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So, let’s check out what (Googler) Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management, gave us under the various hoods named as Tips, Keyboard Tricks and Applications (in official words, below):


Visual cue for scrolling: When you are in a scrollable list (like your Gmail inbox) and you reach the end of the list it shows an orange hue—a visual cue that you can’t scroll anymore.

Notification bar icons (Wi-Fi, network coverage bars, etc.): Turn green when you have an uninhibited connection to Google, white when you don’t. Hint: if you’re in a hotel or airport using Wi-Fi, the bars won’t turn green until you launch the browser and get past the captive portal.

Voice actions: Tell your phone what to do by pressing the microphone icon next to the search box on the home screen, or long press the magnifying glass. You can tell it to send an email or text message (“send text to mom, see you for pizza at 7”), call someone (“call mom”), navigate somewhere (“navigate to pizza”), or listen to music (“listen to Mamma Mia”).

Look at Maps in 3D: With the latest release of Google Maps, you can now look at 3D maps. Tilt the map by sliding two fingers vertically up/down the screen, and rotate it by placing two fingers on the map and sliding in a circular motion, e.g., from 12 and 6 o’clock to 3 and 9.

Cool shutdown effect: When you put the phone to sleep, you’ll see an animation that resembles an old cathode tube TV turning off.

Keyboard tricks

Shift+Key to capitalize a word: In Gingerbread (and supported hardware), you can Shift+Key to capitalize a letter instead of going to a separate all caps keyboard.

Auto-complete: The space bar lights up when auto-complete can finish a word.

Quick replace: Tap on any previously typed word, then tap on a suggestion to automatically replace it with the suggested word.

Easy access to special characters (like numbers, punctuation): Press and hold any key to go to the special character keyboard. You can also press and hold the “,” key for an extensive punctuation keyboard.


Angry Birds: Popular game that lets you knock down blocks by slingshotting birds.

Flash: Install from Android Market to watch Flash videos embedded throughout the web. Runs even better on Gingerbread.

Fruit Ninja: A juicy action game that tests your ability to smash flying fruit. A fun time-killer on the bus or train.

Instant Heart Rate: Measure your heart rate using your camera.

Phoneanlyzr: Track your phone usage: who you text most, call most, average call length distribution, etc.

RemoteDroid: Control your computer from your phone. Gives you a mobile wireless mouse and keyboard. Great if you’re using your computer for music or movies.

Shazam: Identifies virtually any song you are listening to.

SoundHound: Record a snippet of a song and get it identified instantly. You can even hum (if you can carry a tune!).

Tango: A free, high-quality video call app that works on both 3G and Wi-Fi. If your device has a front facing camera (e.g., Nexus S), you will love this app.

If that was all too easy for you and you felt kind of been there done that, here is a bit of hack you would really feel proud about: an android market (v2.2.7) in black, blue or red color.

Source: Official Google Blog

You're reading Wow! Google Gives You Some Tips And Tricks About Android (2.3!)

7 Telegram Tips And Tricks You Need To Try

1. Change Telegram’s Color Theme or Create Your Own

If you want to create your color scheme, scroll all the way to the right to get to the last pentagon icon composed of multiple color circles. Tap on the icon to pick your own color if you are not satisfied with the default offering. Here, you will have the option to select the colors of Telegram’s three key elements:

Accent Color


My Messages

You can lead your finger across the color range for each element, increasing or decreasing the lightness degree of each color with the bottom slide. Once done, tap on “Save.” Keep in mind that this will overwrite whichever default color theme was active, indicated by the circle within a circle icon.

2. Enable Secret Chats

If whatever you want to talk about with someone is extremely private, this is where secret chats come in. When you create a secret chat with someone, it’s not listed on Telegram’s servers. These secret chats will have end-to-end encryption and will self-destruct.

Once you tap on the user’s avatar you wish to contact, their profile will open up. Tap on the three upper-right vertical dots icon and “Start Secret Chat.”

To set the exact timer for self-destruct messages, tap the clock icon (input field on iOS, top bar on Android).

3. How to Have Various Profile Pictures Available Simultaneously

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram allows you to have various profile pictures uploaded to your account. This allows you to easily switch between your profile pictures.

Whenever you tap on the image/video icon to extract the new avatar, this will be saved as your profile picture. Then, you can just slide between the five of them. To access your profile, tap on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner, next to “Telegram.”

To browse through your profile pictures, tap on your current profile picture and choose the profile image you want to use. If you tap on the camera icon, you’ll only see the options to add a new profile picture from the camera or Gallery or to delete the current image.

Once you are settled between the profile images, tap on the three upper-right vertical dots icon and tap on “Set as main.”

4. Share Your Current Location in Telegram

If WhatsApp can do it, why wouldn’t Telegram? Instead of trying to explain to your friend where you are, just send him/her your current location. You can do this by opening the chat and tapping on the paper clip icon.

The location button is the green button on the bottom row. Let’s say you’re in a bad part of town and want someone to know where you are at all times. Right below the “Send My Live Location” button, there’s an option to send your location as you move in real time. Otherwise, if you want to let them know where to meet, browse through the map of your area and “Send selected location.”

5. How to Delete Sent Messages

Don’t worry, if you accidentally sent a love note to your gardener instead of to your spouse, you can quickly erase it. Just long-press on the message and tap on the Trash icon at the top.

Confirm the deletion by tapping on DELETE. If the other user hasn’t seen the message yet (only one checkmark present), you can also check the box “Also delete for XX.”

6. How to Customize Your Telegram Notifications

By going to “Settings → Notifications and Sounds,” you can make all sorts of changes to how you would like to be notified, depending on who is contacting you. For example, you can enable LED color for notifications, preview the message, customize the notification sound and reply to messages from your home screen.

You can also personalize group notifications as well with the same options as previously mentioned. “Add an Exception” is a wonderful option to make some users in a group more special than others. Under voice calls, you can decide how long you want your phone to vibrate when a call comes in. You can choose from options such as default, short, long, and only if silent.

7. Limit the Size of the Files You Receive on Mobile Data

Although you can see the file size of any file type when you join a group, Telegram allows you to further customize and automate your data usage, depending on whether you go mobile or Wi-Fi.

Go to “Settings → Data and Storage,” select the network type, and choose the kind of file you want to limit with the file size slider.

Both videos and files can be set to a maximum limit of 2GB. If you think video thumbnails are enough to judge whether you want to watch them, you can disable “Preload larger videos,” which will save you up to 2MB per video.

You can also set a limit size for photos, voice messages, video messages, music, and GIFs. On top of that, you can make these limits apply to different categories across contacts, private chats, group chats, and channels.


Telegram has features that many may wish WhatsApp had. With rising WhatsApp privacy concerns, there is no better time to switch over. Surpassing 500 million users in 2023, Telegram has a bright future ahead as both an encrypted messenger and social media outlet.

Rahul Nambiampurath

Rahul Nambiampurath started his career as an accountant but has now transitioned into working full-time in the tech space. He is an ardent fan of decentralized and open source technologies. When he’s not writing, he’s usually busy making wine, tinkering with his android device, or hiking some mountains.

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Google Docs Tips & Tricks To Boost Work Efficiency

Google Docs Tips & Tricks To Boost Work Efficiency

So without further ado let’s learn some hidden tips of Google Docs that many of us are unaware of.

Google Docs Tips And Tricks: 1. Edit Google Docs Offline:

If till today you are thinking then working on Google docs is restricted to active Internet connection, then we would like to correct you here. If you are in a zone of weak or no internet connectivity and you want to create a new document or modify an existing one in Google Docs then go ahead. Yes, you hear it right. Google Docs gives you the power to edit the documents offline. And once you get back into the connectivity zone all your work will be saved and synced automatically.

1. Open Google Docs on Chrome browser.(Yes, you must be using Chrome browser to enable this setting. If you are on any other browser you will not find an option of offline Google Docs).

4. Once enabled you can now edit Google Docs both in Offline and Online modes.

You can check our complete article here on How To Use Google Docs File Offline

Optimize Your Google Docs Search Engine

Whether you are using Google Docs for writing a block or creating a web page, your first preference is to rank it on all leading search engines. Now this will become super easy once you add SEMrush add on to your Google Docs by following the steps below.

2. On the Add-ons window search for SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant.

4. If you are using various Google accounts then you need to confirm for which account you wish to install the add-on on Google Docs.

Want to get an insight of Google Docs Add-ons to increase productivity? Then check our article Best Google Docs Add-ons For 2023.

Set Up Google Docs Shortcuts

If you work on preparing the same type of content now and then this feature of Google Docs can really boost your productivity. You can set Google Docs shortcut for a long text or phrase or a commonly used word.

2. On the Preferences window select Substitutions and check mark Automatic substitution.

4. Now whenever you enter the shortcut in your document it will automatically be replaced by the phrase you have set.

Enable Smart Compose Suggestion

Another nifty feature of Smart Compose that has been added to Google Docs feature list after its success on Gmail. This feature, when enabled provides predictive writing suggestions as you type.

To enable the feature follow the steps given below:

2. From the drop down menu select Preferences.

4. Now when you start typing Google Docs will start providing the suggestions. To implement you just have to press the Tab button of your Keyboard. And in case you find it annoying you can anytime disable this settings by unchecking the Show Smart Compose suggestions option.

Enable Voice Typing on Google Docs

Bored of pressing keys on your keyboard, then start using voice typing on Google Docs to keep your hands free. Once you enable this feature you can create a new document or edit an existing one just through your voice.

To enable voice typing on Google docs follow the steps below:

2. From the drop down menu select Voice typing. You can also enable Voice typing by pressing Ctrl+Shift+S keys.

3. If it’s the first time you are trying Google Docs voice typing feature then you have to enable the Microphone of your device.

5. Once you enable the microphone its color will change from Black to Red. And this means that you are ready to use the voice typing feature of Google Docs.

6. Now as you start speaking, it will automatically get typed on the document.

7. Make sure you speak clear and loud, else this feature will start annoying you.

Please Note: You can change the font of the text, insert punctuation, and change the paragraph and much more just with your voice. To know more about this feature read our complete guide on How to Use Voice Typing on Google Docs

Search Anything Without Navigating from Google Docs

You are on a topic that requires an extensive and deep research. And for this, every time you need to navigate to Google from Google Docs for searching answers needed for the topic. We know how painstaking and time consuming it can be. But you would be glad to know that Google Docs has a feature that allows you to do all your research right from Google Docs without navigating to Google Search, resulting in saving your crucial time.

1. Open your document on Google Docs and highlight the word for which you like to gather the information.

3. This will open the Explorer sidebar on the right side of your Google Docs screen. And it will show you all the relevant and detailed search(including images) related to the word that you have highlighted in your document

4. You can also choose on any of the suggested links to get detailed information by visiting the chúng tôi you wish to insert that search link on your document then you can simply drag and drop it in your document.

Keep a Check on your Word Count While Typing

Whether you are preparing a college assignment or completing an article for your client it is always important to keep a check on the word limit. And you can do this quite easily with Google Docs Word Count feature.

This nifty feature helps you in keeping a check on the words while typing. Moreover this also tracks the number of pages, number of words, and number of words excluding spaces.

To enable word count on Google Docs follow the steps listed below:

1. Open the Google document you are working on.

2. Now, from the toolbar select Tools option.

3. From the drop down menu select Word Count Option. You can also enable Word count by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C keys simultaneously.

4. This will open a pop up window showing you the total number of words, characters and characters excluding spaces..

6. Do check our complete article on How to Check Word Count on Google Docs.

Wrapping Up

Google Docs has left its distinct mark in the market filled with numerous text editors. Its simplicity to use along with the automatic backing of data on the Google cloud has attracted many writers who were previously using Microsoft Word to prepare their content.

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Iotransfer 4 Tips & Tricks, Download And Review

Our Review Pros Good-looking interface and simple options Copy files between your iOS device and PC Video downloader, iPhone cleaner, and other extra tools Cons No forever-free version available

IOTransfer has an attractive interface and intuitive controls. With its aid, you can quickly delete or replace your entire iOS data contents with new files, back up critical info, or prepare your smartphone or tablet for recycling. One of the best things about IOTransfer is that it enables you to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes.

You can plug the device into the PC with a USB cable or use the WiFi connection, explore your iPhone contents, select the items you want to export, then copy them anywhere on your hard drive. We also think that IOTransfer is one of the best iPad file managers for PCs.

Before reading our IOTransfer review, we suggest taking a look at its system requirements, limitations, installation and interface, set of features, and how-to-use steps.

IOTransfer system requirements

There are no special hardware specs. Here’s what you need for this iOS manager:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (either 32-bit or 64-bit)

An iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (iOS 8.3 or newer)

IOTransfer limitations

To get rid of these annoyances, you have to buy IOTransfer Pro. It provides unlimited tasks and a 60-days money-back guarantee. What’s more, you can choose between a lifetime license and a 1-year subscription for 3 PCs.

IOTransfer installation

It’s quite easy to get the iPhone transfer tool up and running on your PC. You can select the preferred language, review the EULA and privacy policy, choose the destination folder, and pin the program to the taskbar.

It’s also required to install a few official Apple software components to make sure that IOTransfer can connect to your iPhone or iPad, which it offers to do on your behalf.

IOTransfer interface

The iPhone manager is wrapped in a clean and user-friendly interface. The main window shows Home, Manage, Clean, Videos, AirTrans, and Tools buttons on the top part for easy access. If you want to configure settings, you have to open the ≡ button shown on the upper-right corner.

IOTransfer tips

Here’s how you can copy files from your iOS device to your PC with IOTransfer:

Plug your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into the PC and launch IOTransfer

If the application can’t identify the device, follow the on-screen devices (replug the device or use another USB port, retry with a different USB cable, or use the auto-fix tool)

When the connection is successful, you should be able to view your iOS device in the Home screen, together with general info like total photos

Go to the Manage screen and select the items you want to copy to the PC

An easy-to-use and straightforward iOS manager

All aspects considered, IOTransfer turns out to be a simple and straightforward Windows application that can help you quickly copy data from your iOS device to your PC, or from your computer to your smartphone or tablet. It can also be used to transfer music from iPod to PC.

It’s a great alternative to iTunes, especially because it doesn’t require you to install iTunes, unlike other similar products. Plus, IOTransfer is a go-to solution when you can’t import photos from iPhone to Windows 10.

We’ve noticed that the software program copies files swiftly through a USB cable and AirTrans. It uses minimal system resources during this time, so you don’t need to worry about any computer performance issues. With its help, anyone can transfer photos, music, videos, books, contacts, podcasts, voice memos, or apps from their iOS device to a Windows PC with little effort.

FAQ: Learn more about IOTransfer

What is IOTransfer?

IOTransfer is an iOS manager you can use to transfer files between your Windows PC and your iOS device. It supports iPhone, iPad and iPod. IOTransfer is an excellent alternative to iTunes when it comes to file transfers.

Is IOTransfer free?

No, IOTransfer isn’t free, but you can check out its features during a 7-days free trial, as long as you don’t mind the other limitations we mentioned above.

Is IOTransfer safe?

IOTransfer is safe. It’s a legitimate Windows application designed to help you manage and transfer files between your iOS device and PC. It’s not infected with malware and doesn’t download suspicious files.

Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build Guide, Tips And Tricks

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Last Updated: April 7th, 2023

Blastoise first appeared in the 1996 game Pokémon Red and Green (released after another QA and pixel art pass as Pokémon Red and Blue outside of Japan) and quickly became a fan favourite. It’s not hard to see why, as the final evolution of starter pokemon Squirtle gives off a powerful impression with his chunky build and dual water cannons on his back that can dish out powerful hydro pumps.

In Pokémon Unite, Snorlax is an Intermediate Difficulty monster, with high endurance but below average stats in most other areas. Blastoise can use his skills to move the enemy wherever he wants them to be. He’s good at putting out damage and with a good teammate the enemy will struggle to escape from combat encounters he’s involved in.

If you want to know how Blastoise is compared to the other monsters in Pokémon Unite, you can find out here.

Recommended Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build: Hydro Spin

We think Blastoise players should typically stay in one lane and support a teammate that can put out higher damage numbers until at least around Level 7.

The moves you should eventually be taking are Rapid Spin and Water Spout, but at the start of the match you’ll want to get Skull Bash and then Water Gun. You can use those moves to push people into your goal zone and get cheeky kills that should get you ahead of the competition in experience points.

Water Spout can be used while Rapid Spin is active. If you do that, you’ll spray water around you and generally move quicker too. You can also dish out regular attacks while using Water Spout, so maximise both your speed and damage outputs by doing that.

Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build Tips — Battle Items Eject Button

Using the Eject Button lets you teleport forward. Blastoise should be using it to close gaps and attack weak foes or as an escape tool to get out of tricky situations as he can be fairly slow. Make sure you use it only when necessary, as it has a pretty long cooldown.

Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build Tips — Held Items Buddy Barrier

If you equip the Buddy Barrier, Blastoise and the nearest ally with the lowest HP will both get damage absorbing shields that should make them a little bit more likely to survive in a fight.

Muscle Band

The Muscle Band increases a Pokemon’s attack stat depending on the HP of its opponent. Basic attacks, Skull Bash and Rapid Spin will increase in power against bigger, tankier foes like Snorlax and Blissey.

Wise Glasses

The Wise Glasses increase the damage of any and all special attacks by up to 7%. Any Blastoise attacks that use water (Water Spout, Water Gun, even Hydro Pump if you go off guide for some reason) will benefit from equipping this item.

Pokémon Unite is currently available for free on Nintendo Switch. A release on smartphones has also been announced and is set to release on September 22, 2023.

What do you think? Do you build Blastoise like this? Is there another Pokémon Unite Blastoise Build for the Shellfish Pokémon that you prefer? Let us know below.

10 Tips And Tricks For New Iphone Se Owners

With the new iPhone SE a reality, folks who haven’t owned an iPhone in years are sharing their tips for using the handset. We’ve rounded up a few common tips we think new iPhone SE customers will love. Watch our hands-in video walkthrough and learn something new today!

Seasoned iPhone users are probably familiar with these tips. We’re not expecting this tutorial to satisfy every single person, nor is that the point. The point is to surface some of the best new features of the 2023 iPhone SE and offer a few quick tips for how to use them effectively.

Video: 10 iPhone SE tips

Watch the below hands-on video walkthrough from our videographer Harris Craycraft.

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List: 10 iPhone SE tips

If you didn’t have the time to run the six-minute video, here’s everything it covers.

Touch ID

Register up to five different fingers to make unlocking your iPhone easier. In order to improve the reliability of fingerprint recognition, scan the problematic finger again in a new Touch ID slot. Want to add more than five fingers to Touch ID? Be sure to tap the Home button with different fingers during a single Touch ID enrollment process.

Quick Camera mode changes

Instead of going to Settings to change shooting resolution and frame rate, you can do that from the Camera app (this requires at least the A13 Bionic chip that your iPhone SE has).

Swipe to Video at the bottom of the stock Camera app, then hit the video resolution label in the upper-right corner to switch between HD (1080p) and 4K recording. To cycle through the supported frame rates, tap the adjacent label to flip between 30 and 60 frames per second.

You can also swipe to Slo-Mo at the bottom, then tap the frame rate label to switch between HD (1080p) slow-motion recordings at 120 or 240 frames per second.

Show/hide Camera buttons

Due to its smaller form factors, the stock Camera app does not display the top and bottom row of icons all the time. Some of the common shooting features, such as LED flash and Live Photos, can be toggled on or off by tapping their respective icons near the top of the interface.

To reveal other options including crop settings, filters, timer and so forth, simply swipe up and down on the camera interface with one finger or hit that chevron at the top.

QR code scanning

Yes, the new iPhone SE lets you scan QR codes with the built-in Camera and get relevant popup actions, like visiting the encoded URL, without having to use third-party apps. You can also scan QR codes and documents from the Home screen or through the Control Center, as well as use the QR code scanner to join Wi-Fi networks, scan documents in the Notes app and more.

Export Live Photos as videos

Like the previous tip, this one works on older iPhones as well. To export a Live Photo as a video, select it in Photos, hit the Share button and choose the option Save as Video.

Gesture typing

iOS 13 lets you type by swiping when using the stock keyboard (Slide to Type must be on in Settings → General → Keyboard) As you slide to type, you see suggested alternatives to the word you’re entering rather than predictions for your next word. To enter accented letters or other alternate characters, tap and hold a key and then slide to choose one of the options.

Precise cursor positioning Invest in fast charging

Due to its compact 4.7-inch design, the iPhone SE lacks enough space inside to accommodate a massive battery, which means you’re probably going to be charging it once or twice per day, depending on your particular use case. Thankfully, the phone supports fast-charging, giving you 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes — if you have the right charger and cable.

Apple puts the regular, tiny five-watt charger in the box, but it only supports super-slow charging. To fast-charge your iPhone SE, be sure it’s connected to an 18-watt or higher USB-C Power Delivery charger via a Lightning to USB-C cable (if you own an iPhone 11 or a recent MacBook model, you already have a very capable USB-C charger that can fast-charge your iPhone SE).

Disable Auto-Brightness

Your brand spanking new iPhone SE defaults to automatic brightness control to preserve battery life. If you don’t want the iPhone SE screen brightness to change automatically according to your surroundings, simply disable the Auto-Brightness setting in Settings → General → Accessibility → Display Accommodations (which should show as “On”).

Move multiple apps at once

You’re probably familiar with this one: tap and hold an icon on the Home screen until the icons start jiggling. Now use another finger to tap other icons to collect, which you can then move to a different position on the Home screen, or to another Home screen, as a bundle.

Force-restart iPhone SE

You shut down your iPhone SE like you would any other Touch ID-enabled Apple smartphone, by holding the Power button until your shit-down options appear. Force-restarting an iPhone SE is, however, slightly different from the iPhone 6s and older phones.

To force-restart your iPhone SE, quickly press the up volume button and then the down volume button and then hold the power button pressed until the phone force-restarts.

For more information about the iPhone SE, check out the official technical specifications.

Think we should have put some other features on our list?

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