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We’ve all been there – sent that promotional email with a word missing or realized your e-book has a formatting error after sharing it with your audience. It’s incredibly frustrating to have put so much work into something, only to have missed a simple mistake – and it could actually ruin a whole send.

In addition to the personal annoyance these errors cause, they also have larger implications on your organization. Like death by a thousand papercuts, over time they can add up – making your company look a tad less professional and causing your audience to take note in bad ways. It’s probably extreme to go here, but what if your audience started to think that because you’ve got typos in your collateral, maybe your technology solution isn’t so bulletproof either?

Now, we know we’re never going to be error-free all of the time – even with the help of spellcheck we’re not going to catch every blooper – but we’ve found that, by building a review process and following it methodically, we can more consistently avoid common mistakes in our work. Here are a few practices we lean on that could be helpful to incorporate into your own work.

Separate editing from proofreading

While often conflated, editing and proofreading are two very different processes. When editing, you’re reviewing for structure, tone, clarity – substantive things. Proof reading reviews for spelling, grammatical inconsistencies and the like – gotchas. They cover very different issues. That’s why, to become a more perfect proofreader, it’s helpful to keep the two processes separate.

First comes editing – go through the piece and make your factual and stylistic changes. Personally, if it’s something I didn’t write, I like to do an initial read-through to “process” the asset as a comprehensive piece – the story arc, content and takeaways – before I really put on my editor’s hat. Unfortunately, editing is often when new errors are introduced, so it’s essential to fully wrap up this stage before moving on to the proofreading that gets a piece to “final.”

In an ideal scenario, if you’re performing both roles, you’ll take some time to create a clear break between editing and proofreading. This important discipline helps your mind reset itself – essentially letting it forget what you’ve already read. This protects you from glossing over errors you’ve already seen and “fixed” (in your brain) but not yet implemented on paper. A short walk, working on a different project, or even getting up to make a cup of coffee can all work well.

Lean on your style guide

Errors aren’t the only thing that can make your work look unprofessional – little things, like using em- and en-dashes interchangeably, can create micro-negative perceptions. This is where having a documented style guide to refer to can help keep you on top of all the little things. Your style guide serves as a single source of truth for all things style and grammar at your organization – it saves you from having to remember if using one or two spaces after a period is the way to go (one space is now the accepted norm)!

Have a clear process

Depending on the size of your team, your drafted content might go through a few sets of hands before reaching its final form. We find this process critical to achieving our quality goals because having another set of eyes helps to ensure core content expectations, structure and clarity. Of course, this process can also increase the chance of inconsistencies creeping in.

In our team, our content is created by a writer, who then hands it off to an editor, who then hands it back to the writer. In this process, the writer is responsible for final edits and review. In a larger organization you may have a proofreader as the final person in the process. Whatever your own process, it’s essential everyone involved knows their role and responsibilities, particularly who is responsible for the output at the “end of the line.”

Slow it down

When we miss mistakes, it’s not because we’re lazy or stupid. It’s because our brains have learned to make predictions and assumptions about what word or piece of information will follow.

Case in point: Read this sentence: “Yuo cna porbalby raed tihs esaliy desptie teh msispeillgns.”

This brain skill is super helpful when we’re reading quickly, but it negatively impacts editing because it can cause us to miss obvious problems. If you find that you’re glossing over words, or even sentences, try reading the paragraph out loud. By doing so, you’ll be forced to slow down – literally taking it word by word – which helps to catch errors and check sentence structure and flow. Sometimes it helps to read or analyze a particular sentence backwards – to check that everything works.

There are many more handy aids that can help you in your copyediting. Choose a handful that you will use. The key to increasing success and decreasing errors is to actually put a rigorous process in place and stick to it. Never forget that we make mistakes most often when we’re rushed. So, even with urgent projects, follow a good editing process and then take the necessary time out to proofread effectively.

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Tips To Become A Better Cod Warzone Player

Warzone has been the favorite of action game lovers since its launch. However, even though the game has lasted for some years, a new player will still struggle to master it at the beginning.

So, if you’re not getting the results you want or playing seems too difficult, the information below will help you.

We will share some of the pro tips from experts in this game to help improve your style and performance. Also, consider investing in COD Warzone Hacks & Cheats to shorten the learning curve. That way, the battle will be easier for you to join, last a bit longer and even win sometimes.

So, keep reading to learn more.

Warzone Tips from Pro Players 1. Learn from the Professionals

One of the simplest ways of doing something better is through learning from those who know it well. So, if you’re vying for high-level performance in Warzone, search for the professionals and watch them. Thankfully, you can find these gurus on YouTube as many of them share their gaming activities online.

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2. Study the available weapons in Warzone

Every battle requires weapons, and you’re as good as your tools. That means you must understand the weapons you’ll take into the battleground.

3. Always target the right positions

It should start from the landing spot. First, decide whether to land hot or cold. Hot landing means targeting those spots where more loots and more enemies are to fight fiercely.

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4. Make good cash fast

There are many things to do with the money in Warzone. And most of them will improve your performance a lot. For instance, you will need money to buy your loadout drop. Also, your teammates who lose in the Gulag will need to be repurchased with cash.

Cash also equips you with the best items, such as KillStreaks, for better fights. When you combine all the things to do with cash, they’ll translate to more wins for your team.

Getting cash in Warzone comes through looting on the map. Also, when you complete the amazing contracts which every player knows, you’ll make money. The most interesting one is to loot other players who died on the map and grab their cash too. So, get to work and

5. Learn the Mounting Skill

Weapon mounting will change things to favor you in Warzone. This practice involves finding a flat surface and mounting your gun there for steady shots.

It helps you to avoid the terrible recoil of some guns. As you fire the bullets, your character won’t stumble from the kicks. According to some professionals, mounting can lower the recoil of some guns by 90%.

Another reason to consider mounting is that you can capture and hold a position without losing. If you mount and pre-aim a certain spot, many enemies will fall under your bullets.

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6. Learn to control your noise

One of the ways to be a better player is to mind the noise you make in Warzone. If you constantly give up your position by running or sprinting unnecessarily, you’ll compromise your team. So, learn to minimize the noise and use other movement alternatives such as walking or crouching when necessary.

7. Be a good team player

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Improving in Warzone requires some sacrifices on your part. The first one is to watch professionals play the game many times.

Then adopt what you learn and improve. Then discover the weapons and strategize your positioning. Also, make sure you make less noise and avoid selfishness when playing with others.

4 Simple Apps To Help You Become More Environmentally Friendly

We only have one planet, and it’s all of our responsibility to ensure that we do our part to keep it healthy. Fortunately, these apps can help you save the world, one tap at a time.

1. Oroeco

Climate change poses a serious threat to the future of the planet. Unfortunately, human beings are the biggest contributor to climate change due to the amount of greenhouse gases we pump into the atmosphere. While climate change is a huge problem, everyone can do their part to help reduce their own emissions. Oroeco (Android, iOS) is an app that can help you identify the contributors of your own carbon footprint.

Oroeco tracks your impact on the climate by automatically putting a carbon value on everything you buy. This includes what you eat, how you get around, and the energy you use. This allows users to easily see which decisions are bigger than others. In addition, users can see how they compare with others, using scientific data from UC Berkeley’s CoolClimate research group. Oroeco offers personalized tips on how to reduce your impact on the environment.

2. Recyclenation

When it comes to being environmentally conscious, one of the simplest ways to do your part is to reduce your waste whenever possible. Garbage generated by humans is filling up landfills and finding it’s way into oceans and other places it doesn’t belong. Of course, we can’t stop generating trash altogether. However, we can aim to recycle more of our waste.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine what is recyclable and what isn’t. Furthermore, only certain items may be collected for recycling by your local government. For example, your plastic milk jug may be picked up, but what about your electronic waste like old phones and computers? The sad reality is that most folks would probably just dump it in the trash, which isn’t great for the environment. Luckily, RecycleNation (Android, iOS) is a search engine for recycling stations near you. Users can search by selecting a recyclable material category (plastic, electronics, etc.), or simply by location.

3. Waze Carpool

It should come as no surprise that cars are one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Fossil fuel-burning vehicles create approximately twenty pounds of carbon dioxide when they consume just a single gallon of gasoline. It is estimated that the average car pumps about six tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every single year. Unfortunately, for many of us a car is a necessity we simply can’t live without.

Waze is known for their GPS navigation; however, they also offer a real-time ride-sharing solution. Waze Carpool (Android, iOS) connects you with other users who are going your way and allows you to request rides. Like other ride-sharing apps, Waze operates on a user review rating system; however, the drivers are not employed by Waze. Instead, they are everyday people like friends, neighbors and coworkers. This enables users to connect with others in their community, all the while saving money and reducing their carbon dioxide emissions.

3. Ecosia

If the idea of changing your habits seems like a deal-breaker, but you still want to help the environment, you’re in luck. Do you search for stuff on the Internet? With Ecosia (Android, iOS) you can do your part by plugging stuff into a search engine, something virtually everyone does on a daily basis.

4. JouleBug

In order to encourage change, JouleBug “gamifies” the process of going green. Users track their impact and collect badges and trophies for actions they undertake in the real world. In addition, users can engage in challenges to earn points and achievements that they can compare with other JouleBug users.

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4 Simple Ways To Reduce Holiday Waste

This post has been updated. It was originally published on December 24, 2023.

Taylor Swift’s “reputation” wasn’t her best album, but the pop star was onto something, scientifically speaking. On the last track, “New Year’s Day,” Swift sings about the aftermath of a holiday party. While the garbage in the track is really a metaphor for the refuse that old loves leave behind (I think), her description of the dark side of holiday cheer—the trails of glitter, mounds of candle wax, and discarded bottles—is all too real. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, Americans pile up an incredible 25 percent more trash than they do during any other part of the year.

That holiday waste comes from a variety of seemingly small sources. Ribbon, which is mostly superfluous the other 364 days a year, is in high demand around Christmas time. In fact, one estimate suggests that each year 38,000 miles of ribbon is sold in the weeks surrounding December 25, which is enough to put wrap a bow around planet Earth. Similarly, sales for fake Christmas trees spike in December, as does the amount of green plastic fibers sent to your local dump in January. When you consider the other problems posed by squandered Christmas dinner leftovers or plastic-heavy Hanukkah gifts, the trash pile suddenly seems big enough to threaten your holiday cheer.

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But with a few small changes to your beloved traditions, it’s still possible to reduce your festive footprint.

Use recycled or recyclable wrapping paper

Though she couldn’t do much about holiday waste as a kid, these days she takes substantive steps to keep her wrapping paper in check. “A really hardcore zero waste person might say we don’t need wrapping paper at all, that we can get rid of it altogether. But I am someone who really loves tradition,” Ristow says. “So all year, I’ll save pretty papers that come my way: maybe a catalog, a page of the comics, or brown paper that comes with an online order.” In December, she transforms those odds and ends into wrapping paper. At the end of the day, she picks off the tape and recycles the rest. While she still spends part of the holidays surrounded by mounds of paper waste, Ristow says, it’s good to know it would have been recycled anyway, instead of stuff she bought just for the occasion.

Holiday cards are no different. Every Christmas, Americans send some 1.3 billion cards, according to Hallmark. If these are made of recyclable materials, it presents little problem for responsible disposal. But many cards have plastic appliqués, glitter, or other materials that can’t be salvaged. That’s why zero wasters recommend making your own cards from recycled paper or only buying cards made from recyclable or compostable materials. This is a good policy, but for those of us who already bought elaborate cards, there’s no need to despair. If you can, just separate the paper from the other elements, putting the paper in the recycling bin, and the rest in the trash.

Research Christmas tree disposal (and decorations too)

Every year since 1931, a Christmas tree has been placed in Rockefeller Center in New York City. Arguably the most famous Norway spruce in the world, the tree is erected just after Thanksgiving in a tree lighting ceremony broadcast on live TV and taken down in the first week of the new year. Given this year’s tree, a 75-foot looker from Oneonta, New York, is nearing the end of its reign over the skating rink, it’s time to ask, where will it go next? Turns out, the 12-ton titan will be donated to Habitat for Humanity—its timber transformed into a new home.

Unfortunately, the average American’s tree doesn’t do this much good. While anyone can buy a real tree from a Christmas tree farm (like the one Taylor Swift grew up on), the majority of Americans still turn to artificial trees. When a family decides to toss their fake tree, it’s usually sent to a landfill, plastic chemicals in tow. The tinsel it’s draped in gets discarded, too. There has been some heated debate around the carbon footprint of a fake tree, but one analysis suggests that unless you own the same fake tree for 20 years, a real tree (dressed in more sustainable decorations) is the better way to go. While Ristow isn’t getting herself a tree this year, she says Chicago and many other cities offer services that will turn your tree into mulch that can be used in parks and other green spaces around town. If you have the space, you can even replant the tree on your own property and cross your fingers it grows up to be as mighty as the Rockefeller spruce.

Minimize your holiday leftovers by composting or just cooking less

According to the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, a third of the food produced around the world for human eating gets lost or wasted. A third! In Europe and North America, the average person wastes well over 200 pounds of food in a year. Holiday feasts provide the very best leftovers—why let any of them hit the bin? Here’s a complete guide to reducing food waste this holiday season.

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Rethinking gift giving this year—and every year

Once you’ve tackled this year’s holiday waste, it might be time to start planning ways to make next year’s festivities even merrier. “Each year, I give myself some time to think through the gifts I can give that really truly be used,” Ristow says. While wrapping paper and Christmas trees pose a challenge, often the gifts we give go to waste, too. For her part, Ristow avoids giving plastic gifts, instead opting for consumables like nice cooking salts or homemade tea mixes. She and her friends swap books, ingredients, and other necessities instead of going for things that are particularly flashy. Ultimately, though, her gift goals are just like anyone else’s—she wants her gifts to go to good use.

While the holidays are clearly rife with opportunities for waste, Ristow says good intentions and good planning are what really matter. When the recycling bin is neatly organized and the trash can is mostly empty, it’s hard not to feel a sense of accomplishment. But if something goes wrong, she doesn’t “beat herself up.” Neither, for that matter, should you.

Can You Become A High

A high-paying Python developer without a degree does not need to worry about employability in 2023

Programming language like Python is flourishing in the global tech and software applications market. Developers and programmers are highly fond of this trending programming language while educational platforms have started offering multiple courses on Python. A Python developer is blooming with intricating roles and responsibilities as well as lucrative salary packages per annum. There are two categories of developers specializing in Python— Python developers without a degree and programmers with a degree. Yes, programmers with a degree are popular for a long period of time. But a Python developer without a degree is trending in the current market across the world. Some of the top companies have started recruiting Python developers without a degree over programmers with a degree. The mindset of the market is shifting because companies have realized the strength of developers does not depend on the specified degree— Bachelor’s/Master’s/Diploma/Ph.D. Skills and talents solely are dependent on the passion of developers. A Python developer without a degree can showcase more skills and practical knowledge than programmers with a degree from reputed universities. Thus, let’s explore how a Python developer without a degree can land a high-paying job in the programming language domain in 2023 and beyond.

Some roles and responsibilities of a Python developer

Writing efficient and scalable Python code

Implementing business goals into software components

Integrating user-oriented elements into software applications

Designing high availability and low latency applications with security features

Improving functionalities of existing applications

Debugging software applications with Python test framework tools

Yes, the above-mentioned roles and responsibilities are just a few of the total functionalities of a Python developer. But a Python developer without a degree can nab a high-paying job in one of the major tech companies to perform these roles. Let’s explore some key steps to outperform other developers or programmers with a degree in the same field.

Key steps to being a successful Python developer without a degree in 2023

Having in-depth knowledge of the programming language and front-end technologies

Writing scalable, readable, and error-free code for smart applications

Building a diverse portfolio through self-made projects

Improving technical know-how and fundamental concepts of the programming language

Focusing on the key areas to improve in a wide range of skills such as analytical, designing, communication, technical, debugging, versioning, and many more

Creating own GitHub repository to add value to the CV

Enrolling in free online courses in Python programming language for valid certifications

Joining different communities of developers or programmers with the degree to gain updates and more current knowledge

The average salary of a Python developer ranges from US$70k to US$120k per annum across the world. You can become a high-paying successful Python developer only if you decide to work very hard with passion and effective time management. It covers a wide variety of programming language functions such as web development, game development, application development, and cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. This profession is a good career and quite rewarding in the IT industry across the world. The hiring committees are relaxing their criteria and are highly interested to offer a Python developer without a degree if the candidate shows sufficient skills and knowledge, as per the business needs.

Can Copy Ai Write A Book?

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

You may have asked yourself the question: can Copy AI write a book? AI writing assistants are particularly great in the sense that they allow you to write and edit texts more efficiently. These tools have become so popular in recent years that many people now use them for all kinds of purposes such as generating ideas, writing blogs, correcting grammatical errors, and more.

But Can Copy AI Write a Book?

There’s one question many people usually ask, can Copy AI write a book? The truth is that not all AI writing tools can be used for book writing, but some are specially designed for that purpose. One AI tool that can generate all kinds of high-quality content is Copy AI.

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Originality AI detector

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achieved only 35%. Useful Chrome extension. Detects across emails, Google Docs, and websites.

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What is Copy AI?

Copy AI is a content writing software that uses machine learning and Open AI’s GPT-3 natural language processing model to produce very human texts from only a couple of keywords. It enables writers to overcome writer’s block and get their creativity flowing. This makes it the ideal tool for anyone looking to produce large amounts of content within a short time and streamline their writing process. 

What Makes Copy AI Different?

Copy AI comes with a very unique set of features that differentiate it from other types of content-writing software.

Supports Multiple Languages

Copy AI is a multi-language writing tool that allows you to generate content in your native language. The tool currently supports over 25 languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and more. This allows you to easily generate writing for a global audience.

Over 90 Templates to Choose From

Copy AI has a variety of templates that you can use to generate content. These templates are organized into several categories and are mostly tailored toward commercial content creation like SEO-optimized articles, long-form content, blog posts, HR, marketing, and sales. 

However, the Freestyle tool allows you to input any type of prompt to create any form of text. This mode really lends itself to creative writing and fiction writing as you can generate the outline of a plot at the touch of a button. Just choose a topic and a writing style, and Copy AI will do the rest!

Unique Results

Unlike some artificial intelligence-powered writing tools, Copy AI only generates unique copy results. Each variation produced by the algorithm is different and individualized. 

Plagiarism Checker

One of the many unique features of Copy AI is its inbuilt plagiarism checker with which you can easily check your work for plagiarism. This ensures your work is entirely original, perfect for creating a first draft in the knowledge that all the ideas that it generates are fresh. However, using this feature does require a premium subscription.

FAQs Can Copy AI Write Faster Than Humans?

Yes, it is widely accepted that an AI writing tool can generate content roughly 10x faster than humans.

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