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No, the most recent amended version of H.B. 353 is a sobering bellwether of much worse to come if it passes the Utah state senate, as it now seems likely to. Why? Because instead of ensuring game retailers do as they say, the bill in fact encourages them to do the exact opposite and stop promising they won’t sell Mature-rated games like Fable 2 and Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5 to underage kids and/or teens.

That’s because Utah’s H.B. 353 effectively criminalizes retail sales of video games to customers who don’t meet a game’s ratings strictures.

Perhaps you thought sales to underage buyers were already criminal given the unprecedented levels of retailer sales-ratings compliance? They’re not. The system’s in fact entirely voluntary…and, to date, an enormous success.

According to an undercover U.S. Federal Trade Commission operation, only 20 percent of 13 to 16 year olds were able to purchase M-rated video games from eight retailers. More importantly, that number was down 42 percent in 2006 and 85 percent since 2000, when the FTC surveys started.

According to a Peter D. Hart Research Associates study, nearly 90% of you (that is, American parents with kids who play games) are aware of the ESRB’s ratings and use them.

According to ESRB president Patricia Vance, in an open letter to “Utah’s parents and leaders” published last Friday…

What’s more, says Vance…

…according to a recent audit, Utah video game retailers enforce their store policies regarding the sale of M-rated games an impressive 94% of the time — without any laws or requirements that they do so. That level of compliance took many years to achieve, and speaks to the strong commitment of video game retailers to do the right thing.

The ESRB opened its doors in 1994 in response to the Mortal Kombat / Doom violent content controversy. It’s a non-profit, self-regulatory body created by the Entertainment Software Association, essentially a “by games publishers, for games publishers” organization to manage the games industry’s relationship with the public. Its ratings approach parallels the Motion Picture Association of America’s (MPAA) voluntary movie ratings system, e.g. PG, PG-13, R, etc. The ESRB’s ratings, e.g. Mature, Teen, Everyone, etc. include age guidelines and content descriptors that cover labels ranging from “cartoon violence” and “simulated gambling” to “strong language,” “graphic sexual content,” and “nudity.”

Per Vance’s note, let’s say Utah’s games retailers are noncompliant 6 percent of the time. With H.B. 353, that relatively trivial 6 percent could engender disproportionately substantial fines and legal fees severe enough to force (or at least incentivize) abandoning compliance with the ESRB’s ratings system altogether.

Imagine the impact on the ESRB (not to mention the MPAA) if retailers like Walmart or GameStop suddenly pulled their voluntary endorsement.

The hypothetical emasculation (or even dissolution) of independent ratings institutions like the MPAA and ESRB could have disastrous ramifications for artists. Few consumers would support a completely ratings-free system, thus paving the way for draconian and bureaucratic government-created and enforced alternatives.

The question, then, is would you ever want the government taking the leading role in policing the sales of aesthetic artifacts, e.g. books, movies, games, music, etc.? Because that’s what H.B. 353 amounts to, and precisely why it needs to be overturned if it’s passed.

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The Truth About Activated Charcoal In Beauty Products

In the past few years, activated charcoal has become a common ingredient in over-the-counter beauty and health products—not to mention it’s also made an appearance in coffee, ice cream, and cookies, among other things, turning them all an elegant black. In particular, the substance has recently become a popular component in skincare, with its presence in this market expected to continue its rise for some time. There’s just one problem: There’s no proof it does any good, and in some cases it might be harmful.

Charcoal itself is simply the carbon residue left over after slow heating high-carbon-content materials like wood, coconut shells or even sugar to remove most of the water they contain. It’s lightweight, highly portable, and burns for a long time at a reliable temperature. Thanks to these properties, humans have used charcoal as fuel for thousands of years. And you know humans: If it’s around them, at some point they’re likely to try to eat it. Nobody knows exactly how or who came up with the idea, but by the time of Hippocrates (approximately 500 CE), some people were using it as toothpaste, thanks to its abrasive properties.

Documented cases of charcoal being ingested date as far back as the 1800s when documents show doctors used the substance to treat food poisoning, according to David Juurlink, a pharmacologist at the University of Toronto. When mixed with water, the stuff creates a slurry that attracts toxins to its surface, reducing the amount that goes into a person’s system. Speaking to Popular Science, Juurlink says doctors give activated charcoal to a person who has overdosed on a drug or been poisoned in another way. The slurry is administered by mouth or via a nasal tube that goes down into the stomach and attracts the dangerous toxins in an affected individual.

This system works thanks to its pores, which are all the little holes you may have noticed in charcoal briquettes. Activated charcoal has been specially treated with heat to have more of them—a lot more—which means more of its material is in contact with the outside world. This gives the stuff an incredibly high surface area—just a gram of it can have a surface area upwards of 32,000 square feet.

For people who are not actively experiencing an overdose, Juurlink says, drinking an activated charcoal slurry or taking activated charcoal pills probably won’t hurt them, “but it assuredly will do them no good.”

But, again, there’s absolutely no reason to be taking activated charcoal at home. It won’t detox your body or make you healthier. There’s also no benefit to putting it on your skin despite the fact that it’s now marketed as beneficial in a slew of over-the-counter skin care products.

Starting in about 2014, some skincare companies started heavily marketing charcoal-infused products with a specific focus on the acne treatment market. Because things “stick” to activated charcoal, the theory goes, the substance should be able to clear your pores of gunk and otherwise get potentially pore-clogging substances off the skin. Even Biore, maker of the classic pore strips, got in on the action with a whole line of charcoal products.

“It looks cool, it’s inexpensive and it’s not harmful… which is more than I can say for a lot of other beauty treatments” writes Michelle Wong who has a PhD in chemistry and runs a blog about the science of beauty, but there’s also no evidence it does anything, she writes.

“Since there have been few studies regarding charcoal’s effects on the skin, these products should be used in moderation and with caution,” the University of Miami researchers write. That’s particularly true for products that promise to unblock your pores with visible results (think those oh-so-satisfying-to-remove pore strips, which come off—often painfully—and bring tons of pore-clogging gunk with them.) If it hurts or causes irritation, don’t do it, no matter how clean it seems to make your skin.

In the case of both consuming activated charcoal and putting it on your skin, there’s another big issue clinicians worry about: Since it hasn’t been shown to have any positive effect, relying on it to treat genuine illness or injury could delay you getting the help you need. In other words, if you feel sick, see a medical professional because activated charcoal can’t help you. But if you just want your face mask to be a stylish black, well, nobody’s stopping you.

The Best National Days For Advertising

However, while many of these days have their perks ― who doesn’t love a day centered on doughnuts? ― only some will relate to your business. However, with careful thought and planning, national days can help you grab the attention of both loyal and new customers. 

This guide offers tips for small businesses that want to identify the best national days for their marketing strategy and how to harness them. Read ahead for a sample of national days and how you can integrate them into your marketing calendar. 

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Did You Know?

National days are a great way to use social media for business to connect with customers on an emotional level.

5. National Opposite Day ― January 25

Turn your world upside down and say the opposite of what you actually mean all day. National Opposite Day offers the chance to get silly and create a print, digital or email marketing campaign with fun, eye-catching content. 

6. National Thank a Mail Carrier Day ― February 4 

We all rely on the hard work of mail carriers and businesses are no exception. Even if you don’t ship your products or use direct mail marketing, there’s a good chance you rely on the postal service to receive supplies and important mail. Use this day to publicly thank mail carriers for keeping business moving ― customers might appreciate the gesture and become more likely to buy from you.

7. National Pizza Day ― February 9

Americans love pizza so much that we eat 3 billion a year ― 4 billion if you count frozen pizzas. On this scrumptious national day, pizzerias can offer print and digital coupons to incentivize customers to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

8. Global Movie Day ― second Saturday in February 

This international holiday celebrates the wonders of cinema. Appeal to the film buffs in your customer base and drive engagement with a social campaign via Instagram that asks your audience to share their favorite movies. 

9. Galentine’s Day ― February 13

The most important relationships aren’t always romantic. Give your customers tips on celebrating the strong female friendships in their life the day before Valentine’s Day.

10. National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day ― March 1

Peanut butter makes a great companion for various ingredients. If you’re in foodservice and peanut butter isn’t on the menu, spotlight your products that go great with the nutty spread. 

11. National Employee Appreciation Day ― first Friday in March 

This national day acknowledges that no matter your industry, your business can’t run without your employees. This is an excellent day to publicly thank your team for their hard work and show customers you care about your people. 


Celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day with a video livestream introducing your behind-the-scenes employees.

12. National Dress Day ― March 6

From little black dresses to colorful summer numbers, National Dress Day salutes this fashion staple. This day is an ideal opportunity for clothing retailers to showcase their best dresses in-store or online. 

13. International Women’s Day ― March 8

International Women’s Day lifts up women’s accomplishments and raises awareness about gender inequality around the globe. Demonstrate your organization’s commitment to closing the gender gap by recognizing this important day. 

14. National Napping Day ― the day after the return of daylight saving time

Adjusting daylight saving time usually leaves most of us a bit tired, so what better day to celebrate the art of the nap? If self-care is central to your brand, this is a great opportunity to remind your customer base that rest is essential. 

Did You Know?

Some studies show that sleeping at work boosts productivity. National Napping Day might be a great day to test out the theory with your employees.

15. National Handmade Day ― first Saturday in April 

This national day elevates craftsmanship of all kinds. If you run a small business or Etsy shop with handmade products, highlight the love and care you put into every item with a video or photo series.

16. National Siblings Day ― April 10

The bond between siblings is one of a kind. Use this day to highlight your story if you run a family-owned business or work with family. 

17. National Pet Day ― April 11

Who doesn’t love an excuse to celebrate our favorite furry friends? Pet-related social posts are already incredibly effective at driving customer engagement. Ask your followers to tag your products in pictures with their pets. If you’re a pet owner, spotlight your team’s furry friends on your socials or business blog. 


National Pet Day is a great excuse to showcase your office pets if you allow them as a workplace perk.

Key Takeaway

Make a Snapchat geofilter and encourage patrons and nearby customers to share selfies that promote your brand.


April Fools’ Day is another great day to share your brand’s sense of humor with your target audience.

41. National Sandwich Day ― November 3

Early November is the time to uplift this versatile lunchtime classic. Since there’s almost no limit to the ingredients you can use for a sandwich, this day can be relevant for a range of food vendors. 

42. World Kindness Day ― November 13

World Kindness Day reminds us that we can make the world a better place, even with our smallest actions. Emphasize the caring nature of your mission and urge your customers to commit random acts of kindness on this national day. Businesses can also commit to charitable contributions to demonstrate kindness.

43. Black Friday ―  the Friday after Thanksgiving

A huge sales day for retailers, Black Friday signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. With people on the lookout for bargains, this is a great opportunity to boost sales by offering exclusive deals and Black Friday discounts. 

44. Small Business Saturday ― the Saturday after Thanksgiving

First recognized in 2010, thanks to efforts from American Express, Small Business Saturday encourages customers to support small (and often local) retailers. Give your small business a boost and research campaigns early in the year to stand out when November rolls around. 


Beef up your local marketing strategy as Small Business Saturday approaches to ensure you’re maximizing your chances of success.

45. Giving Tuesday ― Tuesday after Thanksgiving

After a handful of shopping-focused national days, Giving Tuesday asks us to spend on a good cause. If your business partners with a charity or nonprofit organization, spotlight its important work. You can also demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility and donate a percentage of proceeds from sales on Giving Tuesday. 

Did You Know?

About 56 percent of Americans donate money to charities every year.

46. National Bartender Day ― first Friday in December 

Today is the day to thank your favorite mixologist. Bars and liquor vendors should note this day in their marketing plans ― and ensure they encourage customers to tip generously. 

47. National Cookie Day ― December 4

Cookies are already a big part of the holiday season, so it makes sense to give these classic treats a dedicated December holiday. This is a great day for bakeries to offer exclusive discounts. If you sell baking ingredients or appliances, consider a social campaign and ask your customers to tag you in photos of them enjoying homemade cookies. 

48. National Underdog Day ― third Friday in December

Everyone loves to cheer for an underdog, and it can certainly be argued that small businesses are underdogs in a large-business world. Target your customers with a video and tell a story about the history of your business. If your audience sees how much hard work you’ve put in, they may want to support and be part of your success. 

49. National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day ― December 16

Chocolate can improve many desserts or snacks so, naturally, there’s a day to praise all things chocolate-covered. Promote your chocolate-covered products or give customers some ideas on your ingredients that would pair well with cocoa. 

Key Takeaway

Chocolates make excellent employee gifts and Secret Santa gifts during holiday festivities.


Set and measure the key performance indicators that best suit your national day campaign and use the results to inform future campaigns.

5. Reassess the most important national days to target.

Like any marketing plan, your strategy for preparing for holidays will always be a work in progress. Prioritize reviewing the data you measured with each campaign and evaluate which campaigns are worth repeating ― and scrap what’s not worth the return on investment. 

Use national days to market when it makes sense

With so many national days to choose from, there’s likely to be at least one that fits your business and its message. Be mindful about which national days you mark on your calendar, then craft content that stands out. No matter where along your sales funnel you’re targeting, national days are a great chance to get creative and grow your business. 

Bennett Conlin and Max Freedman contributed to this article. Source interviews were conducted for a previous version of this article.

How To Generate Truth Table In Windows 11/10

Here is a full guide for you to generate a Truth Table in Windows 11/10. A truth table basically displays outputs for all possible combinations of input values to a logic gate or circuit. It either shows Tru and False values or 0 and 1 values. Now, if you want to calculate truth tables for boolean expressions, propositional formulae, and logic circuits, you can refer to this post. In this article, we are going to discuss different ways to generate truth tables on your PC.

What is a Truth Table?

A truth table is a chart with rows and columns depicting how a proposition’s truth or falsity changes with its input components. As we mentioned above, it is primarily used to show all possible outcomes from a combination of input values. It is used in logic relating to digital circuits, boolean algebra, boolean functions, and propositional calculus.

What is a Truth Table generator?

A truth table generator is basically a tool that can automatically generate a truth table based on the respective logic circuit, boolean expression, proposition, etc. In this article, we are going to list several truth table generators that you can use on Windows 11/10. Keep on reading to find out these tools.

How to generate Truth Table in Windows 11/10

Here are the two ways to generate a truth table in Windows 11/10:

Use a free software to generate a truth table.

Create a truth table using a free web service.

Let us discuss the above methods in detail!

1] Use a free software to generate a Truth Table

There are multiple free software that let you generate a truth table, Basically, some logic simulation software enable you to create a truth table from boolean expressions, logical statements, circuits, or propositional formulae. Here are some of the better truth table generators that you can use on Windows 11/10 PC:






1] LogicCircuit

LogicCircuit is a dedicated logic simulation software that lets you generate truth tables in Windows 11/10. Using it, you can create a truth table from a logic circuit. Let us have a look at the steps to generate a truth table in LogicCircuit.

How to generate a truth table from logic circuits in Windows 11/10:

Here are the main steps for creating a truth table from a logical circuit:

Firstly, download and install LogicCircuit on your PC. Launch it and then you need to create a logical circuit for which you want to calculate the truth table. You can design a logical circuit with multiple components including input, output, logic gates, and memory. Simply drag a desired component from the Project panel and drop it onto the main design window.

Your logical circuit will be processed for a few seconds and then a respective truth table will be generated. You will see output values based on all possible values of input pins.

You can also apply filters to view a specific set of input and output values, like x=0, x1=1, etc.

It is an easy-to-use truth table calculator that you can use to design and export logical circuits. You can download it from

2] Logisim

Logisim is a portable truth table generator for Windows 11/10. It is basically used to design and simulate logic circuits. Using it, you can create a logical circuit and then generate a truth table for it. Let us discuss the whole process in detail.

Now, if you want to generate a truth table using a boolean expression, you can do that too. It even lets you automatically generate a logical circuit design using a boolean expression.

To do that, open the Combination Analysis window as we did in earlier steps and then go to the Inputs tab. Here, enter the inputs you want to use in the truth table and then press the Add button. Similarly, add the output labels in the Outputs tab.

This will create a logical circuit as well as a truth table for the entered boolean expression.

It is a good logic gate simulator that lets you calculate the truth tables from logic circuits as well as boolean expressions.

3] SimpleSolver

SimpleSolver is a free truth table calculator software for Windows 11/10. It comes up with some tools including Boolean minimizer, logic simulation, truth table generator, etc. In it, you can enter boolean expressions and it will generate the respective truth table. Let us check out a sorted procedure now.

First of all, download and install SimpleSolver on your PC. Then, launch this software and in Input Window, enter a boolean expression, such as X = A xor B xor C xor D;. The boolean expression must end with a semi-colon (;). You can enter more than one boolean expression in new lines and it will generate truth tables for all of them.

Now, from the right panel, make sure the Truth Table – Full option is enabled. You can also enable the other information that you want to display, like PLA Truth Table, Logic Design, Minimize (boolean expression), and more.

4] Logicheck

Logicheck is a dedicated free and portable truth table generator for Windows 11/10. It is a simple tool for quickly generating a truth table from boolean expression. Let’s see how.

Download and launch this portable app. You will see an Expression field on the main screen. Just enter your boolean expression in this field. You can use logical operators like NOT, OR, AND, XOR, etc., to complete your boolean expression.

It will then display a truth table for all entered boolean expressions.

You can download this handy truth table generator from

5] LogicCalculus

LogicCalculus is free and open-source truth table generator software for Windows 11/10. It evaluates boolean expressions and then generates a corresponding truth table. It is one of the easiest tools on this list.

You can add terms using the New option and then add the boolean expression in the middle section. It provides basic logic operators to use in your expression. As you enter the expression, it generates the truth table for the same in the dedicated section in real-time.

If there are errors in your input expression, it shows the same in the bottom panel.

2] Create a Truth Table using a free web service

You can also use an online web service to generate a truth table. Here are some better truth table generator services that you can use:


You can select the format truth values in the output truth table such as T/F, 0/1, etc. It also lets you set truth table type to Full Table, Main Connective Only, Text Table, or LaTex Table to generate a specific kind of truth table. Plus, you can also select the connectives to enter the expression. It provides some examples of how the input expression must be.

Read: How use the OR function Excel to determine if a condition is True.

It shows a quick guide on its main interface on how to use this tool and the format and symbols needed to be used in the expression.


4] is a simple tool to calculate truth tables for boolean and propositional logic formulas. You can enter the formula and it will automatically generate the respective truth table in the web browser.

How do you make a boolean Truth Table?

You can make a boolean truth table by entering the respective boolean expression with the correct syntax. Almost all of the above-discussed software and online tools allow you to create a truth table from a boolean expression. From the list, you use software like SimpleSolver, Logicheck, or LogicCalculus as we explained above. Alternately, you can use any of the discussed web services to generate a boolean truth table.

How do you create a Truth Table with two variables?

To create a truth table with two variables, you can enter a boolean expression or design a logic circuit with two inputs. For example, A + B = C. Here, A and B are two input variables, + sign denotes OR gate, and C is the output that is generated with the combinations of A and B values.

Hope this post helps you generate a truth table for boolean expression or logical circuit in Windows 11/10.

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Renting The Wrong Place Could Be Hazardous

Renting the Wrong Place Could Be Hazardous What BU students should know about living off campus

Binland Lee, a BU senior studying marine biology, had fallen to sleep in the wee hours after a Saturday night party. She awoke after dawn to a housemate’s warning scream: the apartment house they occupied with seven other students in Allston was aflame. Trapped in her attic room by impenetrable black billows in the hall and a 26-foot jump to the lawn below her window, Lee (CAS’13) died from smoke inhalation that April morning last year.

These details come from a Boston Globe investigation into dangerous student housing. “Heedless landlords, scant oversight, and intense demand for student housing would turn 87 Linden into a case study of the city’s broken student rental housing system,” the report said of Lee’s building. Among the housing violations cited in the report were the number of tenants—nine (the city permits no more than four undergraduates to live full-time in a house) and only one exit from the floor below Lee’s room. Lee’s family, alleging the apartment was in illegal condition, is suing the landlord and the real estate brokerage company that rented the apartment to Lee.

Spurred by the Globe investigation, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has secured area colleges’ agreement to disclose addresses of students living off campus, which Walsh deems essential if the city is to stop overcrowding in apartments. (BU had already provided its students’ addresses following Lee’s death.) Walsh’s administration says it’s trying to inspect 30,000 rental units this year.

BU students living off campus are beyond the purview of the University’s rigorous fire safety plan, and federal statistics show 86 percent of college fire deaths since 2000 happened in off-campus housing. The University and the city of Boston provide online resources to help protect against such tragedies as Lee’s.

The Boston Fire Department has a web page of home fire safety tips, and the city has a web page with a home safety checklist. Every tenant should make sure that smoke detectors are working and notify the landlord immediately if they’re not. (Three quarters of residential fire deaths occur in homes without a working smoke detector.)

Even simple, commonsense precautions can save life and property. Not using candles is one: wax-with-wicks are the most common fire-starters among college students. That’s why BU dorms ban candles, as well as incense, open flames, and smoking. The US Fire Administration’s safety tip sheet notes five common factors in fires in off-campus student housing: lack of fire sprinklers; missing or disabled smoke alarms (do not disable smoke alarms, no matter how annoying the occasional cooking-triggered blast); haphazard disposal of cigarettes; tenant drunkenness leading to misjudgments; and combustible upholstered deck and porch furniture.

Other highlights from these various safety experts:

Don’t overload electrical outlets.

Have a fire extinguisher within easy reach. Know where it is. Also purchase flashlights and extra smoke detectors and batteries for both. The University is working to have local stores, including Barnes & Noble at BU, stock these items and fire safety information sheets.

Have an escape route planned and make sure it’s always free of debris.

Whenever an alarm sounds, assume it’s for a reason and get out.

Make sure there is a smoke detector outside each sleeping area in the apartment.

Have a carbon monoxide detector on each level of the house.

Never use a gas stove or oven to heat your place; it could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you grill, watch where you do it. Boston and Brookline ban charcoal grills on wooden porches. And make sure you put out the embers with water when you’re finished. As for gas grills, state law forbids their use or storage anywhere inside or above the first floor of any residence.

BU’s Environmental Health and Safety website includes information that is also distributed to students at housing fairs on both campuses, typically in April and May, says Bob Whitfield, director of campus and clinical safety. That information includes a fire safety checklist, emergency preparedness kits, fire safety questions to ask before signing a lease or moving into an apartment, how to host safe parties, and more, Whitfield says.

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Why Microsoft Should Fire Bill Gates, Too

Now that we’ve endured the unpleasant spectacle of Steve Ballmer crying over the loss of the company he ruined during his 14 years as CEO, it’s time to focus on who put Ballmer in charge in the first place: Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates.

Three major Microsoft investors are pushing the company’s board to remove Gates as Chairman. They’re especially concerned about Gates’ power on the committee seeking a replacement for Ballmer, fearing another catastrophic executive in charge.

I think the board needs to go further: Gates should be removed from the Microsoft board altogether, and I’ll tell you why below.

But wait, you might say. Gates is a genius and a visionary, right?

While everybody says Gates is brilliant, history suggests otherwise. In fact, the history of Gates’ decision-making at Microsoft is mostly a long list of missed opportunities, bad judgment calls and blunders.

Gates was always a hard-core workaholic and a slave driver par excellence. He was famous for ripping subordinates to shreds in meetings, destroying the ideas of others by saying: “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

The ability to humiliate staff was the one thing Gates had in common with arch-rival Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of Apple. Gates was always great at keeping employees afraid, which is an effective motivator he can no longer use from the board.

Gates did have early insight into software as his generation’s biggest business opportunity. When hippy hackers thought software should be free, Gates insisted on charging whatever the market would bear. When IBM thought operating system software was unimportant enough to control, Gates knew it was a Golden Goose.

But Gates always had a blind spot for understanding people — i.e., customers, users, markets and culture — and this led to Gates consistently make incredibly bad decisions, such as:

* Missing every Internet opportunity, until it was way too late, including search engines

* Failing to maintain the lead in browsers with Internet Explorer

* Failing with AutoPC, Microsoft’s play for the automotive market

* Pushing pen computing as a layer on top of bloated, expensive Windows

* Believing Microsoft Bob and Clippy were the solutions to Microsoft’s overly complex and confusing interfaces.

* Pushing OEM partners to embrace Origami, the Microsoft-led mobile initiative that failed catastrophically

* Making Steve Ballmer, Gates’ incompetent college pal, CEO

* Keeping Ballmer in charge even after years of obvious failure

* Shipping Windows Vista and not knowing it would harm the company

* Failing to understand how complex Windows versioning options hurt the brand

* Launching Zune, Windows Phone or Microsoft Surface RT years too late to make a difference

As you can see, these are not small blunders, but gigantic ones: Microsoft has failed with every one of its Internet initiatives and every one of its mobile initiatives. This is especially bad because the Internet and mobile computing have been the leading drivers of technology for the past 14 years.

These blunders all have a common origin, too: Bill Gates always had way too much power, and no understanding of human nature.

Contrast this against Steve Jobs, a CEO with relatively limited technical expertise but a very keen insight into human desires. While Gates and his man Ballmer drove Microsoft into the ground since 1999, Jobs built Apple into the most valuable company in the world.

Gates devotes most his time and energy to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. So he doesn’t bring his core value to the company — his workaholic, slave-driving obsession. And he’s never been a visionary.

His only role now on the Microsoft board is to use his outsized influence as founder and former CEO to keep the company from making better decisions.

I believe Gates installed and supported Ballmer because he would run the company the Bill Gates way. Ballmer’s only qualification for the CEO job was his total loyalty to Gates.

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