to create the backside.

2] Canva

Canva is probably the best business card maker you can find in this list. Canva comes with a lot of templates, customization options, etc. The highlight of this tool is you can create front side as well as the backside of your business card. You can get started with some beautiful templates, enter your brand logo, put your details, use lines/shapes/icons, and so on. You can download the business card in different formats including JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.

3] Shopify

If you need a neat and clean user interface to create a simple demo business card, Shopify is probably the best option for you. Shopify doesn’t provide an option to customize the background, and it puts a simple blank image as the background. You cannot customize the backside of the visiting card. The tool, however, allows you to use your brand logo on the front side of your business card. Talking about personal contact details, you can enter your name, company name, your position, email address, phone number, office address, etc. After entering all the details, you need to hit the Create business card button. Following that, you would receive an email in your inbox containing the download link to your business card.

4] Design Hill

DesignHill is yet another simple business card creator app for those who want to customize everything including the size of the business card. You can change the height and width of your card, set a custom background, use different lines to align and customize, use icons to make it more professional, utilize frames and so on. However, this tool is not as powerful as Canva is. You cannot customize the backside of your business card. Also, it doesn’t allow you to download the card in PDF or any other format except JPG. To download any customized card, you need to enter your name and email address so that they can send you an email containing the download link.

5] Crello

If you do not like Canva’s user interface, but you want to use the same options, you can opt for Crello, which is another free online tool to create a business card within moments. Crello comes with a lot of options to customize the card and make it professional as much as possible. You can customize everything including the background of the card, enter custom text, contact details, use the brand logo and much more. Crello offers some templates so that you can save some time and get a good-looking business card quickly. You can find various options including JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. formats to download the file in. The best thing is you do not have to create an account to use this tool.

Bonus Tip: MakeBadge is another free business card maker you may want to check out.

How can I make a digital business card online for free?

There are multiple online tools available to create digital business cards. Not only digital cards but also you can create and print those cards to distribute them at a conference or meeting. Some of the best and free online tools are mentioned in this article. For example, you can use Canva, Crello, Shopify, Design Hill, etc., to get the job done.

Which software is best for designing business cards?

It depends on how you want to design your card and how much experience you have in designing the card. For example, if you do not have any experience, you can take the help of online tools that provide some templates or design ideas. On the other hand, if you are fine with graphics and vectors, you can opt for Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

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