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Scott Heimendinger

In 2009, self-proclaimed food geek Scott Heimendinger was reviewing a restaurant in Seattle for his food blog when he encountered the perfect egg. “It was on top of a salad, and the texture was so incredible that I stood up and asked a server how it was made,” recalls Heimendinger. The server told him the egg was made using sous vide, which involves sealing food in airtight plastic baths and slow cooking them in a temperature-controlled water bath.

“I went home, Googled ‘sous vide,’ and found a bunch of forum postings,” Heimendinger says. “I figured out chefs were doing sous vide using repurposed lab equipment that was super expensive, and decided there’s no reason it should cost $1,200 to heat water. So I reverse-engineered the sous vide machine and published instructions for how to make a DIY machine.”

In 2013, Heimendinger co-founded a sous vide machine company called Sansaire and launched a Kickstarter campaign for a home sous vide machine. Popular Science spoke with him about his Thanksgiving plans for this year.

Thanksgiving sous-vide cooking with the Sansaire immersion circulator

What are you eating and/or cooking for Thanksgiving?

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I’ll be doing a lot of sous vide cooking this year. I got a bunch of vegetables, including tricolor carrots, cauliflower, and onions, that I’m planning to sous vide at 85 degrees Celsius until they’re tender on the inside. Then I’ll put them on a baking steel griddle and pop them in the oven on broil to get them really hot. Finally I’ll sear or caramelize their outsides straight on the griddle.

After the veggies, I’ll drop the temperature of the water bath to 60 degrees Celsius to make dark meat turkey in a umami liquid brine with some fish sauce, molasses, MSG, and sugar. I’ll let the meat cook for about 24 hours until it’s about ready to shred, then deep fry it to crisp up the skin.

With the white meat, I’ll be making a roulade. I’ll season it simply with standard poultry herbs like thyme, rosemary, and sage, add a little bit of melted butter or olive oil, and cook it in the sous vide to core temperature at 57 degrees Celsius. Then I’ll roll the meat into a beautiful tube with the skin on the outside and sear it, either by dropping it the deep fryer or rolling it across a screaming hot griddle.

Thanksgiving sous-vide prep

Thanksgiving sous-vide cooking with the Sansaire immersion circulator

Sous-vide turkey cooked with the Sansaire immersion circulator

For dessert, I’ll be making a sous-vide pumpkin crème brûlée. Any time you’re making a custard, your biggest fear is that the eggs will curdle. But since we have total temperature control with the sous vide, we don’t have to worry. I blend together the custard ingredients, pour them in in 4-ounce mason jars, which are about the right size for a single serving, and drop them in a bath at 82 degrees Celsius for about 45 minutes. Then I let them cool down and finish the top with a crème brûlée torch. It’s bullet proof.

Sous vide can also be great for making infusions for cocktails. You could make a signature drink for your Thanksgiving — one example might be a concoction of cranberries, sugar, rosemary, and vanilla bean. You toss your ingredients in a sous vide bag, heat it up, and end up with a nice, strong infusion that you can add to champagne or vodka. If you’re really fancy you could even put the infusions in little bottles and give them out as holiday gifts.

Lastly, when you’re done cooking, you can put your food back in sous vide bags and immerse them in a holding bath to keep everything warm. That way when you decide that you’re switching from hors d’oeuvres to the main course, you can just pull stuff out of the bag. You’re not eating when dinner is ready — rather, dinner is ready, and you eat it when you want.

What’s the benefit of sous vide cooking?

With sous vide, you have precise control over doneness temperature, so don’t have to worry about accidentally overcooking or undercooking. There’s no possibility of the meat drying out. Every time I’ve done a sous vide turkey, people take their first bite and look up disbelief over how juicy it is.

Instead of being frantic on Thanksgiving day, you can be relaxed. You don’t have to keep an eye on the clock, and you know how everything’s going to turn out. It frees you up to other things, like making a playlist, planning seating charts, or, in my case, making even more courses!

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Hey Alexa, What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Internet-connected intelligent gizmos had a big showing at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and there is one common thread between many of them: Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant.

Lenovo has a new speaker featuring the assistant. Volkswagen and Ford are building Alexa into their cars. Plus, there’s a whole flotilla of other connected devices featuring Alexa, including a high-tech refrigerator from LG.

That’s not to say other virtual assistants aren’t doing the same thing, but Amazon is the clear winner by volume at CES.

So, what does that mean for the virtual assistant market, which includes competitors such as Microsoft’s Cortana, the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri? 

Those companies need to start doing the same things Amazon has done, Gartner Research Director Werner Goertz said.

There’s still room to compete, in part because Amazon’s dominance doesn’t extend beyond the connected home, Goertz said in an interview.

“But, the longer the other guys wait — specifically, the longer Cortana and Siri wait — the more insurmountable this obstacle is going to become,” he said.

Some of Amazon’s competitors took different approaches. Microsoft and Google each announced integration tools for their assistants later in the year and have kept third-party integrations available to consumers limited to a small number of partners.

Amazon’s early move helped it land the deal with Volkswagen, for example. A representative for the carmaker at its booth at CES called out Amazon’s early move with SDKs as a key reason for implementing it instead of something like the Google Assistant.

Another reason Amazon may have such a lead is that the Echo can serve as a smart-home hub without requiring gadget manufacturers to work directly with one another.

From Microsoft’s perspective, Amazon’s lead in numbers is at least somewhat by design. Ryan Gavin, the general manager for search and Cortana, said in an interview that the company doesn’t see this as a race to get the most integrations. Instead, Microsoft wants to promote integrations that fit Cortana’s mission of improving productivity.

But that’s almost what you’d expect the company to say, considering that Amazon is far ahead of them with the number of connected devices available for its assistant.

Google could have been in Amazon’s position but got lost in the weeds with Nest, the smart-home hardware company it acquired in 2014, said Patrick Moorhead, the president and principal analyst for Moor Insights and Strategy.

“Microsoft had more important things to work out, like other AI implementations,” he said in an email. “Cortana is world class, but doesn’t have a smart-home ecosystem to control. That is changing, of course.”

It’s worth noting that Amazon still has a long way to go when it comes to attracting users of Alexa. The Echo is only available in the U.S., which is an incredibly small user base compared with the 37 countries where Siri is available.

That’s not to say Amazon won’t be expanding its virtual assistant’s horizons, but just that its worldwide dominance is not assured. And it will have no shortage of competitors. LG and Sony each showed off their own virtual assistants at CES, while Microsoft and Google are hardly standing still.

For example, Moorhead expects Microsoft and Google to take the lead in making virtual assistants for PCs, smartphones and tablets.

It will be interesting to see how these virtual-assistant ecosystems shake out. Right now, each player has its own home base: Siri on the iPhone, Cortana on the PC, Google on its hardware and Alexa on the Echo. Over the next few years, it seems likely that they’ll try to cement their presence on other platforms.

12/12/12 Asteroids And Doomsday: What Are You Searching For?

This is big, SEJ friends, and if you landed on this page, you are now searching for the next big trend of the Internet: 12/12/12. This is the last time in your life to be part (and see) a repetitive date, a big thing for promoters of the Apocalypse, the boogieman in the closet… and hopefully, not our demise.

12/12/12 – and what are you searching for? The end of the world? We’ve probably ditched one, or pray to ditch the next. A three miles long 4179 Toutatis asteroid is expected to pass within 4 million miles of Earth tonight – a close shave according to Examiner reporter Dennis Bodzash, but not really. The asteroid poses no threat to Earth. Still if you have a top-notch telescope, you are in for the show of a lifetime. And one other celestial show, a bright meteor shower, the Geminids, can be seen December 12, but will peak on Thursday, December 13.

We already ditched a close encounter with another (smaller) asteroid this morning. XE54 passed just 140,000 miles of Earth today, enough to make you believe that all the signs for the predicted December 21, 2012 doomsday align. But if you are searching for signs in the Mayan calendar, NASA tells that 12-21-2012 is just another day.

Whatever you are searching for, you cannot escape the obvious: 12/12/12 will haunt you wherever you go, on all social networks, and all search engines. It is already going strong on Twitter, approaching World Twitter Trend status, and Facebook users are going nuts sharing the likes of:

Maybe you are not worried about Toutatis, but you are backing up your PC? That’s if you believe predictions of a Y2K-style internet and computer breakdown that come from Australia.

Don’t search for a wedding venue though, they are all booked solid, from Hong Kong and Singapore, all the way to Las Vegas and beyond.

Entertainment and good causes? Tickets to the Superstorm Sandy benefit concert featuring Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones and others, scheduled for 12/12/12 are sold out. The event is expected to reach 2 billion people worldwide. Obviously, these people don’t believe in Doomsday.

Speaking of which, perhaps you will be searching for other Anti-Doomsday Day events? This, by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, is a good start.

And while some will search for information, others will act as spectators, reading and analyzing trends and behaviors. We will not be giving you a 12/12/12 report tomorrow – the news team is busy searching for Christmas presents. Obviously, SEJ believes in life as we know it after December 12, 2012 and even after December 21/2012. Happy searching and may 12/12/12 be your lucky charm, whatever you choose to do tomorrow.

What Are The Python Features You Wish You Did Known Earlier

In this article, we’ll look at several Python secret features you might not have known about earlier.

The following are some of the hidden Python features that we must know −


Pandas is one of the most well-known Python machine-learning libraries. This library is intended to be used for data analysis and manipulation. Furthermore, it is useful since it incorporates some of Python’s greatest and most trustworthy libraries into a single package. As a result, it is simple to use and apply.

Argument Unpacking

When used on a function, list unpacking fails; Python does not natively unpack a list or tuple when passed to a function. This is due to the possibility of ambiguity: it is up to the developer to indicate when this must be done.

Slice Assignment

Suppose you have a list. But you have to replace multiple items in the list with a single assignment. What will you do? This is when slice assignment comes in handy. Python allows you to replace a part in a list with whatever you want with only one line.

List Comprehensions in Python

List comprehension is one of Python’s most powerful techniques. It aids in deriving one list from another through the use of a concise syntax. List comprehensions come in handy when you want to filter items in a list or apply a function to them. As a result, it is one of the most essential hidden Python features.

Formatting of code using Black

What if you could review your code more quickly and efficiently? That’s where Black, a Python code formatter, comes into play. One of the finest Python unknown techniques is formatted, which allows you to create code in your preferred manner. And Black formats it, which speeds up the entire code review process.

Python Debugger

We get stuck on some errors and spend a long time trying to fix them. Moreover, all of our efforts will be fruitless. The solution is unknown, but our efforts have all been in vain. That is when you must use the Python debugger to simplify your task.

The Python Debugger allows you to easily review the code line by line. As a result, it is one of Python’s greatest features.

Usage of emojis in code

Did you know Python provides a module that allows you to add emojis to your strings? Yes, you read that correctly! To include emojis, you can use either the emoji module or Unicode.

Importing Data Science Libraries

We frequently spend a significant amount of time importing common libraries such as seaborn or pandas. And manually importing them can be time-consuming.

As a result, there is a solution in the form of a pyforest library to help you sail past this challenge. This module is a benefit and one of Python’s hidden features. It is more convenient to operate directly than than importing individually.

Negative Indexing

Negative indexing is one of Python’s hidden features. We are all aware that indexes are utilized in arrays in all programming languages. These indices are then used to access the items of an array.

However, all programming languages restrict the use of negative indexes such as ‘-2.’ However, Python is an exception because it enables array negative indexing. As a result, -1 should be the last element and -2 should be the second last one.

Chaining Comparison Operators

Many computer languages make it straightforward to compare values using syntax. As an example −

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the “and” operator was removed from the syntax? Fortunately, Python allows you to use comparison operators one after the other, as illustrated below.

This is due to “Operator Preference and Associativity.” It is utilized in the expression and is useful when there are multiple operators with different precedence. Furthermore, assisting in determining which procedure should be executed first and foremost.

Hassle-free Swapping of Variables

Python aids in the simplification of tough jobs. For example, suppose you have two variables and need to exchange their values. What will you do then? While the other values are swapped, manually create a temporary variable. This method is not flawed, but some may find it tedious. Instead, Python facilitates swapping without the use of a temporary variable.

Example # intializing two variables x = 20 y = 50 # swapping the values of x, y variables x, y = y, x # printing x, y values after swapping print("x value after swapping:", x) print("y value after swapping:", y) Output x value after swapping: 50 y value after swapping: 20

In this case, Python deletes the temporary variable in the background after the operation is completed. As a result, it aids in the creation of efficient and clear code.

Short Module Names

Are you bored of repeating long library names? Then the following hack will undoubtedly be beneficial to you. Python allows developers to use the keyword “as” to create any library name they want.

List of Easter Eggs

Some people may find programming as tedious as writing argumentative essays and other academic tasks. But what if we say Python contains Easter eggs? This may seem odd because Easter eggs are commonly discovered in video games, movies, cartoons, and other media.

Launch Web Server

Python’s hidden features are just as useful as website support. Consider the following scenario: you want to set up your own web server to exchange files from your computer.

A simple command would be useful for this. It will start a web server on any available port. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, change the port number from 0 to 65353. There are further parameters you can explore.

# Running Web Server Conclusion

Whether you are just getting started with Python or are an expert, this language can still surprise you. There are numerous Python features that you were unaware of.

These features are not only useful for developers, but they are also simple to understand. So, if you believe you know everything there is to know about Python, read this article and learn something new about one of the most popular programming languages.

What Are The Digital Marketing Strategies For Non


Planning and carrying out a marketing strategy can be difficult for non−profit organisations since they frequently have small teams and limited resources. This tutorial offers instructions on how to design a non-profit’s digital marketing strategy and a summary of the digital tactics that will enable the non-profit organization to connect with more people.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

Though a large portion of a non-profit organization’s work is carried out physically in the areas it supports, digital platforms are frequently the first point of contact for those who are interested in learning more about a non−profit or cause. Beyond the first point of contact, an increasing number of charity organisations now provide comprehensive programming via digital channels, enabling them to reach more people and connect with participants on their chosen channels.

Social Media

Your campaigns may be strengthened by using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. It’s the simplest approach to provide information, news, programme announcements, and social responsibility initiatives to both supporters and recipients.

When making a social media strategy, make sure to include the platform you’ll be utilising, the date, and the timetable. It’s crucial to choose the information that will be most appropriate for the situation. Which format will you choose−a movie or an infographic? When you have everything in order, it’s time to publish your material. To determine which campaign is more effective for your company, you may also do an A/B split test.

Email Marketing

In the meanwhile, you may customise or customise the material for your customers using email marketing. Your clients are sure to take notice if you continually write well-written copy. Add a call−to−action button to encourage potential customers to visit your website or tell their friends and family about your good news.

Video Campaign

A 30-second video may do better than a five−minute video in terms of distance. Even better, you can use these films as brief teasers to get more users to your platforms. The objective is to use dynamic graphics to evoke emotions in your audience.

Non-profit Marketing Issues

A non-profit organisation is the best at comprehending the difficulties of efficient marketing on a tight budget. Non-profits want as much money as possible to go toward their mission rather than marketing. But raising money without spending money is difficult.

Non-profits are particularly impacted, even though they face some of the same general marketing issues as other enterprises. Other difficulties are wholly unique to non-profits.

Nonprofit’s Intended Audience is Too Big

It might be difficult to convince people of the urgency of your cause in the current atmosphere of nonstop news about conflicts and natural catastrophes. Consider that not

Making a plan for your market research is the first step in reducing the size of your target market.

Targeting everyone as a prospective donor or supporter is a serious error that many charitable organizations make. Find out who, how much they earn, where they hang out, and why your ideal fans and contributors would be interested in sponsoring you.

You may adjust your marketing messaging by focusing more narrowly on the people who will most likely identify with your cause and contribute to it.

Challenge for Non-Profits to Persuade Individuals to Donate Money

All businesses find it tough to persuade customers to leave with their cash, but non-profit organisations find it extremely difficult. People don’t feel immediate satisfaction when they give money to non-profit organisations.

Additionally, if the non-profit is new, donors can be unwilling to give anything at all since they are unsure of where their money is going.

Try these suggestions to persuade others that parting with their money is the proper thing to do −

Tell your narrative with video marketing.

Make sure contributors understand exactly where their money is going.

Display a rating from a charity evaluator. To reassure individuals that they are working with trustworthy non-profits, organisations like Charity Navigator assess and rank non-profits.

To increase your organization’s reputation and donor confidence, collect testimonials from those who have benefited from it.

Non-Profits Depend On Volunteers

Non−profits gain from the free labour of volunteers, but because they participate on their own time and schedule, volunteers are less dependable than paid staff. Additionally, there is no assurance that volunteers will have an extensive marketing background.

When it comes to marketing, relying only on volunteers might lead to inconsistency or even stagnation. It’s difficult to criticise or place more demands on someone who feels strongly enough about your cause to give their time, though. To get beyond this obstacle, use these tactics:

If at all feasible, employ qualified marketing assistance, even part-time. Select a person based on their area of expertise, but more importantly, make sure they share your purpose and guiding principles.

Schedule frequent meetings with your volunteers to keep them informed, up to date, and educated in marketing techniques. They will continue to be vital team members if they feel valued and understand that their job has a larger purpose.

Use the free marketing assistance available. There are several good ones that can guide you in developing a marketing plan, direct you to marketing tools, and act as a sounding board when you’re stuck.

People May Not Be Aware of Your Non-Profit

Even if you employ email, direct mail, and digital promotion, you can still be excluding potential donors. It’s important to make sure that there is lots of information about your organisation online since people who are contemplating giving to a cause frequently utilise the internet to learn more.

To attract their attention and enlighten them about your cause, you should be present everywhere possible donations could be. In addition to your website, keep in mind the value of social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Show prospective contributors that you value their trust and your cause. To stay in compliance, it’s essential to follow all laws and rules pertaining to non-profits, particularly those governing non-profit accounting.


In the twenty−first century, digital marketing has developed into a potent instrument. Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet, making digital marketing an essential tool for disseminating information. Digital marketing is a cost−effective tool for NGOs to connect with internet users, funders, and donations.

Instagram Crashing? Here Are 8 Fixes For You

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It has become even more prominent after TikTok was banned in India and Reels got added to Instagram. As an aside, you can read our Instagram Reels vs TikTok comparison here. Coming to the issue at hand, despite its popularity, Instagram seems to have many bugs that cause the app to crash frequently. Many users have complained that Instagram keeps crashing on both Android and iOS. Apart from that, most users encounter Instagram crashing while uploading stories or opening DM. All these issues have led us to this guide. In this tutorial, we bring you several fixes to Instagram crashing issues.

Resolve Instagram Crashing Issue

Solutions to Instagram Keeps Crashing Issue 1. Clear Cache


1. Clearing cache is the easiest way to fix many problems including crashing issues on Instagram. Just press and hold on Instagram and open “App Info”. Next, tap on “Storage and Cache”.


2. Here, scroll down and open Instagram. Now tap on “Delete App” and you are done. Finally, open the App Store and reinstall Instagram. After you log in, Instagram won’t crash again.

2. Update the Instagram App / System Update


1. If the above method did not fix the issue then check if you have an app update pending. Tap and hold on Play Store and open “My Apps”. Here, look for Instagram and update it.


3. Reinstall the Instagram App

If the above methods didn’t work at all then you can straight up uninstall the app and reinstall again. However, keep in mind, you will need to re-login again so remember your password before uninstalling the app.



1. Tap and hold the Instagram app and choose “Delete App”. Once you have done that, open the App Store and reinstall Instagram. Finally, log in to your Instagram account and see if you are still facing crashing issues on your iPhone.

4. Quit the Beta Program


1. Sometimes users are enrolled in the Instagram beta program and we are not aware of it. Beta versions are generally unstable and are prone to crashing issues. So to quit beta testing, open the Play Store, and open Instagram.

3. Close the Play Store app and re-open it after a while. Now, open Instagram again and update the app. Now, you will receive stable builds and won’t face crashing issues.


1. On iOS, if you are enrolled in beta testing then you must be having the TestFlight app. If so, then open it and unenroll from the Instagram beta program. If you don’t have the TestFlight app then don’t worry, you are not into the beta program and you can go through other solutions mentioned below.

5. Wait Out

There’s another facebook SDK issue that lead’s to our iOS app to crash on launch again along with major apps like Spotify & Pinterest 🔥 @fb_engineering

— Peter Juras (@peterjuras) July 10, 2023

Facebook, in its statement, said that due to some code changes the crashing issue was triggered. Later, the bug was fixed and Instagram and many other apps started working without any crashing issues. So, when nothing works, wait it out and let the developers fix the crashing issue on Instagram.

6. Check If Instagram is Down

7. Instagram Crashes When Uploading Story?

If Instagram is crashing while uploading Instagram stories then the issue might be with the media file. I have faced this issue many times and one thing has fixed the issue. If it’s a video and it’s encoded using some new codecs then convert it to a common one that Instagram is compatible with.

For example, if your video is shot at 4K60FPS, try to convert the video to 1080p@30FPS and change the format to MP4/H.264. This is the best video compatible format for Instagram. You can use these video converters for Android and iOS.

8. Instagram Crashes When You Open DM?

Instagram Crashing Issue Solved

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