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Where to buy PSVR 2 (All regions)

The PSVR 2 is only available on Amazon for one country. This is why

Sony PSVR 2





Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)​ Attachment Sensor: IR Proximity sensor

Display resolution

2000 x 2040 per eye OLED panels

FOV (field of view)

Approx. 110 degrees

Refresh rate

90Hz, 120Hz

With the PSVR 2 release date on the horizon, people are wondering where to buy the PSVR 2 ahead of release. Especially now that unboxings and first impressions have gone live. Additionally, all the first impressions, including our own have been very positive, so interest in the PSVR 2 has increased a lot.

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To that end, we’re going to list everywhere that you can pre order the PSVR 2. We’re also going to go over where to buy the PSVR 2 after release too, as the story changes then.

Where to pre order the PSVR 2 right now (All regions)

Annoyingly, yet unsurprisingly, you can only pre order the PSVR 2 from the official Sony online store, unless, you’re Canadian. Yes, indeed those from the land of Ice hockey, maple syrup, and kindness can get their PSVR 2 pre order in from Amazon.

We aren’t really sure why this is the case, probably a complicated mix of e-commerce and marketing nonsense that we are thankfully unaware of.

Other regions, annoyingly, will have to slum it on the official PlayStation store. Well, slumming it is harsh, but it’s still a bit inconvenient.

Will the PSVR 2 be available on Amazon after launch?

At some point after launch, we’re confident that the PSVR 2 will be available on Amazon, however, the DualSense Edge controller still can’t be found on Amazon and that was released on January 26th.

Hopefully, the PSVR 2 will filter down to more popular retailers and find its way onto the shelves at physical stores too, as this will make it far more accessible to a wider audience.

PSVR 2 price

When can you buy PSVR 2?

If, after all of this, you’ve been bitten by the PSVR 2 bug, here’s everything you need to know about the PSVR 2 release date.

The PSVR 2 is set to release on February 22nd 2023, As mentioned, you can of course pre order it already. The pre orders will start shipping a day or two beforehand, to ensure that as many units as possible reach their buyers on release day.

Additionally, the launch titles Sony’s been banging on about like Horizon: Call of the Mountain will release at the same time, so you can start swinging lightsabers and shooting arrows forthwith.

More PSVR 2 Stuff!

If you’re eager to know everything about the PSVR 2, you’re in luck, as we’ve written a lot of pages about the PSVR 2. For your convenience, we’ve listed it all below!

Where to buy PSVR 2 FAQs

Is the PSVR 2 worth it?

It’s expensive, yes, but we were blown away during our testing period, so if you’ve got the cash, you probably won’t regret it.

Why can’t I buy PSVR 2 on Amazon?

We think that it’s an attempt by Sony to reduce the chances of scalpers. This is a good idea in principle to avoid the mess of scalped PS5 consoles that plagued that release for over a year. Though, it might not be a necessity, as the PSVR 2 has no chance of being as popular as the PS5.

Then again, The original PSVR surprised even Sony itself with its popularity at launch, so having a contingency plan in place might be smart if the PSVR 2 proves to be even half as popular.

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Where To Buy Intel Z590 Motherboard

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Last Updated: March 16th, 2023

With AMD seemingly taking the lead position in the race for CPU dominance – with their Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs – it was only a matter of time before Intel fired back with their own, newly-designed, high-performance hardware. Alongside a new line of CPUs, Intel will also be unveiling their new Z590 platform come the 11th of January.

Intel will use CES 2023 as their launchpad for the new hardware, catapulting both the Z590 motherboard and 11th Gen CPUs into the public eye. Whilst it’s not yet clear what the new hardware will bring to the table in terms of performance, it’s safe to say that it should be a huge step forward when compared to their current 10th gen products.

What Is The Z590 Motherboard?

The z590 is Intel’s latest motherboard chipset offering. The new motherboards will come to the table equipped with the LGA1200 socket, meaning they should be compatible with Intel’s recent lineup of 10th CPUs.

As far as 11th Gen CPUs are concerned, buyers looking to purchase a Z590 motherboard on launch day will have to wait until the end of February/early March to get their hands on the new CPUs.

Intel Z590 Motherboard Specifications:

Z590 Chipset

LGA1200 Socket

DDR4 RAM Support

Intel Z590 Motherboard Release Date

Intel has decided to utilize CES 2023 as its launch platform, making the Z590 motherboards available the very same day. That means come the 11th of January, users will be able to access a whole host of Z590 motherboards from all your favourite manufacturers. 

Intel Z590 Price

Whilst the pricing of the Z590 is not yet known, we can draw some conclusions based on the current Z490 launch.

Depending on what motherboards are released, we can expect budget options to be around the $200 marker, mid-range options to be anywhere up to $400, and high-end options to be $450 and above.

Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard

Like always, all the latest Z590 motherboards will be available from the biggest online retailers – including Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and Walmart. We’ll also be posting available stock levels for most of Europe, Canada, and Australia. Below is a list of where to buy the Z590 motherboards available right now.

Remember, we will be updating this list daily leading up to the official launch:

Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: US

All the Intel Z590 where to buy links for the major retailers in the US will be listed below. Remember, thanks to recent events, stock levels will likely be lower than normal – meaning, you’ll have to get in early if you want to secure a Z590 motherboard.

Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Amazon US Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Best Buy Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Newegg

Coming Soon

Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: UK

UK retailers also haven’t yet started to list Z590 motherboard pages. That said, we will be populating the below retailers with links as and when they go live.

Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Amazon UK Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Scan Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Overclockers

Coming Soon

Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Ebuyer Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Currys PC World Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Novatech Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: Canada

Unfortunately, major retailers in Canada are yet to post Z590 motherboard listings live yet. However, you can rest assured that when they do, we’ll have all the best places linked below. 

Intel Z590 Motherboard Listings, Pre Order, & Prices – Amazon CA Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: Europe

As we know, Europe is usually at the forefront when it comes to the latest hardware releases. For that reason, we’re outlining some of the best places to purchase a Z590 across Europe.

Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: France Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: Germany Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: Spain Where To Buy An Intel Z590 Motherboard: Italy

Coming Soon

Final Word

So, that’s it, all the up to date links for anyone looking where to buy a Z590 motherboard this January. We’ll be keeping this list bang-up-to-date so that you don’t have to scour the web for the best deals on offer. Whether you’re in the US, UK, or Europe, we’ll be updating this page with all the links on where to buy a Z590 motherboard from the internet’s biggest retailers.

Where Have All The Women Gone?

It appears women are leaving the American IT workforce faster than male executives can say, ”Go fetch me a beer, Darlin.” But apparently, in the Silicon Valley, ”You go, girl!” means, ”We’re outta here.”

The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) recently published a gender diversity study in IT and the numbers are sobering: The percentage of women in the IT workforce declined by almost 20 percent over the last decade, from a high of 41 percent in 1996 to 32.4 percent in 2004.

Worse, the ITAA figures show ”no progress” in the numbers of women in the professional or management ranks from the 25.4 percent mark achieved in 2002. And, the study claims, when women leave the IT field, they’re not likely to come back.

In other words, there is a female brain drain occurring in technology. This isn’t about educating and training more young women in engineering and science, worthy goal that it is. It is about women who already have those degrees taking their skills to a climate that is more likely than tech to be respectful.

This is happening at a time when Bill Gates, Craig Barrett and John Chambers, et al., are trooping to Capitol Hill to decry the declining American IT talent pool. They want relaxed immigration rules. They want more tax dollars invested in science and technology. They want outsourcing.

Perhaps they should also call for an equal playing field among the sexes.

The IT industry prides itself as a working model for the new global economy, blind to everything but talent and hard work. Tech, though, is taking a big hike on walking the walk when it comes to women.

”Women don’t feel valued by IT. They are forced into being a certain type of person, i.e. a white male model: linear, analytical, 24/7, in-your-face, your-job-is-your life,” says Barbara Annis, author of Same Words, Different Language. ”Women don’t see a future for themselves [in IT] as they are.”

Which is why some of the best and brightest are dumping the Silicon Valley for equally lucrative and more fulfilling careers in other fields.

”Women do not thrive in that [IT] role and if that’s what it takes, women leaders in IT don’t want to be that way,” continued Annis, who is a diversity consultant to a number of the IT industry’s largest corporations.

For women in lower and middle management, in particular, ”that way” means being one of the boys.

As one chúng tôi reader recently wrote, ”IT tends to attract a kind of independent guy who wants to hang around with other guys establishing a kind of high school locker room culture.”

HR, you’ll be glad to know, appears to be working those locker rooms. ”The ‘guys’ know how to avoid clearly stepping over the line legally, but male IT guy culture is now very hostile to women,” the writer added.

Generalities aside, to one degree or another, other women in IT echo her sentiments daily. And they are responding to that male attitude with their feet. Fed up with the locker room attitude, women are forming their own businesses or taking their degrees and technical abilities to fields such as banking or marketing.

Executive management is certainly not unaware of this problem. Annis says they are saying all the right things, printing a lot of ”diversity is good” materials and holding roundtables, seminars and other ”we care” whatnots. Of course, they preach for lots and lots of tax dollars to train young women in math and science.

Wouldn’t more women somewhere down the IT line be the answer? After all, if we just had more women to choose from, the logic seems to go, maybe we wouldn’t be losing so many talented women now.

”It’s not about getting enough women in the feeder pool,” Annis says of the current exodus of female IT management talent. It’s all about current attitude and corporate culture, she contends.

Meanwhile, the female brain drain continues.

This article was first published on chúng tôi

Ddr5 Release Date And Price – Where To Buy Next

DDR5 release date and price – where to buy next-gen RAM

Here’s all the details you need to know about DDR5 release date and price

DDR5 memory has been simmering under the radar for years now, promising next-gen speeds, lower voltages, and more efficient chip designs. While many enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for its release, DDR5 has been relatively elusive since its initial announcement around 4 years ago. Until recently, very little information was actually available regarding DDR5 release dates, pricing, pre orders, and specifications.

However, thanks to a slew of recent announcements made by large memory manufacturers, that is no longer the case. Alongside rumors, leaks, and official announcements, we can paint a pretty decent picture of what’s in store for next-gen memory modules.

Everyone has been keeping any information about the DDR5 release date close to their chests, but with retailers now starting to have active product pages for various kits from all sorts of manufacturers. As expected, the release of DDR5 will coincide with the all-new 12th gen processors from intel, Alder-lake. This is a critical time for the hardware nerds of the world.

The DDR5 release date is November 4! As of today, you will be able to get your hands on this new generation of extreme clock speeds and gaming performance. DDR4 might still be worth your while, as the early adopter price is going to be pretty heavy as we can see from the product pages starting to crop up.

DDR5 Price – How much will DDR5 cost?

As expected, the DDR5 Price is considerably higher than that of DDR4, owing not only to the increased performance for gaming and productivity but also because of the dreaded early adopter tax. we are beginning to see kits from the likes of Kingston and G.Skill that are priced upwards of $400! If you have the money to spend on this exciting new technology, we’ve collated many of the kits for you below and split them into regions so wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to see the price and decide whether it’s worth your hard-earned cash

Where To Buy DDR5 – US

We’ve taken the time to list all the DDR5 memory where to buy links for the major retailers in the US below. As demand will be fairly high for the new DDR5 standard, stock levels will likely be underwhelming for the first few quarters of 2023.

Amazon US – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Best Buy – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Where to buy DDR5 – UK

All major UK retailers will stock the 12th gen Alder Lake processors and we will be continually updating this list with all the links we find.

Amazon UK – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Scan – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Overclockers – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Ebuyer – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Currys – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Novatech – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Where to buy DDR5 – Canada

Just like everywhere else, major retailers in Canada are yet to post Intel 11th-gen listings live yet. However, you can rest assured that when they do, we’ll have all the best places linked below.

Amazon CA – DDR5 memory listings, pre order, & prices

Where to buy DDR5 memory – France

Where To Buy DDR5 memory – Germany

Where to buy DDR5 memory – Spain

Where To Buy DDR5 memory – Italy

DDR5 Specs

DDR5 is set to make a huge leap over its predecessor, DDR4. With some incredible clock speeds available, it’s hard to get exact statistics but several manufacturers have released measurements from their top-tier kits. Take them with a pinch of salt however –

FeatureDDR4DDR5DDR5 Advantage

Data rates3200Mhz4800-6400mhzIncreased performance and bandwidth

VDD/VDDQ/VPP1.21.1Lower power

Device densities16GB Max64GBLarger monolithic devices

Prefetch8n16nKeeps the internal core clock low

CRCWriteRead/WriteStrengthens system RAS by protecting read data

Burst lengthBL8BL16, BL32Allows 64B cache line fetch w/only 1 DIMM subchannel.

DDR5 Preorder

It’s unlikely that DDR5 kits will sell out, but given the last year and enduring shortages of PC components, it might be worth pre-ordering just so you can ensure that you enter the next generation of memory on time. Many of the links we have collated below will give you options to pre-order if you wish so have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

7 Best Ps5 Faceplate Covers And Where To Buy Them

The PlayStation 5 is a great-looking console, despite the teasing that it looks like an oversized router. Sony went above and beyond with the design to improve airflow but also to allow gamers to swap out the faceplate covers on either side of the device. If you don’t like the original white, there are many third-party options to choose from.

Table of Contents

We’ve rounded up some of the best PS5 console covers and listed them below.

Some of the best options — and those with the most guaranteed quality — are the official covers produced by Sony itself. These come in five colors, including the popular Cosmic Red, Midnight Black, Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, and Galactic Purple options. Also, you can get these faceplate covers to match the PS5 controller colors.

Aside from the color options, these PS5 faceplates have no special features. They’re only for aesthetic purposes, but they look fantastic when paired with a DualSense controller. Best of all, they’re only $55.

If you want something a bit outside the norm, check out the InnoAura PS5 Faceplates. These sport an unusual design with an air vent on both sides for improved airflow. While there are six color options, four of the choices are solid colors, but the silver and gold color options stand out with their camo design. These PS5 plates are also shockproof to provide additional protection against impact.

The downside to the InnoAura PS5 Faceplates is that they only fit the Disc Edition. Unfortunately, there are no options for the PS5 Digital Edition yet. Just as a note, there are cover choices for the Nintendo Switch if you’re looking for something portable too.

Looking for a faceplate with a bit of edge? Look no further than the dBrand Darkplate 2.0s. These can appeal to the grittier crowd, with many murder jokes and scofflaw-type humor involved. That’s not to say there’s no appeal here, though: the Darkplates 2.0 have greatly-improved thermals that will keep the PlayStation 5 from overheating during even the most intense play sessions.

These plates also feature light strips that can be customized and changed. These plates start at around $70 and are valid for both the Disc and Digital Editions of the PS5, with multiple color options. The black is our favorite, though: it has a very Darth Vader-like vibe.

Remember the days of translucent or transparent cases? That might seem like a thing of the past, but wds has brought it back in style for the PS5 with these replacement faceplates. There are no special features or additional cooling vents, but it does give you an excellent view of the interior workings of the console.

The most appealing part of this case is that it’s only $34, plus you get an extra 5% coupon if you buy it from Amazon. It’s an easy way to customize your PS5 uniquely without breaking the bank.

These PS5 faceplates are made of high-quality aluminum with more than 5050 LEDs lining the metal. You know what that means: crazy lighting effects for your play session. In addition, the Dobewingdelou faceplates include a physical remote and an iPhone app, illustrating just how much work has gone into the lighting.

There’s also an additional cooling vent cutout equipped with LEDs that will help keep the PS5 cooler and reduce the amount of dust that makes its way inside the console. You can choose the color, speed, brightness, and effects. These faceplates are designed for easy installation and are only $60, and there is a 10% off coupon you can apply to drop the price even further.

Want more bang for your buck? The NexiGo PS5 Faceplate has two matching controller covers, regardless of your chosen color. So you can ensure your PS5 Dualsense controller matches the style of your console. The covers are made of ABS plastic with an installation process designed to be entirely DIY.

With four color options to choose from, you can have a blue, gold, matte black, or even red PS5. Unfortunately, the NexiGo faceplates are only for the Disc Version of the PS5. At only $55, it’s the same price as the official faceplates, and the inclusion of two controller covers gives it extra value.

The new PS5 color options look great, especially the black faceplates. Still, not everyone has been lucky enough to pre-order one. If you can get your hands on a PS5 and want to customize it, the IFEEHE faceplates give you two design options that look different than existing PS5 accessories.

The first is a red skull-like pattern that conjures up Gears of War vibes and almost looks like a decal on the side of the console. The second is a black faceplate with a light pattern that looks like an Arc Reactor from Iron Man. The plates are focused more on aesthetics than anything else, but they are scratch and drop-proof, according to their Amazon page. At $60, it’s not a bad price for such a unique look.

Customize Your PlayStation

They’re all relatively inexpensive, and $50 to $60 is a low price for potentially improved longevity in a $500 console.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mi 10T In The Uk

Xiaomi as of 5 November. 

Vodafone is including a free £150 Amazon voucher with Mi 10T Pro orders and free TWS Earphones 2S with the Mi 10T Lite. Just make sure you order before 12 November. Read more about the best Mi 10T deals below.

The three-device series includes the Mi 10, Mi 10T Pro, and Mi 10T Lite. Both the 10T and 10T Pro offer an astounding 144Hz refresh rate – previously only seen in gaming phones – a top-tier Snapdragon 865 chip, and a massive 5000mAh battery (with 33 fast charging). Despite these flagship-level features, Xiaomi still manages to keep the phones at mid-range prices.

The 10T Pro headlines with a 108Mp rear camera and a 30x digital zoom, while the standard 10T offers a 64Mp main camera. Both feature 13Mp ultra-wide and 5Mp macro lens. Our Editor in Chief, Marie Black, was able to get her hands on the 10T Pro – here’s her full review.

As for the Mi 10T Lite, you still get an impressive 120Hz display, but the processor drops to a Snapdragon 750G. See our full guide to the Mi 10T series to learn more about what each phone offers.

How much do the Xiaomi Mi 10T phones cost?

Mi 10T Lite (

64GB storage/


– £229/€279

Mi 10T Lite (128GB storage/6GB RAM) – £299

Mi 10T (128GB storage/6GB RAM) – £469/€499 

Mi 10T Pro (256GB storage/8GB RAM) – £599/€599

With a starting price of £229, the Mi 10T Lite is the cheapest 5G phone you can buy in the UK.

This places the 10T Pro just £50 higher than the other popular premium mid-ranger we’ve come to love, the OnePlus 8T.

If you missed it, watch the Xiaomi Mi 10T launch event again.

When do the Xiaomi Mi 10T phones release in the UK?

The Mi 10T, 10T Pro and 10T Lite are now all available to buy as of 5 November SIM-free and on contract.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi 10T SIM-Free

You can also find the phones on Amazon, which is currently hosting its early Black Friday sale where you can get 15% off the Mi 10T Lite (128GB) until 10 November:

Or you can get the phone directly from Xiaomi UK:

Get a free pair of Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 with Mi 10T and Mi10T purchases from Xiaomi. See Xiaomi’s offer now

Where to buy the Xiaomi Mi 10T phones on-contract – £150 Amazon voucher

If you prefer to buy the phones on contract, the Mi 10T Pro will be available from Vodafone and Three from 6 November.

While the Mi 10T won’t be available on a UK network carrier, the Mi 10T Lite will be available on Vodafone as well, from 30 October.

Vodafone’s Mi 10T Pro plans start at £39 per month and £29 upfront for 24GB of data. If you pre-order the phone on an unlimited data plan, you can save £202 over the 24-month term as a part of the introductory offer. Mi 10T Pro orders also qualify for a free £150 Amazon voucher.

The Mi 10T Lite on Vodafone starts at £38 per month and £29 upfront for 6GB of data. The Mi 10T Lite plans on unlimited data starts at £46 per month (no upfront costs). Mi 10T Lite order also qualify for a free pair of Mi True Wireless Earphones 2S worth £79.99.

Vodafone’s deals are available to customers who order by 12 November.

We’ll update this article if we see more retailers announced in the UK. In the meantime, see how the Mi 10T stacks up against other leading mid-range phones.

We’re also keeping track of the best Black Friday tech deals right here.

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